24 November 2020

Lovely Lemon Lift!

Like a breath of spring - a beautiful and lush lemon tree in full bloom. Aren't we lucky in Tucson to have citrus trees in our own back yards? 

13 November 2020

Artful Message to Stay Safe

I laughed when I saw this COVID-masked sculpture in the art book section of Bookman's on Speedway. The message is clear - stay safe and protect others! 

08 November 2020

Flying Donuts - Sweet Relief!

With all of the tension from the recent election I suggest that everyone take a nice, sweet break and have a donut! Isn't the mural on this donut shop fun? Yum! What is your favorite flavor? 

01 November 2020

Doggie Door?

 Pretty grand front door, isn't it? And that bottom opening -- doggie door? Package delivery? 

28 October 2020

No, not a Candy Cannon!

Clever homeowners in my neighborhood have devised a way to deliver candy in a "contact-less" fashion to any intrepid trick-or-treaters who arrive at their home. They have built this CANDY CHUTE to direct candy and goodies directly into a waiting candy bag. FUN! 

20 October 2020

A Little Campaign Humor

This election cycle has been so horrible and contentious! I did have to laugh, however, when I saw this campaign sign! 

11 October 2020

My Totally Upscale Neighborhood

What a delightful surprise to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth driving through my neighborhood! As always, she is perfectly coordinated  - matching sunny yellow hat & coat - and she is exuding warmth, dignity, and good manners (all of which seem to be in rather short supply with America's elected leaders these days...). FUN!