16 July 2018

Here's the entrance ~

Yesterday you saw the upstairs. Here's the downstairs (well, the entrance anyway). Any guesses as to what restaurant is shown in these photos? 

13 July 2018

Unusual Cactus Skeleton!

Usually when we talk about cactus skeletons or cactus spines we're talking about the interior support structure of our iconic living, breathing Saguaro, the most recognized symbol of the West.

Here, however, we have a skeleton of an entirely different species of cactus - the Cell Tower Cactus, a plant found all over the Southwest. (:  Cool image of two new cell towers being put together!

And ALSO NOTE the moody, stormy sky in the background. Hello, monsoon season!
Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.

12 July 2018

Driving blues? Get a helicopter!

12 JULY 2010

Your personal helicopter awaits ~

Here is the second in my series, Team Tucson, introducing you to people who contribute to making Tucson a great place to live.

Meet Ricardo Cavalcanti, the inventor of this amazing single-person helicopter that he hopes to start manufacturing here in Tucson. It's lightweight, nimble, and environmentally responsible. To read more about Ricardo's "Dragonfly," go to: www.tipjetusa.com
NOW: The Dragonfly concept is still alive and well. Check out Ricardo's new website HERE to see photos and learn more about how this "Green" vehicle works.   

11 July 2018


Another wonderful and imaginative Tucson mailbox! The hood ornament is the front flap. Fun!

Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

10 July 2018

Tucson Trivia - Ray Bradbury's Radio Gig!

Did you know? At the tender age of 12, acclaimed writer Ray Bradbury was a radio announcer in Tucson on station KGAR. He recited comic strips on air every Saturday night. His compensation was free tickets to movies. What a fun fact about Tucson!