29 April 2017

Oh! My Hero!

Lizards love movies, too! Looks like this one at the Botanical Gardens is watching a Godzilla movie from the front row. Too funny!
Photo courtesy of George Goldman. 

28 April 2017

Imposing Imposters ~

So yesterday I posted an archive photo of an east side cell tower that I took in 2011.  Since then it looks like a whole herd of cell towers have been added to the hilltop site of Tucson McGraw's. Wow - impressive! So what IS the noun for a group of cell towers? A herd? Flock? Group? Swarm?

27 April 2017

Throwback Thursday ~ Clever Cell Towers

27 APRIL 2011

These saguaros send signals ~

On April 19, 2011 I posted a photo of an incredible palm tree that disguises a cell tower. Here is another style to hide those ugly towers - fake saguaros! These stately cacti stand high on a hill on Houghton Road - on the property of Tucson McGraw's Steakhouse.

26 April 2017

Welcome to Tucson!

This tall cowboy has been welcoming travelers and east side residents since 1982.  He is posted on Houghton Road - way up on the hill beside Tucson McGraw's Steak House. The restaurant's patio offers amazing views of the Santa Ritas! 

25 April 2017

Tuesday is Tucson Trivia Day!

How much do you know (or believe?!) about the wondrous Santa Cruz Sand Trout? This sculpture on Tanque Verde near Pima celebrates these mythical fish that can, according to the plaque, "withstand extreme heat and absence of water." Talk about fish story........!

24 April 2017

Different sort of Dog House ~

I have been planning to build a "Little Free Library" for years and install it in front of my house. If you don't know about the "Little Free Library" concept, click here. Anyway, you can imagine my delight as I walked around in my new neighborhood and found not only a Little Free Library just two blocks from my house but also that it was painted with a DOGGIE theme! I can't wait to meet my neighbor who painted and installed this fun box!! Yay! Woof!