22 April 2018

Two Orbits in Harmony!

Here is the 20th anniversary cake of a couple who own a space exploration company here in Tucson. The commentary was that they are "forever in each other's orbit." Sweet! Love is sweet and anniversaries are even sweeter! 

21 April 2018

So long, farewell! Come to the Goodbye party!

It's not often that I can post a photo of something in Tucson that is scheduled for demolition. Most often I touch on that when I do my "Throwback Thursday" feature and display a photo of a mural, building, or sculpture that has disappeared. I was alerted to this mural's upcoming demise by a site follower.

Here is a striking mural in the courtyard of the Clifton Hotel on South Stone. This mural will be lost when the hotel begins an expansion plan. For more info about it, click here for the newspaper article. 

The Downtown Clifton, at 485 S. Stone Ave., will celebrate Danny Martin's mural this Saturday, April 21, at 5 p.m. The Torch Bearers and DJ Ramshur Rx will provide the music and Geronimo's Revenge food truck will be selling food. More info here

20 April 2018

All that remains ~

The dessert tray was still full with mini cheesecakes (3 flavors!) and gigantic creme brulee when the most recent Women's Salon Series concluded. Speaker Daisy Jenkins gave the keynote about her challenges as an African American growing up, getting educated, and getting a job in America. Hard to believe that closed mindedness is still so rampant in our modern world. But more than 100 women left the event with new insight - I hope! 

19 April 2018

Throwback Thursday - Mice!

19 APRIL 2010

A Mighty Mouse Limo (and mousetrap!) ~

I still haven't been able to catch the regular mouse cars as they drive around Tucson but I've captured the mouse LIMO for you. It's parked in front of the Truly Nolen headquarters on Speedway. And do check out that mighty mousetrap! Fun!
Eight years later the mouse cars are still scooting around town - fighting pests! 

18 April 2018

One Stop Wedding Planning ~

So right here on Oracle Road you can pop into David's Bridal and select a dress and then walk next door to arrange your catering. I am envisioning a really messy dinner, though....

17 April 2018

Did you know...Tucson is near WINE country?

YES! There is a robust wine industry in Arizona! Close to Tucson there are a number of wineries available to tour and have a tasting. Sonoita, Patagonia, and Willcox (south and east of Tucson) have soil and climate conditions similar to those in parts of the south of France and Spain. For more info and to plan your tasting tour, click here. 

16 April 2018

So beautiful, so annoying!

It's full spring here in Tucson and the Palo Verde trees are in gorgeous bloom. Yes, and that yellow flowering tree is producing tons and tons of pollen that can make life very uncomfortable for anyone with sinus problems. It is a beautiful tree, for sure, but I suffer for it! (And yes, our sky is really that blue!)