20 January 2019

Moon Mood Music!

TONIGHT - Moon & Music! Enjoy tonight's lunar eclipse with the Tucson Amateur Astronomers Association! Telescopes will be set up on the UA Mall near Flandreau. Here is the complete program info. 

19 January 2019

A Peek Behind the Scenes ~

I was lucky to have a chance to photograph this beautiful female ocelot who was resting "off exhibit" at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. She looks snug in her cat habitat, doesn't she? Beautiful animal! 

18 January 2019

Lot o' Tail!

This handsome male ocelot lives at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. His camouflage is so magnificent that you might miss that TAIL!  

17 January 2019

9 Years Later - He Hasn't Blinked ~

17 JANUARY 2010

Tucson's Bas Relief Godzilla ~

THEN: This oversized lizard stands guard on a residential garden wall that faces Broadway. What fun!
NOW:  He is still on guard, watching the traffic pass on Broadway. Still fun! 

16 January 2019

5 More Weeks of Wonder to Go!

Each year the UA College of Science treats the community to an amazing FREE lecture series that is held at Centennial Hall. Not only do they select interesting topics, they also select amazing speakers to present different viewpoints. The series was launched on Tuesday night with Joanna Masel presenting, "There is no Certainty." Click HERE for full info. 

15 January 2019

Tucson Trivia ~ the Tucson Portrait Project

Chances are good that someone you know is one of the thousands of portraits on display in the Fourth Avenue Underpass. 10 years ago the "Tucson Portrait Project" was launched to capture photos of people in Tucson - all kinds of people...young, old, big, little... and some animals, too! A truly great piece of public art! 

14 January 2019

New Art ~

Would anyone like to take a guess where this striking mural by Jaque Fragua was recently installed?