20 August 2017

BIG BIRD - Rubber Ducky!

This gigantic rubber (well, plastic, actually) ducky was parked outside of a pool supplies store on Tanque Verde. At first I thought it would be a fun pool float to have but then the more I looked at those big lips/beak, the weirder it looked. I think this duck has a case of "trout pout," the over injection of fillers often seen on celebrities (Lisa Rinna, Melanie Griffith, etc)! 

19 August 2017

Sweet Circle of Sugar ~

Lucky me! I was part of a cake tasting and I had the "job" of tasting SIX kinds of cake and ELEVEN kinds of icing.  Mmmmm, mmmmm! It was very very hard to choose a favorite combo. And in the end, I couldn't choose just one - it was a tie.  Yummy! 

18 August 2017

Day of the Dead - on sale!

If you are a collector of Day of the Dead memorabilia, don't miss this last chance to shop at Picante on Broadway. As a great loss to the Tucson retail world, Hazel is closing her doors and the D of D merchandise is 50% off. Call the store for the hours when she will be there. Cash only. 

17 August 2017

Throwback Thursday ~ Boot Still Stands

17 AUGUST 2011

Tucson's big boot ~

This 17' tall boot was formerly the landmark sculpture that denoted a famous old Tucson restaurant, The Tack Room. It began as the restaurant for a dude ranch and eventually was recognized as Tucson's first five-star restaurant. Sadly for resident gourmets and tourists alike, The Tack Room closed in 2003. The property is now a gated residential community. 

16 August 2017

Modern Abstract Streetscape ~

I just loved the way the sun intensified these sharp shapes on Elm Street. The shadow of the street sign pointing to the inset stone bench coupled with the soft greenery makes a really interesting contrast. This is just outside the Arizona Inn. 

15 August 2017

Tucson Trivia - World's Largest Collection...

Tucson's Arizona State Museum has the world's largest and best documented collection of Southwest Indian pottery. This museum is a treasure trove of exhibits and anthropology archives. Be prepared to travel through time as you enjoy their rich exhibits of pottery, baskets, ceremonial objects and more.  

14 August 2017

Storm from hell ~

It's easy to imagine our monsoon storms as just being lots of rain. They are that, for sure, but they also come with hellacious winds that uproot trees and do a LOT of damage. Here are two views of an apartment building that was slammed by our recent storms. Happily (and amazingly) no one was hurt as these trees crashed into the roofs!
Photos courtesy of Mark Sykes.