31 May 2018

Throwback Thursday ~ the story remains the same!

31 MAY 2011

Tucson's 4th Avenue ~ colorful & quirky

Anyone who visits Tucson should definitely make the time to stroll around on 4th Avenue. It's a mix of businesses that include vintage clothing boutiques, an authentic "head shop" that celebrates the 1960's, several bars, and an international selection of restaurants.
4th Avenue is still a quirky mix of shops and restaurants and cool public art. There's maybe even more public art now than when this original post appeared in 2011. Take a stroll & check it out! 

29 May 2018

Tuesday Tucson Trivia - Movies!

The list is very long of the movies that have been filmed in and around Tucson, AZ Do you remember Three Amigos with Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, and Martin Short? This comedy western was filmed here in 1986. Fun! 

28 May 2018

Frisky Foal - SO adorable!

As promised yesterday, here are more photos of the sweet new foal and her mom. Come on, you know you want to say it..... "Awwwwww......"    (:

27 May 2018

I'm back with an exciting announcement!

OMG! Check her out! Here is Tucson's cutest newest resident! My friend's mare had this foal 10 days ago and today was a naming party for her! Her mom's name is "Casper" so I suggested "Ghost Girl." I think she is just about the sweetest little girl on the planet! Awwww. More photos tomorrow!  

18 May 2018

TDP has "Gone fishin'" ~

Yep, it is that time of year when I leave Tucson and go look at other things in other places! What a concept! I'll be back posting soon! (:

17 May 2018

Throwback Thursday - Dinosaurs in Tucson!

17 MAY 2010

Tucson's "Good Mother" Dino ~

Not everyone knows that in addition to the ferocious T-Rex that stands guard at the corner of Kolb & Tanque Verde there is a whole dino family in the back parking lot! This 30-foot mom is a Maiasura ("Good Mother") and she guards her twins from the long line of drive through vehicles at the McDonald's that houses them. Hurray that kids can learn something while they eat their McNuggets!
These fun creatures are still in residence!  I wonder if they are related to the impressive T-Rex that was featured in yesterday's post.... ?

16 May 2018

Impressive doorman!

Tucson has some of the most interesting wildlife! This intimidating fellow stands guard at a home on North Campbell Avenue.
Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

15 May 2018

Tuesday Tucson Trivia ~ Saguaro Park/Saguaro Park

Tucson has TWO Saguaro National Parks - one is east of the city and one is west! Each has a different set of attractions. Naturally, the parks are spectacular showcases for the magnificent saguaro, a cacti that lives only in the Sonoran Desert. These mighty icons of the desert can live up to 200 years. It is illegal to harm them.

Both parks offer hiking and horseback riding.  You can also traverse the parks from the comfort of your vehicle. The western park extends into the Tucson Mountains and you can count on beautiful sunsets. The eastern park has trails that lead up into pine forests - an 8,000 foot elevation.

14 May 2018

Now it's MY turn! Then and Now...

As you can see by the recent posts, cactus are in wild bloom all over Tucson. Finally MY torch cactus opened. I am posting my photo of it from last year (top) so that you can see how much it has grown in just a year (bottom). Far fewer blooms than last year but beautiful nonetheless. (:

13 May 2018

Blooms to brighten your Mother's Day!

Blooms and MORE blooms! These buttery yellow flowers are so cheerful! Tucson is abloom everywhere! Happy Mother's Day!
Photos courtesy of Susan Dodson. 

12 May 2018

Caught in the moment ~

I was driving past my neighbor's house and noticed that ALL of their torch cactus flowers had opened at once! I had to pull over and take this photo of the beautiful profusion of flowers. And I am glad that I did. A few hours later they were all wilted and closed up - done for another year. I was lucky to have caught them at just the perfect moment. Oh Tucson is so beautiful right now with everything in bloom. 

11 May 2018

'tis the Season!

Yes, 'tis the season for the mighty saguaro cactus to throw itself into full bloom! The beautiful bouquets of blooms atop the saguaros are recognized as the Arizona State Flower. The blooms don't last long so enjoy them while you can.
Top two photos courtesy of Ken Wilcox.

10 May 2018

Throwback Thursday - We STILL like it hot!

10 MAY 2010

In Tucson we like it hot ~

Oh boy... not even the middle of May yet and we almost hit 100 degrees! HOT! HOT! HOT! Just like this great red hot dress on display in front of one of the vintage clothing stores on 4th Avenue. Whatever style or era you like, there's a fashion find waiting for you on this fun shopping street. Vintage clothing, restaurants, bars, shops, food co-op, even a Dairy Queen!
NOW: Oh we have already sailed past the 100 degree mark already! I guess Tucson is getting even hotter even earlier! 

09 May 2018

My Backyard Vineyard ~

Hey check out the grape clusters I have on my rain water tank's grapevine! I wonder how big they will grow and what kind of wine they might produce....  maybe I can launch a backyard winery. (:

08 May 2018

Shrine Dedicated to a Sinner ~

Tucson's El Tiradito Shrine (The Wishing Shrine) is part of the Turquoise Trail walking tour. This little shrine is dedicated to a young man who was killed by an enraged husband when he found him in bed with his wife. The young man was having an affair with his mother in law. As a result of his murder, the mother in law (his lover) and her daughter (his wife) both committed suicide. Interesting piece of Tucson trivia, yes?

07 May 2018

Southwest Sun Screen ~

Here is a sun roof constructed from ocotillo spines that I spotted at Hacienda del Sol, one of Tucson's historic resort properties. 

06 May 2018

Tucson's Elite Response Team ~

Thank goodness that Tucson has a crack team trained to spring into action in the event of a zombie attack! I feel much better knowing this...

05 May 2018

Beauty times two ~

This is the time of year that Tucson's cactus bloom in full glory. This lavender beauty is showing off in my neighbor's front yard and the blooms will fade after just a couple of days. Enjoy it while you can! 

04 May 2018

Tucson's Favorite Flamers ~

Celebrate the new home of one of Tucson's art/performance treasures - Flam Chen! They have a home now in the expanded west section of downtown Tucson in the Mercado district. These photos are from their recent performance of "The Fisher's Wish," Here are the details of the block party coming up this weekend.
Photos courtesy of Susan Dodson. 

03 May 2018

The building has also vanished! Throwback Thursday....

03 MAY 2010

Bookman's Fantasy Murals ~ gone forever

Believe me, I never dreamed that this website would ever serve as any kind of historical record about Tucson but at least in this one case, it really will. Sadly the Bookman's store at Grant & Campbell has painted over all of their splendid fantasy murals to use the wallspace for..... advertising. Bob, Bob ~ what were you thinking???

So, here from my photo stash is the last of the medieval series that once enchanted store shoppers and Grant Road drivers alike. As you know from my previous postings, the staffers had named all of the mural characters. Depicted here is sweet Pip (Pretty in Pink) trapped in the tower as Evil Queen Wendy and Dr. Volt each scheme how to harm her. Assuring her of his love below is... who else but... Romeo.

These murals were a wonderful, quirky addition to the Tucson cultural landscape. I am very sorry that they have been eliminated. To see the whole series, click on the "Bookmans" label on the bottom of this post.
Not only are these murals long gone but now the building is gone as well! The old Bookmans store at Campbell and Grant has fallen to the wrecking ball. I have no idea what will next occupy that corner. 

02 May 2018

Guardian of Myra Drive ~

Years ago I posted this Knight in Shining Armor on the site and I forgot all about him until a site follower forwarded this photo. Obviously, years later he still stands guard on Myra Drive. These homeowners have quite an English sense of humor, yes?
Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

01 May 2018

Only venemous lizard in the U.S. lives here!

For today's Tuesday Tucson Trivia let's talk about the Gila Monster. It is the only venemous lizard in the U.S. and it makes its home here in the Sonoran Desert. They are very sluggish so it is actually rather difficult for a human to get bitten. For more info (including how they sound), click here.