17 December 2017

Cold weather alert!

We are having some cold weather - yes I mean COLD by Tucson standards anyway! It's dipping into the 30's and 40's at night. Here is what the cold front looked like as it approached Tucson. Looks pretty menacing, doesn't it? Brrrrr!
Photo courtesy of Hazell Kotel.

16 December 2017

Traditional AZ Inn Holiday House ~

Every year the pastry chef at the Arizona Inn creates a miniature Inn that is displayed in the lobby. I don't know if it is actually a real gingerbread house or cake that is edible but it is certainly charming! In years past the stucco has sometimes been an alarming orange color so I am delighted that this year's house actually LOOKS like the adobe pink of the Inn. Happy holidays! 

15 December 2017

Wintery Window ~

Here is another seasonal shop window on Tucson's 4th Avenue. Lots of imagery from the Day of the Dead celebration (Dia de los Muertos) mixes with a simple little white-lit tree.
Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson. 

14 December 2017

Throwback Thursday - Enduring Magic at the Library!

14 DECEMBER 2010

Tucson's Library Plaza ~

These columns surrounding the main library plaza downtown are not at all remarkable during the day but at night - wow - the glow is beautiful. Lovely strings of blue lights create a Christmas tree on the south side of the plaza.
The library plaza is once again decorated and turns into something glowing and magical at night! 

13 December 2017

Watercolor Sky - Wow!

Tucson is famous for its fabulous sunsets and should be equally noted for its gorgeous sunrises as well! Here are two morning images that paint the sky with delicate watercolor strokes of peach and gold and purple. Stunning!
Photos courtesy of Kathi Gardner. 

12 December 2017

Tucson Jewish Trivia ~

Happy Hanukkah! Today on Tucson Trivia Tuesday I want to share some early Tucson Jewish history. Tucson built the first synagogue in the Southwest in 1910 as a result of the fundraising of the Jewish women in the community who held events such as the Purim Ball. As you can see on this postcard, it was called "The Jewish Church" and for a time it held its services on Sundays. Interesting! 

11 December 2017

My what big ears you have!

Spotted in a shop window on 4th Avenue appears to be the ghost of Rudolph! Check out that red nose and his ghostly body. But what's the deal with those ears?? They look like he borrowed Dumbo's ears in the afterlife!
Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.