31 March 2013

Color of the day ~

Easter makes me think of coloring eggs. I loved these "egg yolk yellow" pots stacked up as a display at Civano Nursery. So cheery! Happy Easter everyone~!

30 March 2013

Rare desert seahorse ~

Even though we live in the desert, we can have seahorses, too! Check out this giant stone sculpture of a seahorse - perfect for adding a touch of the ocean to your Tucson garden...

29 March 2013

Leaping Lizard Wall ~

Need a lizard for your patio wall? Take your pick here at the Civano Nursery - many colors, shapes, and personalities to choose from to add a little whimsy to your decorating.

28 March 2013

Unusual amenities on this bird house ~

The perches on this fun bird house are common objects used in an uncommon way. Birds can perch on a spoon, a knife, a fork, and a toothbrush! Fun!

27 March 2013

Creating a new cactus (cell tower that is) ~

I thought this was a very interesting "work in progress" - a cell tower disguised as a saguaro cactus. This big fake cactus is being erected on Houghton Road near the Tucson McGraw's restaurant and will join a forest of other similar camouflaged towers on that hill to add some additional signals to the area. Cactus Power! 

26 March 2013

Open air market -

Even the parking lot of the Rincon Valley Farmer's Market is a sales floor for some enterprising vendors. Check out these beautiful decorated metal doors and furniture - displayed on the side of the road in front of the big barn. It's way out on Old Spanish Trail - Saturdays only.

25 March 2013

3 photos: recycled barn now a shopping mall!

A fun shopping trip on Saturdays is to drive out on Old Spanish Trail to the Rincon Valley Farmer's Market. It features fresh produce, baked goods, kettle corn, etc. like all farmer's markets. But this one has a cool feature - the big barn on the property has been converted into shops. So each horse stall now features jewelry, crafts, clothing and more!

24 March 2013

Say hello to another Team Tucson member!

Regular followers know that once in a while I shine the spotlight on someone in Tucson who is making a difference. Let me introduce you today to Stephanie Hannah who owns a business that makes Diaper Cakes! "Diaper cakes?" you may ask (as I did when I saw her display at the Rincon Valley Farmer's Market). Yes, Diaper Cakes. She rolls up 62 diapers and decorates them with ribbons to form a 3-layer "Diaper Cake." Wouldn't this be a fantastic centerpiece for a baby shower? Stephanie will customize the colors and theme to suit the mom-to-be. Questions? Call her at 520.270.9364.

23 March 2013

Talk about "branding" ~ great example!

Hi everyone! Thanks for your nice notes and patience as I waited for COX to rewire my office to fix the failed Internet problem. We're back and up and running again!

So first I noticed this nicely painted van all coordinated with "Boar's Head" colors - black and red. I love the gold lettered "Provisions" on the back. To me it looks like some old fashioned British food purveyor's sign. Then I noticed that even their license plate advertises their product: BOARZHD. Clever!

15 March 2013

Time for another "Where is this?"

OK all you Tucson smarties ~ time again for another fun "Where is this?" quiz. I'm making this one super easy - I've even given you an image with the building number on it!! The image is looking west into a just-about-to-set sun. The "see through" areas have outdoor tables and chairs. Where is this? All you regular visitors know that the first one to correctly identify this building wins a fabulous TucsonDailyPhoto "Monday already?" t-shirt (see TDP home page for a full color image of this t-shirt). Good luck!

14 March 2013

2 photos: Colorful, loving tributes ~

The Pima Council on Aging (PCOA) provides assistance with all sorts of issues that face Tucson's aging citizens (and their families). The exterior of the headquarters building on Broadway is enriched with many collage murals that feature photos and phrases that honor loved ones.

13 March 2013

Spring sports ~

Here is an interesting piece of public art/sculpture on Ajo Highway - it combines images of athletes with a curved base shaped like the flag. It is situated at the edge of the Kino Sports Complex, a venue with stadium, baseball, softball and soccer fields. For their website, click here.

12 March 2013

A skeleton candelabra ~

Here's another example of the unexpected and delightful surprises tucked all over the grounds at Ted DeGrazia's Gallery in the Sun. How would this cactus carcass candelabra look on your table? Even the "candles" are carved from nature. FUN! I hope you enjoyed walking around the grounds these last few days. It's a really interesting Tucson treasure.

11 March 2013

A gallery of one's own ~

I've been walking you around Ted DeGrazia's Gallery in the Sun for the past few days and here's another highlight - the visiting artist's gallery. There is a separate building on the property that showcases the work of artists other than Ted DeGrazia. The current guest artist is Brian Bill and his work is on display through March 23.

10 March 2013

Giving "recycled" a whole new meaning!

These fun metal flowers that are all over the grounds at DeGrazia's Gallery in the Sun are recycled tin cans. Yep! Cut, sliced, painted, and curled to look like flowers. FUN! I'm going to make some for my patio wall so I'll always have flowers in bloom... (:

09 March 2013

Tucson's field of dreams ~

While walking on the grounds of the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun I spied this amazing field of.... wheat? Dunno but it was 18' tall! Any ideas?

08 March 2013

Man-made Spider Web ~

All over the grounds of DeGrazia's "Gallery in the Sun" are many whimsical touches. Here is a giant spider web made with wire and clear glass beads to simulate dew drops. It sparkles in the sun - so pretty! Check out other photos from the gallery posted earlier this week.

07 March 2013

Chapel open to the sky, the stars, the sun ~

Side door inside chapel

View of shrine and roof open to sky

Wall mural

Windows, mural, and wooden benches

View of saguaro rib cross in roof opening
Yesterday I posted the exterior of DeGrazia's charming chapel. Here are interior images. A lovely, quiet place for reflection. For more info on Ted DeGrazia, his art, and the Gallery, click here.

06 March 2013

DeGrazia's Chapel ~ a Tucson treasure

Famed Tucson artist Ted DeGrazia had a vision and his 10-acre compound lives on as a museum, a "Gallery in the Sun," (a permanent home for his work), and a venue for visiting artists to display their work. On the grounds is a charming and tiny chapel decorated with DeGrazia murals. Here's the entrance and tomorrow I'll post some interior views. For more info on the artist, click here.

05 March 2013

Tucson's Barrio culture wall ~

Rich in history and tradition, Tucson's Barrio District remains a fascinating window into the early years of Tucson and the settling of Arizona. Huge portions of the area were razed to build the Tucson Convention Center in the latter part of the 20th century. This mural depicts a view of Mission San Javier and many other cultural symbols and imagery.
Photo courtesy of Mark Wight.

04 March 2013

Tucson's always interesting Barrio ~

Everyone who comes to Tucson eventually discovers the amazing Barrio District (Barrio Viejo) with its old adobe homes and businesses. Some have been restored to perfection; others display their weathered character. This doorway is near the historic Cushing Street Bar.
Photo courtesy of Mark Wight.

03 March 2013

Tucson's favorite lumberjack was yarn bombed!

Tucson's iconic Paul Bunyan statue at Stone and Glenn has a kinder, gentler look these days (even though he seems to be wielding a bigger axe since his last one was stolen by drunken frat boys). Yes, it's true. Paul was "yarn bombed" and now is sporting a festive little (well, OK, not so little) scarf. Even more photos of him can be viewed here.

And for all you Monty Python fans, here's the YouTube video of the song in case you forgot the lyrics!

02 March 2013

Signs that spring is finally coming ~

I was driving on Camino Principal (just off Tanque Verde Rd) and just couldn't believe this blooming tree in front of this row of offices! I was told it is a blooming pear tree and when I was photographing it I noticed that the local bees were really loving this tree's blossoms. It sure looks like spring has arrived but I'm still holding my breath for a little while.

01 March 2013

Tasty little snack ~

Looks like the traffic light is just a little nibble for Tucson's favorite T-Rex! This big fellow and a few other species of dinosaur guard the McDonald's at Tanque Verde & Kolb.