20 September 2014

Wonderful possibilities ~

I have always loved this piece of scripture. Various versions of the bible translate it with a few different words but the meanings are all the same - open your heart to show hospitality as you never know who might be visiting you. It is a beautiful sentiment! This terracotta plaque is displayed on an outside wall at Mission San Xavier.

18 September 2014

Door to nowhere ~

So one of the most interesting things I noticed in my recent visit to Mission San Xavier was this painted door on the right of the main chapel. A docent said that it was painted to help achieve balance in the interior as just opposite this faux door is a real door. A very interesting concept for the 1700's, don't you think?

17 September 2014

Tucson's Twin Beds ~

So 10 days ago I posted the first photo of my backyard discovery - dove twins had hatched in a flower pot. Today I saw that they have grown so much that each has its own pot! Look carefully and you will see a little grey head peeking out above the rim.

16 September 2014

Cowgirl angel ~

Just to the left of the front entrance, this niche is easy to miss! Continuing the mini tour of Mission San Xavier, here is the original baptismal font. It was brought from Spain. Notice the painting high on the wall. It is an angel recording the names of the babies who were baptized. I THINK she might be wearing blue cowgirl boots!

15 September 2014

First Native American Saint~

Mission San Xavier continues its massive renovation. The church was founded in 1692 and the original building was destroyed in Apache Indian attacks in 1770. The current building construction was completed in 1797. Within the chapel is this carved wooden sculpture of the first Native American Saint, Kateri Tekakwitha. The last time I visited there a lot of scaffolding was erected in the chapel and that has all now been removed. It's beautiful!

14 September 2014

Wonderful Windy Wedding!

Just as we were leaving Mission San Xavier we caught this glimpse of a wedding party entering the chapel. The bride's beautiful gown was billowing in the wind - gorgeous! Happy day ~