31 January 2012

Sonora + Silhouette

In addition to the black and white photo mural portraits that I've posted this week, the main library was also decorated with this bold silhouette. It's framed with the distinctive red "Sonora" sculpture that occupies the plaza. In the background is Tucson's iconic courthouse dome.

30 January 2012

Smiling welcome ~

This beautiful smiling girl mural covers a huge expanse of the Valdez Main Library's south facing entrance. It is another in the series of Youth Farm Project photos that decorates downtown for another few weeks. Scroll back 2 days to find the time lapse video of this amazing mural installation!

29 January 2012

Hard to beat beet ~

Here's another image from the fun Youth Farm Project murals that are decorating the exterior walls of the Joel Valdez Main Library on Stone. Mighty big beet! Check yesterday's post for a fun video about the installation of these mammoth images.

28 January 2012

Youth, healthy living & art ~

The Youth Farm Project has taken photos of their work on the farm and turned the photos into 20' x 20' photos that are now decorating the exterior of the main library downtown. Wow are these great! Watch this fun video of the amazing installation of these massive posters here! The project was partially funded by TPAC and is a collaboration with TEDxTucson. Don't miss the little black dog - he's not 3-dimensional.

27 January 2012

Pure Pride ~ Tucson's JTED students

I am delighted to post this photo from site follower Greg D'Anna, Director of Public Relations for Pima County's Joint Technical Education District (better known as JTED). These are Fire Service students retiring the colors at sunset. They can earn certificates in Hazmat, Wildlands, CPR, and First Aid. JTED offers premier hands-on career and technical education programs to high school students. Their motto is "Moving Students to Careers and College." www.pimajted.org

26 January 2012

Tree of life? Money tree?

Tucson has been home to Native Americans for thousands of years. Two tribes maintain gambling facilities in the area and here I'm posting the back of the huge electric sign for the Tohono O'odam's Desert Diamond Casino on Old Nogales Highway. It's a beautiful facility all with a Southwestern theme (what else?). I'm curious about the bare branches tree on the non-street side of the sign. A tree of life symbol?

25 January 2012

The All American meal ~

This sign in a downtown restaurant window made me smile because the name of the place is actually "Eat-A-Burger." Burger or hot dog? Have both!

24 January 2012

Tucson's historical time piece ~

This working two-faced clock on Church near Congress is a charming piece of Tucson history. The clock stood in front of the original Daniel's Jewelers (opened in 1926) until the store was sold in 1962 to Gordon's Jewelers. A grass roots effort by city employees fought the City Council's attempt to remove the clock (it violated their new sign codes). Gordon's spent $18,000 to have the clock refurbished and it was placed in its current location in the 1980's. A citizens' victory to retain a bit of Tucson's history ~ and how nice is it to have a beautiful working clock, too!

23 January 2012

Tucson's angel team ~ therapy dogs

Now here is a group that is changing lives every day - Gabriel's Angels. It's a nonprofit organization that provides pet therapy to at-risk children. There is nothing like the comfort of a dog pal. Top photo: dogs from left are Ellie, Grace, Augie, Mollie, & Bandy. Middle photo is Bandy with Ellie in background. Bottom is Mollie with new friend. Please check out their website: www.gabrielsangels.org for heartwarming stories that are close to home.

22 January 2012

Mmmmm - it's that special time of year! Girl Scout Cookies!

Some things never change and that's good! Girl Scout Brianna rang my doorbell and asked me if I would like to buy some Girl Scout cookies (easy question to answer). She had quite a good system set up. Her dad hauls the many-flavors inventory on a Radio Flyer wagon as they go door to door. Along to help was her cousin Alorah, who was wearing her Brownie vest.

21 January 2012

Cloud curtain ~

Another beautiful and sunny day in Tucson ~ Hope you enjoy the blue skies and clouds reflected in one of downtown's skyscrapers.

20 January 2012

What are the odds?

So what do you think the odds are of having three identical vehicles stopped at the same red light? I thought this was definitely weird!

19 January 2012

18 January 2012

Tucson's street music ~

On many weekdays this pianist is parked on Stone across from the main library. He performs a medley that goes from Vince Guaraldi to Irving Berlin.

17 January 2012

Creating beauty ~

Here's another view of the ArtWorks compound I posted yesterday. It's an art school for developmentally disabled adults. They have shows several times a year of the student work and I am eager to attend the next one. What a wonderful school!

16 January 2012

Joyful art compound ~

I was delighted to learn that there is an art school in Tucson with a program specifically devoted to guide adults with developmental disabilities. The Art Works compound is on Helen Street.

15 January 2012

Tucson's big blue house ~

This distinctive beauty is well known as a wedding venue in Tucson. The "Z" Mansion was constructed in 1898 for the Zellweger family. It is still a private residence and the current owners make it available for weddings. Gracious, Victorian charm ~

14 January 2012

Tucson's green machines ~

The University of Arizona campus is a little greener these days thanks to the bike share program that was implemented a few months ago. Students & faculty can borrow a bike for a few hours at no charge. Bikes are available in the parking garages. Good green idea!

13 January 2012

A colorful mosaic welcome ~

After happening upon the fun WomanKraft tiles brightening up the downtown alley (posted yesterday), I decided to find out what their gallery/salon looked like. Here's one of the cheerful mosaic posts that flank the gate. They were closed so I couldn't get a good look at the steps but it looks like the risers are tiled too. www.womankraft.org

12 January 2012

Tucson's distinctive alley art ~

I happened on this amazing tile art as I was passing an alley off Congress. These tiles were created by the women artists of WomenKraft, a Tucson nonprofit arts organization & gallery located downtown. And by looking on their website I learned that they have a salon that features all natural, gentle ingredients! Talk about art & beauty combined.... www.womankraft.org

11 January 2012

Gila Greetings ~

Welcoming visitors to Tucson is this great metal sign that features a gila monster (pronounced "heel-a" or "hee-la"). Since it is a venomous lizard, I find this a curious choice as welcoming ambassador but these lizards are definitely beautiful and unusual. At night the lizard lights up - fun! To learn more about these Southwestern creatures and see photos, click here.

10 January 2012

Tucson's local color ~

A really fun area of Tucson is La Placita Village downtown. It's a collection of shops and offices that are painted in vivid, fun colors. Brightens the spirit!

09 January 2012

Tucson's hip skyline ~

This is definitely an unusual facade ~ and the only one of its type in town. The current occupants of this building (which was built in the late 1950's) don't know what the architect was aiming for at the time. This Broadway roofline has been described as upside down arches, a rake, and electrical prongs. It certainly is different!

08 January 2012

A truly grrrrreat store!

There are plenty of thrift stores in Tucson that support good causes but the Humane Society Thrift Store is definitely one of the best in town! They have a very nice selection of merchandise and their prices are fantastic. Naturally, they have a big selection of pet items (leashes, crates, collars) but they have housewares, artwork, clothes, and furniture, too. It is well worth a look! It's on Speedway near Beverly - near the Live Theatre Workshop & Something Sweet Cafe.

07 January 2012

Yes, a black saguaro ~

This bar & grill formerly was called Post Time (very close to Davis Monthan AFB). Now it's called Diablos ~ with a totally unreadable sign! Curiously, the new owners have painted the green saguaro black. I guess that's supposed to make it evil & devilish looking...

06 January 2012

A sign of progress ~

It has been a year and a half since Compass High School's fire so I thought I'd see what was going on now. Here is one of the mobile classrooms designated to be removed so they must be making progress! I'm sorry their website has nothing on the status of the rebuilding of the school ~ too bad! www.compasshsgators.org

05 January 2012

Reaching heavenward ~

This lightpole standing alone against the pink & purple twilight sky is striking. It illuminates an empty parking lot.

04 January 2012

03 January 2012

Carrot Salad Bar ~

If you vowed to lose weight this year, you are not alone. Even the Desert Museum's chubby prairie dogs are munching on carrots!

02 January 2012

Utilitarian beauty ~

Tucson's Desert Museum is a world-class treasure that inspires, refreshes, and educates visitors. Even an ordinary vehicle gate on the property is something special - note the delicate ocotillo branches fashioned from metal.

01 January 2012

Looking ahead ~

This sentinel coyote is on alert to keep his pack safe. Happy New Year to everyone! Thanks for starting the year with Tucson Daily Photo~