27 May 2018

I'm back with an exciting announcement!

OMG! Check her out! Here is Tucson's cutest newest resident! My friend's mare had this foal 10 days ago and today was a naming party for her! Her mom's name is "Casper" so I suggested "Ghost Girl." I think she is just about the sweetest little girl on the planet! Awwww. More photos tomorrow!  

18 May 2018

TDP has "Gone fishin'" ~

Yep, it is that time of year when I leave Tucson and go look at other things in other places! What a concept! I'll be back posting soon! (:

17 May 2018

Throwback Thursday - Dinosaurs in Tucson!

17 MAY 2010

Tucson's "Good Mother" Dino ~

Not everyone knows that in addition to the ferocious T-Rex that stands guard at the corner of Kolb & Tanque Verde there is a whole dino family in the back parking lot! This 30-foot mom is a Maiasura ("Good Mother") and she guards her twins from the long line of drive through vehicles at the McDonald's that houses them. Hurray that kids can learn something while they eat their McNuggets!
These fun creatures are still in residence!  I wonder if they are related to the impressive T-Rex that was featured in yesterday's post.... ?

16 May 2018

Impressive doorman!

Tucson has some of the most interesting wildlife! This intimidating fellow stands guard at a home on North Campbell Avenue.
Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

15 May 2018

Tuesday Tucson Trivia ~ Saguaro Park/Saguaro Park

Tucson has TWO Saguaro National Parks - one is east of the city and one is west! Each has a different set of attractions. Naturally, the parks are spectacular showcases for the magnificent saguaro, a cacti that lives only in the Sonoran Desert. These mighty icons of the desert can live up to 200 years. It is illegal to harm them.

Both parks offer hiking and horseback riding.  You can also traverse the parks from the comfort of your vehicle. The western park extends into the Tucson Mountains and you can count on beautiful sunsets. The eastern park has trails that lead up into pine forests - an 8,000 foot elevation.

14 May 2018

Now it's MY turn! Then and Now...

As you can see by the recent posts, cactus are in wild bloom all over Tucson. Finally MY torch cactus opened. I am posting my photo of it from last year (top) so that you can see how much it has grown in just a year (bottom). Far fewer blooms than last year but beautiful nonetheless. (:

13 May 2018

Blooms to brighten your Mother's Day!

Blooms and MORE blooms! These buttery yellow flowers are so cheerful! Tucson is abloom everywhere! Happy Mother's Day!
Photos courtesy of Susan Dodson.