20 October 2014

October means BUGtoberfest in Tucson!

VW owners from far and wide come to the annual Chirco Bugtoberfest in Tucson. The event spans several days and they do a road rally, a huge BBQ, raffle and more! And it includes bugs, vans, Ghias, and sandrails and baja vehicles, too. Looking at all these VW Beetles made me miss mine - my first car was an orange VW Beetle. Loved that car!

19 October 2014

Ancient petroglyphs in Tucson ~

It's amazing that such history and beauty are just a half an hour's drive from Tucson! Picture Rocks is a spiritual place as well as a place of great natural beauty. The picture rocks were created by the Hohokam Indians many centuries ago. Fascinating!
Photo courtesy of Nathan S Bunker.

18 October 2014

Neighborhood patrol ~

A family of javelina is on neighborhood patrol. Notice the little one (they are called "reds") staying close to mama. This is a delicious time of year for them because one thing I know they like (personal experience speaking here) is raw pumpkin! Munch, munch.... there goes your jack o' lantern!
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

17 October 2014

Modern version of timeless classic ~

This striking modern sculpture depicting Hamlet stands outside the UA School of Film and Television building. The  UA has a "Studio Series" where one can attend a wide range of innovative plays performed in the small studios housed there. The recent play I saw there was "Boom" and the studio had just 77 seats! Here is a full photo of this interesting sculpture and information on the artist: William Arms.

16 October 2014

A favorite watering hole ~

Ahhhhh, the Tucson temperatures are finally dipping below 80 degrees in the evening! The fun and historic Hotel Congress has a great patio for outside dining and drinking. And it is a great spot for people watching, too.

15 October 2014

Festival continues through sunset and beyond ~

Tucson's beautiful and iconic mosaic courthouse dome was like a beacon welcoming Tucson Meet Yourself attendees.The international food vendors were all located on the plaza by the courthouse. Add some Asian drumming and some wacky puppets and you get the idea - different and definitely a fun night out!

14 October 2014

Tucson's Historian - meeting and greeting

Here's Big Jim Griffith, one of the founders of the Tucson Meet Yourself festival, making everyone feel welcome. Big Jim is a local folklore and history expert and the author of many books. Click here for the link to some of his stories.