10 December 2016

NOT just during the holidays!

I laughed when I saw this poster in the window of See's Candies in Tucson. So true for so many questions! Hope your holiday season has been sweet so far! 

09 December 2016

Christmas cat?

We had to wait a bit for our order to be delivered and our sushi chef sent this adorable cat (carved from an orange) to us as a thanks for our patience. Meow! Can't you just see the tail curled around the chin? Wonderful food art! 

08 December 2016

Reindeer Relative?


I'm not sure what is going on at my neighbor's house but today they unveiled this chicken wire GIRAFFE in their front yard! Yep, it's part of their Christmas display. So far, it has no lights affixed to it. I love the way it is nearly invisible - so stealthy! Fun! 

07 December 2016

Some sort of new sport?

This is a photo that really needs a caption! So here we have a dachshund created out of spare metal parts (that might be related to an old car or musical instrument!) and it looks like the dog is charging through a pair of saguaro goal posts. Ideas? Anybody?
Photo courtesy of David Sewell.

06 December 2016

Tucson isn't the only place this is happening!

Since I have an Aussie who is smart enough to do this and since it is the season, I thought I would share this sweet holiday joke with you. And perhaps the dog-name-password thing has a ring of truth to it in your household, hmmmm??

05 December 2016

In grand style ~

This enormous decorated beauty welcomes shoppers at La Encantada, the very nice shopping center north of Sunrise near Campbell. The center also offers fake snowfalls during the season so that you can properly get into the holiday spirit! 

04 December 2016

Very welcome winter visitors!

Hummers are welcome all year round at my house but I do seem to see more of them in the winter months when their flower nectar sources dry up and they visit my back yard feeders. These tiny beauties are astonishing to watch! Here is a beauty - a black chinned hummer. 
Photo courtesy of Ken Wilcox.