25 July 2014

Open wide! Say "ahhhh"....

Here is the 22nd segment of "Team Tucson" - a feature I post from time to time that shines a spotlight on the people who make Tucson a great place to live. I am pleased to introduce you to Dr. Jarchow, Tucson's tortoise and reptile expert, who is giving this tortoise his (her?) annual exam.

24 July 2014

Yes, you read it right!

My friend recorded this interior temperature in her vehicle the other day. All cliches are meaningless in this heat!

23 July 2014

Fighting flora ~

Here are beautiful desert flowers that fight back the desert heat! These beauties don't need water and our intense sun doesn't wilt them. These hollyhocks are glass blown pieces of art for your garden or living room. They are available at Harlow's, my favorite plant place!

22 July 2014

Purple times two ~

Here I was struck with the cheerful color spots of green chair and purple umbrella juxtaposed with the purple mountain in the background.

21 July 2014

Finally ~ my bloom!

Just the other day as I was walking my pups around the neighborhood I was admiring all of the sage bushes in bloom in my neighbors' yards. And I wondered why mine was lagging behind and looking less-than-stellar. This morning I opened my front door and VOILA! My sage bushes had bloomed overnight! Beautiful.

20 July 2014

I'm talking really serious downsizing!

Lots of people talk about downsizing their lives. Well, here's someone who lives in a milk truck! Wow!

Photo courtesy of Carol Tretiakoff

19 July 2014

Coming home ~

This beautiful Tucson sunset photo captures car headlights headed home.
Photo courtesy of Carol Tretiakoff