01 July 2015

One of Tucson's All Time Best Signs!

I just love this restaurant! It's an American diner sort of place - no frills. And they let you know about it before you even pull into the driveway. So if you are looking for elegant dining.... they suggest you go elsewhere! At night the diner (Frank's) turns into "Francisco's" and they serve Mexican food.
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

30 June 2015

Tucson Zen Garden ~

This stone spiral is a nice meditation walk near Ft Lowell park. This beautiful setting certainly inspires creative thinking!
Photo courtesy of Joel Gardner.

29 June 2015

Monsoon Madness Begins ~

We are now getting rain every day so soon we will be in the thick of the monsoon season. The region draws photographers from all over the world seeking fantastic lightning images during this time of year.
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

28 June 2015

Simple but Effective ~

With just a few simple swirls of paint this restaurant's entry instantly looks fun and festive! 

27 June 2015

Lucky day - double rainbow!

One of the best parts of monsoon season is the rainbows! Here is a double rainbow illuminating my grapefruit tree. And the whole rainbow stretched across the entire sky - beautiful! 

26 June 2015

Nature will have her way ~

Someone years ago must have thought that painting this building battleship grey was an improvement over its natural condition. As you can see, Mother Nature and weather are fighting back! I think the contrast of painted brick and exposed brick is interesting and even beautiful in its own strange way.

25 June 2015

No, not the monsoons!

And here are the final photos of the car wash adventure. All is clear now, yes? Going through the car wash was way fun for my Aussie Shepherd - he thought it was better than the dog park. He jumped around from back seat to front seat like a pinball as he was trying to figure out what was happening! Too funny!