19 June 2018

Truckin' Tacos ~

Here's another of the food trucks who participated in my neighborhood's Sunday Food Truck Roundup. It was nice to have a picnic dinner outside under the trees and not have to cook or clean up! 

18 June 2018

Wild West Roundup - FOOD, that is!

My community arranged for a food truck roundup to celebrate Father's Day. It was great fun and there were several cuisines offered for dinner choices and an ice cream truck, too! Yay! The weather remained perfect - warm and slightly breezy. Wonderful dinner party! 

16 June 2018

Tucson's Alpine Chalet ~

This charming little house is a mailbox! Check out the shingled roof and the mini planter at the back! Wonderful!  And notice the "flag" is a purple tulip!  (:
Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

15 June 2018

True Confessions!

Ha! I also laughed at the smaller sticker's sentiment:  "I'm Retired. Go Around Me."  Happy Friday! 

14 June 2018

Then & Now - Exactly the same!

14 JUNE 2009

Saluting the Sky ~ the Saguaro Cactus

The mighty saguaro "is" the symbol of the southwest. This awesome tree-sized cactus can only be found in the Sonoran Desert and can live well over 100 years. A mature saguaro is magnificent to behold! For more info on this symbol of the desert, click here. 
Photo courtesy of Mark Wight.

13 June 2018

Rushing Water ~

Continuing with yesterday's display of art displayed at Tucson's main library, here is another piece in the library's collection: "Monarch" by James P. Cook. The artist has boldly captured the power of rushing water in Rocky Mountain State Park. A dam had burst above these falls and the flood waters dramatically and permanently changed the landscape. I also particularly love the bold graphics in the carpet that, from the higher level angle, appear as 3-dimensional tiles on top of the carpet. Cool!