23 April 2014

Poppies? No ~ prickly pear!

These blazing blooms greet visitors at the Desert Museum. And check out all of the buds on the lower photo! This "cactus candelabra" will be bursting with flowers for weeks!
Photo courtesy Camille Pons.

22 April 2014

Spring Swim ~

A nice, refreshing dip in the lake at Reid Park! These ducks are a favorite attraction of kids (and adults!).
Photo courtesy of Kathi Gardner. 

20 April 2014

Desert Egg Tree ~

Happy Easter from Tucson, AZ! Here some imaginative homeowners have tricked out a cholla bush as an Easter Egg Tree. What fun!
Photo courtesy of Carol Smith and Sarah Luz. 

19 April 2014

Desert Asparagus ~

This beautiful agave has sent out its center stalk. This mighty stalk is often harvested to create the ancient musical instrument, the didgeridoo. Don't know what the didg sounds like? Click here

18 April 2014

Munching Mule Deer ~

No sooner than the new mesquite tree was planted, a curious mule deer had to have a nibble! Mmm, tasty tender leaves!
Photo courtesy of Chris Holmberg.

17 April 2014

Desert Waterfall ~

Just as our temperatures are starting to hover in the high 80's it's nice to know that Reid Park offers many cool water spots - like this waterfall. Ahhh... refreshing!
Photo courtesy of Kathi Gardner.