30 June 2016

A Rather Pushy Picnic Guest!

While having a picnic on Mount Lemmon we were visited by a determined little gopher who loved everything on our menu! I found this short video that captures similar antics. Wait for the part where he steals a piece of bark and tries to move it into his den! SO CUTE!

29 June 2016

Might this apply to YOU?? (:

I had to smile when I spotted this feline fan's license plate! He or she is cat crazy and proud of it! Meow!

28 June 2016

What is wrong with this picture?

The huge green dumpster you see in the top photo is a dumpster quite out of place! It SHOULD be located in the concrete niche you see in the middle photo. Tucson's monsoon season has officially started and last night the rain and wind was so intense that the dumpster was WASHED OUT of its cement bunker and traveled many feet south to land in the wash behind my office. What a mess it all was - muddy and slick parking lot, debris everywhere, and some flooded offices, too. Hello, Rain! 

27 June 2016

Beautiful Golden Glow ~

At a recent art exhibition opening at Tucson's downtown Etherton Gallery the work of Kate Breakey was what really captured my attention. She enhances her beautiful photographs with gold leaf to create a magical glow on each piece. Wonderful work! 

26 June 2016

Lucky Cactus ~

We had a light sprinkle of rain and the beautiful outcome of just a tiny bit of rain created this rainbow that arched over the cactus in my front yard. Lovely lavender sky!

25 June 2016

24 June 2016

The most interesting man in the world says....

HA! I loved this sign at my vet's office! It's a funny take on The Most Interesting Man in the World's beer ads. Enjoy!