29 May 2019

Mirror image ~

Isn't this reflection beautiful? The late afternoon sun created such a sharp image of the flower that it almost looks painted on the wall. The plant is a Texas Yucca, I think. If you know more, please check in! In fact, even if you don't know anything about the plant, I would love to read your comments!

23 May 2019

But the question remains....

OK - the question is still "How many dogs IS 'too many dogs'?" The most I have had at one time is 3. And if my house/yard had been bigger, I might have added to the pack. Roverdose? Dunno! 

20 May 2019

In Case You Lose Your Way ~

In case you lose your way at the border crossing in Nogales, La Roca restaurant is here to help you get there! 

17 May 2019

The mysterious missing "B" ~

Looks like that missing "B" was sacrificed long long ago to put in an air conditioning unit in this old Nogales bar. 

11 May 2019

That's a LOTTA DOG!

I was happy to be behind this car at a redlight. 12 PAWS! That's a lotta dog, for sure! And check out the back windshield. They are accounting for FOUR dogs (16 paws) but you can see the little halo.... one has gone to heaven. 

08 May 2019

Things I Know to be True ~

A massive oak tree serves as the set centerpiece of "Things I Know to be True," Arizona Theatre Company's current production. This was by far the best show of the season and you have just 2 more days to get tickets if you haven't seen it. Family dynamics are lovingly and painfully exposed in this moving family story. To order tickets, click here

06 May 2019

Barbershop Bandstand?

I don't actually understand the purpose of the square white structure. An impromptu stage for a barbershop quartet?

03 May 2019

Sex Sells!

I spotted this "unusual" mannequin displaying belts and scarves at a little boutique. (How could I miss it, right?)

01 May 2019