23 September 2012

Home grown ~

My friend Camille has a green thumb and these creamy white flowers in her garden are called Sacred Datura. This poisonous perennial was commonly used in Native American coming of age ceremonies where the plant was used to make a tea that generated hallucinations and visions. Interesting plant! Here's a link to read more.
Photo courtesy of Camille Pons


  1. They look a bit like a morning glory.

  2. Yes, they are very similar. Camille told me that these flowers are a result of seeds being carried on the wind from her next door neighbor's garden. The plant was a surprise to her when it sprouted!

  3. Beautiful photo! But poisonous......keeping Lions away from it would be a problem.........

    Not for my garden.

  4. Well, if Lions chewed on this he would have a psychedelic dream for sure! Very powerful catnip!