21 February 2017

The Perfect Perch ~

The cypress tree in my front yard is the tallest tree in my neighborhood so it is an ideal perch for birds. At night I often hear an owl's hoots. As I was leaving my house I was startled by a loud squawking and I saw this raven (?) or crow (?) making a lot of noise way up at the tip top. I am not a birder so if you can identify this as a raven or a crow, please post your knowledge!

20 February 2017

We are raining rainbows!

Here is another beautiful double rainbow photo! This one was taken at the Long Realty offices. These arcs look positively joyful, don't they?
Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson. 

19 February 2017

Bonus prize from the rains ~

We are having rains again so who knows what's going on with the weather right now. Here are two images of a rainbow on Tucson's east side. Look closely in the bottom one and you will see the fabled "Double" rainbow - which signals great good luck!
Photo courtesy of Ken Wilcox. 

18 February 2017

Tucson treasure ~

A highlight of Tucson's revitalized downtown is the beautiful Fox Theatre. Built in 1930 it has been meticulously restored and brings a wide range of entertainment downtown from movies to live music to comedians. 

17 February 2017

Black and white and gorgeous ~

Here we are back for one last look at the Butterfly House at Tucson's Botanical Gardens. The house has good reference material and photos so you can identify the many beauties flying around but I failed to look this one up. If anyone knows how to ID this butterfly, please post your knowledge!

16 February 2017

Throwback Thursday in Tubac ~

16 FEBRUARY 2010

Art from Aztec to Zuni ~ Charming Tubac

Let's take a short break from the Tucson Botanical Gardens and have a look at what was happening in Tucson 7 years ago. Here we visit Tubac, the charming artist colony south of Tucson. 

So in addition to the many artists who traveled to display their work for the annual Tubac Festival of the Arts, Tubac also has dozens of art galleries and shops that are open year-round. Here the Carol Curry Gallery hangs fun birdhouses to catch your eye and draw you in. Once inside you can enjoy work from artists like Ron Herbert, a gifted wood carver.

15 February 2017

Fantastic camouflage!

This beauty is easy to miss inside the Tucson Botanical Gardens' butterfly exhibit. I think this is an Owl Butterfly - named for its distinctive wing markings that scare away predators. Clinging to the side of a tree it blends in with the bark quite well.