23 October 2014

The Bear Bottom (3 images) ~

These big bears were on their way to a carnival or theme park when I spotted them in midtown Tucson. The ride's name is "Bear Affair." Pretty fun and colorful overalls they are all wearing!

22 October 2014

Good vibrations ~

Just couldn't resist posting one last image from the recent VW Bug festival. Here's a Karmann Ghia with a great license plate!

21 October 2014

'tis the season for...BATS!

Yes, bats! Real ones - not the little plastic ones you can buy at the Halloween shop! This flock (?) group (?) of bats was flapping around on a Tucson residential front porch recently and was startled by the camera flash which made them BATTY! (sorry - it was irresistible)
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

20 October 2014

October means BUGtoberfest in Tucson!

VW owners from far and wide come to the annual Chirco Bugtoberfest in Tucson. The event spans several days and they do a road rally, a huge BBQ, raffle and more! And it includes bugs, vans, Ghias, and sandrails and baja vehicles, too. Looking at all these VW Beetles made me miss mine - my first car was an orange VW Beetle. Loved that car!

19 October 2014

Ancient petroglyphs in Tucson ~

It's amazing that such history and beauty are just a half an hour's drive from Tucson! Picture Rocks is a spiritual place as well as a place of great natural beauty. The picture rocks were created by the Hohokam Indians many centuries ago. Fascinating!
Photo courtesy of Nathan S Bunker.

18 October 2014

Neighborhood patrol ~

A family of javelina is on neighborhood patrol. Notice the little one (they are called "reds") staying close to mama. This is a delicious time of year for them because one thing I know they like (personal experience speaking here) is raw pumpkin! Munch, munch.... there goes your jack o' lantern!
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.