23 August 2014

Tucson's downtown is far, far away ~

Yes, that wee stripe of pale grey blue is the skyline of Tucson's downtown. This is a view south from the beautiful Westward Look Resort.

22 August 2014

View of heaven~

The Westward Look Resort has a beautiful roof top party area that is beautiful by day (fabulous clouds and mountains!) or by night (fantastic arcs of light).

21 August 2014

Coffee with a real bite ~

I laughed when I saw these mugs - very Southwest, don't you think? How many people do you know who drink their coffee out of a rattlesnake?

19 August 2014

Just close your eyes and be amazed!

We are still having HUGE monsoon storms with crashing thunder and just torrents of rain. Click on this link and I guarantee that you will be astonished and amazed at this experience of a group of people creating a storm by snapping their fingers.... just listen.

18 August 2014

Salsa and Tequila - party time!

La Encantada, Tucson's most high end shopping mall complex, was the site for a Salsa and Tequila Festival. How much more fun can you have - salsa, tequila, dancing, and sun!
Photo courtesy Nathan S Bunker

17 August 2014