22 October 2017

Screaming Skull, Flying Bats ~

A screaming skull and flying bats are just the beginning of my Halloween decor! So far I have flying ghosts in the trees, cobwebs, spiders, and a creepy witch with flashing green eyes. On a sweeter note you can see my puppy Abby watching my decorating project from the window. Awwww...... 

21 October 2017

Morning's at Seven ~

Tucson is world famous for its spectacular sunsets but let me assure you that our sunrises are equally fabulous! Here is a sky greeting of the Tucson sky at 7 am. Wow!
Photo courtesy of Kathi Gardner. 

20 October 2017

Skeleton Diva ~

Lots and lots of ghouls and ghosts are appearing on porches, walls, and windows. I particularly like this grande dame who is lounging regally on a porch chair! 

19 October 2017

Throwback Thursday Pumpkin ~

19 OCTOBER 2009

Tucson's Barrio Pumpkin ~

For today I couldn't resist highlighting this pumpkin orange building in Tucson's Barrio district. It is the season, after all, for all things orange... This office building is at Convent & Simpson. Like many of the restored buildings in this area, this one houses a business ~ in this case, a law practice. Tucson's barrio district is also known as Barrio Historico or Barrio Libre.


I haven't been past this building in a while so I don't know if it is still NEON ORANGE, but I am certain it is still standing. (:

18 October 2017

Curvy Contrast ~

While walking downtown I was struck by the beauty and elegance of this historic building. I liked the contrast here of the curved white archways accented by the cylindrical green cactus. And yes, our sky IS that blue! (: 

17 October 2017

Grand Illumination ~

These dramatic lamps/lanterns are part of the elegant ambiance in St Philip's Plaza, a collection of offices, shops, and restaurants at Campbell and River. A lovely spot! 

16 October 2017

Ghosts of Christmas Past ~

When I first glanced at these reindeer I thought, "Whoa there. It's only October! Not Christmas decoration time YET!" but then I looked a little closer and by the rust on these little Rudolphs it is clear that these are year-round decor for this house! I guess these folks decorate once every decade or so....   (: