20 February 2018

The tail end of the story ~

In 2005 a mighty tile rattlesnake was created to sit on the median at Wrightstown Road at Pantano Road. The snake could not withstand the stresses of weather and traffic and over time it eroded until just the lonely head was left. Happily, a group of students was charged with restoring the snake and he is back to his original 64-foot glory. In fact, he's probably better than ever! And here is a link that shows the reconstruction of this mighty rattler. 

19 February 2018

Bobcat Bed ~

Well just make yourself right at home, Mr Bobcat! This bobcat is enjoying a nice snooze on a Tucson patio table. Yep, just stay there as long as you like....
Photo courtesy of Bill Morrow. 

18 February 2018

Tucson's Spiritual Lore ~

The story is that as Felix Lucero lay critically injured on a battlefield he made a deal with God that if he was permitted to live he would dedicate himself to creating Christian art. Tucson's Garden of Gethsemane is the result of his pact with the Almighty. Here's more info about this small public park if you would like to read more about this unusual sculpture garden.
Photos courtesy of Susan Dodson. 

17 February 2018

Tucson a desert? Not right now!

We have been having rain - a LOT of rain in the last few days. Here is a backyard rain gauge from north of Tucson that shows 3" of rain! It is wet!
Photo courtesy of Dawn Caffall. 

16 February 2018

Tucson Garden Thief!

So here is a woodpecker determined to get at the hummingbird nectar. Sometimes they contort themselves and hang upside down trying to figure it out. What annoys me most is that they scare away the beautiful hummers in their attempt at stealing the sugar water. And these woodpeckers are NOISY!
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

15 February 2018

Gone Giraffe!

15 FEBRUARY 2012

Another naming opportunity ~

In addition to the fine rooster posted on Monday, Phil at Copper Country Antiques has also added this patriotic giraffe to his menagerie. This tall one is also currently without a proper moniker. Ideas, anyone? Red, white, & blue - how about SAM?
NOW: Sadly, Copper Country Antiques and its wonderful shops and cafe and kooky animals are all gone now. The business closed in January of 2016 and the building remains vacant. Here's the news story with more details.  

14 February 2018

The Annual Day of Romance ~

If you are in love, have ever been in love, would like to be in love, or think that a day devoted to chocolate is wonderful, today is your day! Happy Valentine's Day and wishing everyone a sweet day. Hugs and kisses all around!