30 April 2016

If Wishing Could Make it So....

Tucson's Tooley's Cafe is currently closed but I am hoping that will change! It is a wonderful, quirky restaurant in Tucson's Lost Barrio District (South of Broadway on Park). This few block area is filled with artist's working studios, galleries, and a few shops. It is a wonderful place for a stroll. And Tooley's.....  I hope someone reopens a cafe there! 

29 April 2016

Goldfinger in Tucson ~

There are just so many things I don't understand about this car! Is this really a gold-plated car? Really? Why would someone want to do that? How much would that cost? And why would you add a custom PURPLE side view mirror to top it all off?  Any ideas?  Ewwwww.....

28 April 2016

Throwback Thursday ~ Many changes!

28 APRIL 2010

The 1st of a new series... Hoof & Roof

Here is the post from 6 years ago today. Already 2 of the 3 animals are gone from the Tucson landscape. There's no more OK Corral Restaurant and no more Fred the Buffalo at Copper Country Antiques.  ):

As I was driving on Oracle Road I spotted this life-size elk on top of - what else? - the Tucson Elks Club Lodge. It got me to thinking about how many other animals there are around town that maintain a rooftop lookout. All suggestions are appreciated. My list so far includes the cow at OK Corral Restaurant, the horse at OK Feed, and Fred the Bison at Copper Country Antiques. What others am I missing?

27 April 2016

The day before ~

Planning a major corporate event can be stressful and sometimes cause chaos, for sure. My company is having its biggest annual event tonight and from what I can see, everything is beautifully organized and ready. Except, perhaps, for my office which indeed looked like a hurricane blew through it. I was storing all of the raffle items and the floor and every horizontal surface was covered with gift baskets, tissue paper, boxes, and bags.... in sort of a controlled chaos.  (:   

26 April 2016

Wacky Racks!

Tucson's beautiful Historic Y Building always has interesting public art outside. Right now they have a selection of whimsical bike racks in front of the building. Fun! 

25 April 2016

Anna in the Tropics Travels to Tucson ~

This thought-provoking Pulitzer prize winning play is in Tucson for just one more weekend. The premise is intriguing... a group of women who work in a cigar rolling factory learn life lessons from the book Anna Karenina as it is read to them while they work. The play is presented by the SomethingSomething Theatre Company, a local nonprofit. 

24 April 2016

Flower Pot Kids ~

Once again I had a mama dove set up her hatchery/nursery in my hanging flower pots! I have actually lost count now how many families have taken flight from those pots. Here is the newest mama and her two kids. Today I watched the kids practicing their flapping. Any day now they will be doing their test flights across the patio.