26 October 2016

Aerial Directional ~

This helpful cloud can point the way to the weekend! Just a few days away! (smile)

Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.

25 October 2016

An unscheduled stop!

There is nothing quite like being up in a hot air balloon to experience freedom and enjoy the amazing expanse of a true wide angle view!

This local balloon ride had to make an unscheduled stop in a residential neighborhood. No worries - it was unplanned but was a safe landing for all.  I had to laugh at the dad and his son who are walking past the balloon and gondola in the middle of their street and they don't even give it a glance! Wow - I guess this must happen a lot on their street, right? 

Photos courtesy of George Goldman.

24 October 2016

Back by popular demand!

My "slightly famous" pumpkin cake was requested at a party this weekend. The batter was a red velvet and the frosting was tinted cream cheese and butter. Some sparkling orange sugar crystals completed the decoration. And the pumpkin stem? I will share my trade secret with you - it's an ice cream cone with green frosting! YUM! 

23 October 2016

Crazy Star Wars Creature in my back yard!

After recent pruning of my mesquite trees one of the cut areas formed these crazy bug eyes from resin deposits! Would make beautiful jewelry beads, don't you think? 

22 October 2016

Charming European Side Street?

Nope! This charming shopping area is Tucson's most upscale shopping mall, La Encantada. Year-round flowers in bloom, festive lights, events, and shops like Tiffany, Apple, and Tommy Bahama make this a nice stroll around place. Wide variety of eateries, too. Spend the day! Spend the evening! In the winter they even host special "snowfall" nights when they manufacture snowflakes for anyone who wants to experience a white Christmas without freezing temperatures. (smile)

21 October 2016

Wonderful event coming up!

For anyone in Tucson, here is a really nice event to support. It's coming up this coming Tuesday and will give you a reason to go downtown! This plant-based bake sale is to help the City High School students maintain their garden. See you there! 

20 October 2016

Throwback Thursday ~ Some things never change! Yay!

20 OCTOBER 2009

Sprouting like...pumpkins?

Two times a year vacant lots in Tucson sprout tents seemingly overnight to sell one of two things: pumpkins & all things related to harvest (gourds, baskets, colored corn cobs) and in about a month they'll be filled with fragrant evergreens. On December 26 the tents disappear, the vacant lots return to empty dirt, and in October the cycle begins again.