30 September 2009

The 90-Day Countdown to Christmas ~

So it has come to this... major retailers have decided that shoppers need THREE MONTHS to prepare for Christmas. Need I also comment that it was over 100 degrees today in Tucson? Hardly weather that prompts one to think about snow, Santa, and hot cocoa.

29 September 2009

Tucson Oddity

Tucson is definitely a sprawly kind of city ~ lots of single story buildings ~ so it isn't every day that a construction crane is needed. This photo (taken from the corner of 6th & Euclid) is a crane being used for a new U of A dormitory.

Photo courtesy of Cindy Klein.

27 September 2009

An Arizona Longhorn Cadillac ~

Check out this great white vintage Cadillac! There's so much to love...how about that front grill, that longhorn hood ornament, the rifles mounted on both sides of the hood, the revolver door handles, the whitewalls. And, of course, those tail lights... wow!

26 September 2009

A Nutcracker for All Seasons ~

It seems to me that not that long ago the Nutcracker had a rather magical aura to it ~ a wooden soldier who warded off evil and was transformed into a prince (Nutcracker Ballet). But now I see that nutcrackers have themes as common as bobble heads - skeletons, rock stars, devils, witches, and wizards. And this photo is just the top shelf in this store display! I also saw scarecrows, pilgrims, football players, and many others. Goodbye, tradition, hello mass market.

25 September 2009

High School Night School ~ Whatever works

Here's the mural on the side of Tucson's Compass High School. Somewhere on the building I saw that "Compass helps students navigate life" and I read that their school mascot is the Gator - "Navi-gator" ~ get it?

Compass High School
8250 E 22nd Street
(520) 296-4070
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24 September 2009

Hey Tucson ~ What's up?

Praise goes to the imaginative marketing staff of Compass High School. No one driving by the school on 22nd Street could miss this eye-catching sign! Compass High School is definitely a different sort of school. Hey - this high school even has night classes!

Compass High School
8250 E 22nd Street
(520) 296-4070
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23 September 2009

Octopus Cactus

This wild many-armed aloe looks like an octopus! I thought I captured the identifying label but I realized that the "Aloe Brevifolia" is the small, compact cacti on the bottom left - not the wild things in this photo. If anyone can identify this species, please do!

Tucson Botanical Gardens
(520) 326-9686
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22 September 2009

Ponies del Pueblo ~ Fun, one-of-a-kind Tucson art

So here we were taking a leisurely stroll around the Tucson Botanical Gardens and lo and behold we came upon two of the famous "Ponies del Pueblo" project on display. It was a fundraiser several years ago that was coordinated by TPAC (Tucson Pima Arts Council) ~ 35 decorated life-size ponies were sponsored to raise money for the arts.
Tucson Botanical Gardens
2150 N Alvernon Way
(520) 326-9686

21 September 2009

Tucson Treasure ~ the Botanical Gardens

Definitely an oasis, a respite, a sanctuary...the Tucson Botanical Gardens is located in a very dense part of town, but once you step through the doorway, you are miles away from stress. Here is one of the "Sensory Patios" where the design is meant to engage all five senses.

Tucson Botanical Gardens
2150 N Alvernon Way
(520) 326-9686
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20 September 2009

Gorgeous ~ Ford Skyliner

Here's another beauty that was on display at the Friday night "Cruisin" (see yesterday's post for all details). This two-tone model is still definitely a head-turner ~ absolutely beautiful. The Skyliner convertible was revolutionary for its day. Ahh.... this was a time when cars had real style.
Read its fascinating history: http://www.antiquecar.com/gc_ford_skyliner.php

19 September 2009

Tucson Thunderbird ~

Every Friday night the Safeway parking lot at Golf Links & Harrison is an outdoor showroom to many vintage vehicles ~ most are beautifully restored. Owners bring their lawn chairs and make an evening out of it. Most are happy to show you what's under the hood. So if you want to talk cars on a Friday night, this is your spot... just cruisin'.


Safeway Shopping Center, Golf Links & Harrison - 6 pm - Bring your old vehicle and join other car enthusiasts - NOT a car club - Everyone is welcome - Info: Joe or Nancy 520-721-1589

18 September 2009

Triple White ~ Arabian Beauties

This trio of dazzling white equine beauties are Arabians, a breed with a noble and interesting history. Tucson is home to many Arabian horse farms.


17 September 2009

The Zen of Golf ~ Tucson style

Even an avid golfer might want to take a break and enjoy the beautiful desert view from this serene overlook. This is the golf course at Dove Mountain ~ Ritz Carlton. Click on the label "Dove Mountain" to see other photos from this resort.


16 September 2009

The Desert's Special Beauty ~

Here is another image from the Picture Rocks area outside of Tucson. The desert is lush and green here with saguaro, prickly pear, sage, and creosote.

Photo courtesy of Cindy Klein.

15 September 2009

Spirit of the Old West ~

Horses are serious business in Tucson and many horse ranches in the area have been in the same family for generations. This equine resident lives near Picture Rocks.

Photo courtesy of Cindy Klein.

14 September 2009

13 September 2009

Sunset at Picture Rocks

What a classic Western image ~ sunset at the corral. This unusual striped sky sunset photo was taken from a friend's property in the beautiful Picture Rocks area north and west of Tucson. Stay tuned for more images from this spot!

Photo courtesy of Cindy Klein.

Picture RocksArizona maps.google.com

12 September 2009

Tucson's Historic Barrio ~ 1800's Old West

Tucson's barrio district (also called Barrio Historico or Barrio Libre) is a treasure trove of charming adobe homes - many date from the 1800's. Adjacent to Tucson's downtown, this small area is now a mix of private residences and offices for lawyers & other professionals.


10 September 2009

Tucson Thunderstorm

I was struck by the unusual light. To me this photo looks like a staged tableau with the middle saguaro seemingly gesturing about the coming storm.

This is the entrance to the Tanque Verde Ranch ~ one of the last great dude ranches and a highly rated resort destination.

Tanque Verde Ranch
14301 E Speedway Blvd
(520) 296-6275
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09 September 2009

Popcorn Plans to Rule the World ~

Until I spotted this log cabin on wheels with its flags flying in Home Depot's parking lot, I had no idea that there is a movement afoot that plans to dominate the world through popcorn addiction. But now I know and I am passing along the warning... Kettle Korn can be habit forming! Next thing you know, it will be regulated.

08 September 2009

Purple Sage ~ Dawn Light

The beautiful purple sage/Texas ranger blooms with purple flowers after a good rain. We're still getting some storms and so we can enjoy this bush's display right now.

07 September 2009

Tucson's Surfer Dude ~ Mr. Tiki to you...

We may not have beaches in Tucson but it doesn't stop us from dreaming about hanging ten. Happy Labor Day to everyone who visits the site today! Relax and enjoy your day - surfing, cooking, celebrating...

06 September 2009

Tucson ~ Picture Perfect Postcard

With natural beauty like this, it is no wonder that people love living here! The stately saguaro is ubiquitous throughout the Sonoran Desert, yet it still generates awe.

05 September 2009

Historic Apartments in Downtown Tucson

Judging by the age and style of its neon sign, this has been in use as an apartment building since the early part of the 1900's. When I go past it again I'll see if they have a plaque posted with more historical information. It looks like a place with a lot of personality and it is in the heart of downtown Tucson - corner of 13th Street & 6th Avenue.

San Carlos Apartments
71 E 13th St
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04 September 2009

Tucson's Ancient Parthenon

With the likeness of the Parthenon in the background, a good guess might be that this one-armed lady is Athena (for whom the Parthenon was built). But I'd rather think of her as Venus de Milo's sister.

Venus's sister is part of the remarkable fantasy murals that decorate the exterior walls of Bookman's, a great Tucson bookstore (used and new books plus so much more). If you would like to see the full range of murals, in July I posted the "Dragon Slayer" and "Mr. Be-header" was posted in August. Still coming up are "Damsel in Distress," "Evil Queen," and "Pirate Ship."

Store staffers tell me that they have given the mural characters pet names. This lady is affectionately named "Sophia."

http://www.bookmans.com/Grant & Campbell

03 September 2009

Calling Georgia O'Keefe...

Talk about WOW factor! These gorgeous blooms are in season right now in Tucson and they are special for many reasons. Most people will recognize the Datura as a flower featured in many works by Georgia O'Keefe. Or...you might know it as loco weed because of its hallucinogenic properties. It has long been known as an ingredient in various witches' brews. These flowers bloom at dusk and within about 15 minutes they morph from the spear-shaped stem to a fully unfolded trumpet flower. Heady aroma ~ intoxicating!
Photos courtesy of Jerry Weinert.

02 September 2009

Meet Lovely Lucretia....

Thanks to a good friend of mine who works at the fabulous Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, these wonderful photos of Lucretia were sent my way. Lucretia is an adopted Desert Tortoise and from the looks of her gourmet meal I think she must be pretty darn happy in her new habitat. To learn more about how you can adopt a Desert Tortoise, click here:

And if you have an extra minute, do also check out my posting of August 10 for a photo of a HUGE Desert Tortoise in Tucson - a remarkable creature indeed!
Photos courtesy of Jerry Weinert.

01 September 2009

Tucson - Home of the World's Biggest Chianti Bottle

This is definitely a Tucson landmark ~ a 35' tall cement wine bottle! Commissioned in the 1970's, the concrete and rebar bottle was created by artist Michael Kautza and was originally designed to advertise an Italian restaurant. Cool fact - it's stoppered with a real cork!

The Boondocks Lounge with its remarkable purple and green 3-D sign is a friendly place and a good bar for live music. When you hear someone tell you, "You can't miss it," believe it.

Boondocks Lounge
3306 N 1st Ave
(520) 690-0991
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