21 April 2015

All is revealed - artfully!

Wow - not a single guess on this "Where is this?" location! OK, now you're thinking, "Of course!" yes, it's the Madaras Gallery on the corner of Campbell and Skyline.

20 April 2015

Wondering "Where is it?" Here are some Clues.....

I am really surprised that no one has ventured a guess on this location! OK - here are some clues to help you figure it out and claim your "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! This is not a stand alone building. It is north of River and East of Campbell.

18 April 2015

Time for another ..... "Where is this?"

To me this is a wonderful homage to the ice cream cone! For you regular site visitors you already know that the first person to identify this building wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt or mousepad. And for you eagle-eyed smarty pants followers who have already won one (or more!) times -- and you know who you are -- just sit on your hands for a day and let someone else have a chance at grabbing the glory. (:  Good luck!

17 April 2015

Modern and Retro - and fun!

This law firm on Scott Avenue has real style! In addition to setting up shop in one of Tucson's historic and charming homes, they tricked it out with festive lights.

16 April 2015

Tucson is Gold Dust Town ~

Ah..... here is my beautiful enemy! For those of us who suffer from allergies, the blooming palo verde tree is not a friend right now. Those lovely yellow blooms are everywhere in Tucson. Hello, benedryl!
Photo courtesy Kathi Gardner

15 April 2015

Cool reflection ~

We have already hit 90 degrees (sadly, spring is over....) so this cool pool in Ft Lowell Park looks pretty inviting!
Photo courtesy of Kathi Gardner.

14 April 2015

Indian Ruins ~

Behind Ft Lowell Park you can discover all sorts of interesting things -- including the remains of Indian dwellings, a man-made pond, and of course the occasional glimpse of coyotes.
Photo courtesy of Kathi Gardner