24 November 2017

Coup de Pooch

Whenever my boss travels overseas my Australian Shepherd, Jasper, makes a coup attempt to run the Institute. This holiday weekend was the perfect time to make an attempt to grab power. As you can see, he is VERY comfortable in the CEO chair! 

23 November 2017

Thanksgiving, Giving Thanks ~

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving filled with food and friends and fun! What is your favorite part of the meal? 

22 November 2017

Just one more day!

This smart turkey has to hide for just one more day! This is one of my all-time favorite Thanksgiving images! Are you cooking? Going somewhere? Dining at a restaurant? Whatever you are doing, have a safe holiday! 

21 November 2017

Tucson welcomes the exotic SNOWBIRD!

Yes it is the time of year when we welcome our huge influx of "Snowbirds" who flock to Tucson for the weather. Ah... the weather! Right now it is still in the 80's during the day and drops to the 40's and 50's at night. The Snowbird population is huge and I learned today that the RV parks that many of them occupy are called "White Cities" because of the aerial view of the sea of white RV rooftops! I refer to Tucson at this time of year as "The Land of No Left Turns."  Traffic gets a bit snarly with the many thousands of extra vehicles on the road and sometimes you can sit through a FEW red lights waiting to make that turn. 

20 November 2017

A quiz! A test! A guess!

Here's a brain teaser to start your week! What do you think this license plate says? I know the answer because it belongs to a friend of mine. Use your imagination and go wild! If you guess what it stands for, you will receive a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! Put your thinking caps on! Good luck. 

19 November 2017

Highlights from Tucson's 2017 El Tour!

The fun and exciting El Tour de Tucson was held yesterday and there was much stamina and persistence in evidence. Our local hero, Gabby Giffords, rode in El Tour and served to inspire everyone around her. Here are two of my favorite guys riding in the tour (Hi Ken! Hi Mark!) and a wonderful sign that I saw at the finish line. Great fun! Congratulations to all who rode in this event! WOW! 

18 November 2017

Advice for all El Tour de Tucson Riders ~

Today is the world-famous Tour de Tucson! Bicyclists from all over the world travel here to compete in this event! I salute all riders - YOU ROCK!