28 May 2016

Tucson's wild wildlife ~

You've learned alot about Tucson's history this week but I bet you didn't expect to find out that dinosaurs live here. This lifesize beauty was created by local artist Daniel McQuestion and is currently camping out on this friend's porch until it finds a new home. Know anyone who would like to display this fantastic creature in their home or office?

To learn more about Daniel's work, please go to his website: www.dmcquestion.com. There you will learn about his plans and see many other examples of feathered dinosaurs. Let me give a special thank you to the owner of 372 W Franklin for permitting me to photograph this beauty.

27 May 2016

Tucson's exclusive men's club ~ The Owl

This magnificent building once housed an exclusive club for Tucson's bachelors ~ the Owl Club. You can see the mascot owl in the facade's porthole. Built in 1901 the club was active for decades. Eventually, the building fell into terrible disrepair and the story of its renovation is incredible: http://www.rwboucher.com/Portfolio02/index.html


Next stop: For the last stop on this downtown tour I'm taking you to a very unusual point of interest ~ guaranteed to not be on any other walking tour you might take! The Owl Club and the Steinfeld Mansion both flank Franklin. Walk west on Franklin to Granada. Stop at 372 West Franklin. See you tomorrow!

26 May 2016

More mansions on Main ~

Facing each other on Main at Franklin are two very different homes ~ both beautiful. The Steinfeld Mansion (California Mission Revival style) was built in 1898 and originally housed an exclusive bachelors' club (tomorrow you'll visit the club's later location). Later, the Steinfelds bought it. Even later it was a convent! It is reputedly one of the first homes in Tucson to have running water.
Across the street The Jules Kruttschnidt House (now a bed and breakfast) blends Mexican adobe construction with a veranda and breezeway. http://www.bbonline.com/az/elpresidio/history.html

Next stop: Keep walking north on Main and on your left you will spot the Owl's Club building - just a few steps from the Steinfeld Mansion.

25 May 2016

Have a cool one at this Tucson landmark ~

Probably one of Tucson's most famous restaurants, El Charro, has a fun bar area attached ~ TOMA! You can sit outdoors, enjoy something cool to drink, and rest your feet. Do check out the gift shop for some very interesting food gifts.


Next stop: Turn left (west) on Franklin and walk back to Main Street.

24 May 2016

From historic home to gas station to art studio ~

The Romero House has had many lives ~ yes, once even a gas station. The Tucson Museum of Art's ceramic classes are held there now. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/romero-house.php

The Casa Cordova is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was once enclosed within the Presidio walls. It is the home of the beloved El Nacimiento display from November - March every year. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/la-casa-cordova.php

Next stop: Time for a break! How about a sip of something cool? You're just two blocks away from TOMA, the fun bar area of El Charro Restaurant. Walk east on Washington and make a left on Court.

23 May 2016

Tucson houses that can tell wild tales!

The Tucson Museum of Art utilizes these historic homes for gallery space. There are many distinctive homes on this block and two are highlighted here with memorable tales to bring them to life:

The Stevens-Duffield House - The original owner tried to shoot his wife but she was saved by the heavy silver comb she wore in her hair. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/stevens-duffield-house.php

The Corbett House - The owners of this Mission-style home (built in 1907) manufactured gin in their attic during Prohibition. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/j-knox-corbett-house.php

More houses and more stories as we continue tomorrow!
Next stop: Walk north on Main Street and turn right at Washington.

22 May 2016

A gem in downtown Tucson's crown ~ the Tucson Museum of Art

The Tucson Museum of Art now occupies a full block within the El Presidio Historic District and maintains several of the historic homes which you will visit on our next stop in tomorrow's post.

The Museum's courtyard houses a lovely restaurant ~ Cafe A La Carte. Click this link to read about the current exhibits at TMA: http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/

Next stop: A stroll from south to north on Main Street, a remarkable block of homes each with its own fascinating history. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/