05 April 2020

In other news...

While we all wonder how long our Shelter In Place situation will be in effect, there are many other things to ponder right now. Here, for example, are some gorgeous crocuses that are blooming in Needham, Massachusetts. What rich, vibrant colors! Beautiful! WOW!
Photo courtesy of Kathy Rice. 

03 April 2020

Some Community Humor

Someone in my neighborhood created this tableau of wooden mannequins who are NOT practicing social distancing! FUN! The sign says "Unity Community." Remember - we're all waiting this out together! Stay calm, stay kind. 

24 March 2020

A bee being a bee ~

These are strange and unsettling times for sure. Here is a little beauty for you and I hope it offers you some comfort, too, that even when the human world is crazy there is still some regular routines in nature that we can observe and enjoy.  Here is a bee doing its thing. How are you coping? Stay well! 

05 February 2020

Catalysts for Change ~

Each year the UA College of Science presents an engaging and thought provoking lecture series. The theme of this year's program is "Catalysts for Change." The lectures are held in Centennial Hall and they are FREE to the public. Arrive early because the hall fills up quckly! Click here for info on the upcoming lectures. See you there! 

26 January 2020


This great sign on Oracle near Miracle Mile welcomes visitors and it reminds me of the wonderful signs of times past when Route 66 was a thriving vacation route.