28 March 2015

Get out the sunscreen!

We have so many beautiful dining places with outdoor patios in Tucson. Here is one of my favorites at LaEncantada Shopping Mall. There are several restaurants clustered in a cul de sac so it's easy to stroll and choose.

27 March 2015

Faux fun!

Nope, it's not lattice on a blue wall - it's a blue wall painted with a lattice pattern! This is so fun and cheery - especially so with the festive red bench and table!

26 March 2015

Tucson's Throwback Thursday ~

So when I posted about MOCA on March 26, 2010 (click here to see the post) the Museum had just moved into its new digs downtown - an old Fire Station. Here, 5 years later, the news at MOCA is that the long-time director is leaving for a job in Florida. She feels that the museum is on firm footing now and she is turning over the reins. It is definitely a cool re-purposing of space downtown!

25 March 2015

It's baaaack!

Yes, "The Lemon" is back! I know that my friends who live on this street are not at all amused by this gigantic fruit parked near their home, but I think this fruity storefront is fun. And, yes, it's not parked on MY street! (:

24 March 2015

Just another day in Dog Land ~

This pet owner must have a pup like one of mine - a TUGGER! It's interesting that I have never seen a vanity plate in Tucson that is cat-related. Hmmm. Why do dog owners talk about their pets on their license plates and cat owners remain mum?

23 March 2015

Tucson - aerial view

This striking image of Tucson's aircraft "Bone Yard" is so dramatic. I love the geometrical symmetry of this bird's eye view of Tucson's southeast side.
Photo courtesy Alex Maclean.

22 March 2015

My Cave Dweller ~

My resident alpha lizard, Rocky, has made his first spring time appearance in my backyard. He likes to hang out in a small "cave" that is formed between two railroad ties and a rock wall. Today temperatures really soared and I saw him surveying his territory (my backyard!). His is a spiny lizard and he totally rules the backyard roost.