30 November 2012

Seems like a joke sign ~

For most of the year Tucson's "washes" hold not a drop of water. So this Coronado Ridge Wash is bone dry right now. But come July or so - when the monsoon season begins - this wash will be rushing with water.

29 November 2012

New cactus species: metal

Tucson boasts 350 sunny days a year so it can be hard to believe that we actually also get FREEZING temperatures - at least briefly. To prepare for that cold spell this clever and artistic homeowner has designed and constructed a trio of metal of cacti to cover his outdoor pipes! I love it - a marriage of beauty and utility.

28 November 2012

Old and even older ~

These homeowners have used a beautiful saguaro and an equally beautiful saguaro skeleton to landscape the front of their house. Saguaros begin to grow "arms" at 50+ years so the live specimen is old but the skeleton (with arms) was much much older when it died. Old and older!

27 November 2012

Tucson's Stonehenge ~

Adjacent to yesterday's eagle totem sculpture are three rock formations that are all interesting. Scroll down to see a close up of their unique feature - cut outs. A keyhole to peep through and see the mountains or the sky. A memorable grouping!

26 November 2012

Tucson totem - magnificent eagle

This huge, impressive totem sculpture, "Messenger," is on Speedway near Houghton. Scroll to second photo for full info about this piece. A four part message is inscribed under its wings:
The Eyes of the Future Are Looking Back at Us; To Protect What is Wild is to Protect What is Gentle; We Have it Within Our Power; To Create Merciful Acts.

25 November 2012

24 November 2012

The holiday sweet tooth fairy ~

Sweets that might have actually stolen the spotlight from an amazing roasted turkey! Here is a Grasshopper Pie and a companion dessert that is equally awesome - a Carrott Cake with Ginger Marscapone Frosting. Mmm, quite a holiday feast was had by all! Are you still recovering? (:

23 November 2012

No Black Friday Hassles ~

If you want to totally avoid the hysteria of Black Friday, let me suggest a kinder, gentler way to shop! For all of you who LOVED the image of the depressed big horn ram that I posted months ago, let me remind you that I was prompted by TDP followers to put the image on a t-shirt. I did that and more ~ it's also available as a mousepad! Part of the proceeds go to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum (where the ram lives). To purchase the t-shirt and mousepad, go to this Etsy link. Get a big piece of your holiday shopping done with a click of the mouse. Your friends will thank you for the unique gift and the Desert Museum will thank you for your support. Happy shopping!

22 November 2012

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

So how big of a bird are you cooking today? I bet this one tops it! He is ENORMOUS! Standing guard at the corner of Kolb & 22nd at the Toyota dealership, this Mr Tom Turkey is impressive. He's even wearing a Pilgrim's hat. Do scroll through the photos so that you can see him front, side, and back. Wow - gobble, gobble, indeed. I hope you are all having a wonderful day filled with food and fun. Happy Thanksgiving!

21 November 2012

Last strands hanging ~

All around Tucson the "seasonal decoration" tents popped up right before Halloween. They did a great business selling tons of pumpkins and some bunches of colorful Indian corn. Today it seems like the only thing left was a few chile ristras. The whole tent was empty except for a few strands of these chiles! I'm sure that by Friday the tent will be full again - this time with Christmas trees. Curious to learn more about this tradition? Click here.

20 November 2012

Almost time for fire pits ~

It's definitely getting cooler. And since we do try and use our patios 12 months a year, it's good to have a source for warmth. If you don't have a fireplace or kiva outside, here's a solution - a metal fire pit. And check out the nice metal privacy screens topping the fence - decorative and practical. 

19 November 2012

Cactus cobras ~

Check out the way these crazy cacti are growing along the ground. To me this looks like a quiver of cobras!

18 November 2012

Ah - a kick back Sunday ~

For all 9,000 participants in yesterday's El Tour de Tucson, I offer my heartiest congratulations on a job well done! So today - I suggest that you relax and kick back with a nice cool drink to reward yourself.

17 November 2012

Honoring Tucson bicyclists ~

In honor of today's world famous El Tour de Tucson bicycle race, I'm posting one of Tucson's ghost bikes. The ghost bikes honor bicyclists who have been killed by motorists. This one is for Kevin Robinson. For more information on both the race and the world-wide Ghost Bike project, click the links below.

16 November 2012

Parking lot wisdom ~

I have been walking past this license plate for months and just happened to run into the car's owner and got to ask her about it. Pat rescues "mutt-letts" and has a big heart for dogs. And, as far as MY house goes, yes, canines rule!

15 November 2012

Cactus - big and little

The stout little barrel cactus is an interesting contrast beside this mighty saguaro. And I noticed that the doorway's wood slabs are slightly curved... makes me wonder what they were salvaged from. 

14 November 2012

Serene green ~

This beautiful green tableau caught my eye in front of the Civano Nursery. If you look closely you'll see that the big green urn is also a fountain - see the bit of bubbling at the top?

13 November 2012

Happy javelina ~

This happy herd of javelina are permanent residents of the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. They remind me of the javelina herd at the entrance of the Desert Museum - those critters are a creation of local artist Mark Rossi. Maybe these are also from the Rossi studio.

12 November 2012

Garage wisdom ~

The garage at St Joe's Hospital has been stenciled with a tower of good advice: Play, Read, Laugh, Savor, Learn, Smile, Think, Dance... we should all do more of those for sure! Also prominently displayed on the campus is the simple phrase, "Be Well."

11 November 2012

Colorful, cheerful, fun - yes, a hospital!

I have not been at St Joe's in awhile and I was delighted to see this fun paint treatment/mural on the building's exterior. Very welcoming and optimistic wall art! The hospital is part of the Carondelet Health Network.

10 November 2012

Step up ~ welcome!

Another charming Tucson doorway with all the components you would expect: colorful tiles, interesting metal, an archway, and flowers, flowers, flowers - yes, even in November.

09 November 2012

Parade's big, bodacious "tatas" ~

Yes, indeed. That IS what you are looking at - bodacious tatas indeed! This is the last of the 3-day display of images from Tucson's 2012 All Souls Procession held on Sunday, Nov 4. The red-wigged reveler was the center of a lot of attention in this year's parade!!

The second image is particularly close to my heart. This papier mache dog float is supported by a stand that displays photos and drawings of many many pets who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. With pets being such an important part of my life, I was very happy to see our canine friends honored in the procession.

Photos courtesy Mark Wight

08 November 2012

More Souls Honored ~ All Souls Procession 2012

Here is a second batch of photos from the November 4, 2012 All Souls Procession in downtown Tucson. The lighted globe float marked all the places in the world where this honored woman's ashes were distributed. Mother, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, grandmother - it's an awesome display of affection.

The lower photo honors features the classic "Day of the Dead" skull masks on this couple walking with their young daughter. For more info and a VIDEO of the parade, click here: 

Photos courtesy Mark Wight

07 November 2012

Annual All Souls Procession ~

Each year Tucson hosts an amazing celebration of life by honoring the dead - the All Souls Procession. Organizers estimated that more than 30,000 people participated in this year's event held on Sunday, November 4. The parade moved through downtown Tucson and culminated in a moving fire ceremony where participants burn names on paper in a giant urn.

People honor loved ones in their family as well as notable individuals who have made world contributions (Neil Armstrong was honored this year with an oustanding float). I'll be posting several more fabulous photos of these festivities over the next few days so do check back!
Photos courtesy Mark Wight

06 November 2012

Blue sun, blue gate ~

This blue side gate features a cheerful blue and yellow sun as decoration. Welcome home!

05 November 2012

Ah - a money tree!

Now THIS is vegetation that just about everyone would like to having growing in their garden! Here is an imaginative and creative "Money Tree" made from metal strips, coins, and $1 bills. What fun! 

04 November 2012

A WILD back yard~

A friend spotted these bobcats in her back yard and forwarded them for all of us to enjoy! Fantastic photos of these wonderful animals - beautiful!
Photo courtesy of Kala Weinstein Phelps

03 November 2012

Leaping lizard ~

Well maybe not exactly LEAPING lizard but definitely crawling lizard. Check out this fun purple lizard sculpture scaling a garden wall. Fun!

02 November 2012

Fabulous fakery ~

This lush jungle screen to camouflage a compost bin is all fake. The leaves and flowers are made from scrap metal. Beautiful way to recycle and create beauty!

01 November 2012

Newest Team Tucson member ~

For those of you who visit the site regularly, you know that every once in a while I shine a spotlight on someone who helps to make Tucson great. Here I am pleased to introduce you to Mark Wilson, the owner of the great Halloween House you saw yesterday. Mark is the 16th member of "Team Tucson" and he loves that neighbors and passersby enjoy his decorations and his imaginative yard art. He has a wonderful outlook on life - stay positive!