21 July 2017

Welcome to the Wild West!

Although it is a bit hard to see at this distance, YES, those are cows crossing the road ahead. And a few over to the right are strolling around also. This was taken on the bike path - or should I now call it the Cow Path? - that is part of Harrison Green Way.

20 July 2017

Throwback Thursday ~ Still at the same address?

20 July 2014

I'm talking really serious downsizing! 

UPDATE 2017: I wonder if this person has moved into even smaller quarters by now....
ORIGINAL POST: Lots of people talk about downsizing their lives. Well, here's someone who lives in a milk truck! Wow!
Photo courtesy of Carol Tretiakoff

19 July 2017

Hello New Day in Tucson!

Tucson is world-famous for its sunsets but we also offer spectacular sunrises, too! Check out this pink and yellow morning glow! Beautiful!
Photo courtesy of Jeffry Gardner.

18 July 2017

Tucson Trivia ~ We're a bird epicenter!

Aside from the Amazon Rain Forest, Tucson has more bird species to observe than any other place on earth. No wonder then that the most comprehensive bird count in the world is here in Tucson. Hundreds of volunteers track the multitude of species. We have a variety of elevations, mild seasons, and many migratory flyways. Go birding! For more info, click here

17 July 2017

Don't worry, you can outrun this guy...

Gila monsters are dangerous lizards with a nasty venom. They have sharp, serrated teeth and they gnaw away on their victim as they inject their poisonous venom. But no worries... their top speed is 1.5 miles an hour so you can make a safe getaway! Here are some additional fun facts from the Smithsonian about this beautiful but dangerous lizard. For instance, did you know that they can consume their calorie needs for a year with just a few meals?
Photo courtesy of Sue Dodson. 

16 July 2017

Looks as good as new!

The top photo is a print ad from the late 1950's for the Nash Metropolitan. The bottom shows the same car on display in Tucson as part of the Truly Nolen Company's massive collection of restored automobiles. A wonderful snippet of car history! Looks like it was a fun little car and I sure love those white walled tires! 

15 July 2017

Close your eyes! Unbelievable!

Now that the monsoon season is here, I am delighted to share my favorite video for this time of year. I post this every year because it is truly one of the MOST amazing videos!  You will just not believe your eyes and ears when you see and hear how this chorus creates a huge rain storm. Love it! Love it! Enjoy!