15 June 2019

Fierce Mama!

TOP IMAGE: First check out the sweet little owlets perched in their nest. Next look on the lower right and see that Mama Owl is ready to defend her little ones. Wow! 

Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

05 June 2019

Seen at a thrift store ~

Ha! I had to laugh when I saw this plastic bin. Do you think the paperwork is still in there??  :) Jeez that bin can hold a LOT of paper!  

29 May 2019

Mirror image ~

Isn't this reflection beautiful? The late afternoon sun created such a sharp image of the flower that it almost looks painted on the wall. The plant is a Texas Yucca, I think. If you know more, please check in! In fact, even if you don't know anything about the plant, I would love to read your comments!

23 May 2019

But the question remains....

OK - the question is still "How many dogs IS 'too many dogs'?" The most I have had at one time is 3. And if my house/yard had been bigger, I might have added to the pack. Roverdose? Dunno! 

20 May 2019

In Case You Lose Your Way ~

In case you lose your way at the border crossing in Nogales, La Roca restaurant is here to help you get there! 

17 May 2019

The mysterious missing "B" ~

Looks like that missing "B" was sacrificed long long ago to put in an air conditioning unit in this old Nogales bar.