23 September 2017

Urban Jungle ~

This row of old wooden barrels mixed with big ceramic pots and lots of plants makes a nice barrier in front of Maynard's downtown. 

22 September 2017

It's a Girl Thing...

Yes, I totally get it that a black patent leather high heel has been elevated to "high art" status! Kudos to Kingfisher restaurant for celebrating such a girly piece of art in the ladies room! 

21 September 2017


Tucson Treasure ~ the Botanical Gardens

Definitely an oasis, a respite, a sanctuary...the Tucson Botanical Gardens is located in a very dense part of town, but once you step through the doorway, you are miles away from stress. Here is one of the "Sensory Patios" where the design is meant to engage all five senses.

If it is even possible, the Gardens are more beautiful now than they were 8 years ago! And there are many new features and exhibits - including dog friendly nights! It is a magical place that will enchant you! 

Tucson Botanical Gardens 
2150 N Alvernon Way
(520) 326-9686
Get directions

20 September 2017

Trekking Tortoise ~

This handsome fellow found his way into my yard. He was BIG! What a beauty. He enjoyed some carrots, hibiscus flowers, and celery along with some water before his family came to claim him and take him home! He was so interesting looking -- so utterly ancient! 

19 September 2017

TWOSAHN Tuesday Trivia!

Sigh. Tucson is the 2nd most misspelled city in America! People spell it in all sorts of crazy ways. Here are just a few:  Toosan, Tuscan, Twoson, and my personal favorite (yikes!): TWOSAHN. The only city in America that tops Tucson for misspellings is Pittsburgh, PA.  And here is a Fun Fact: I have lived in both cities! 

18 September 2017

Happy Margarita Monday!

These happy pups really know how to kick off their week! For a great margarita recipe, click here. P.S. ....not really an official contest but does anyone want to guess where I spotted this mural? 

16 September 2017

Contest time again! Oh boy!

You know the rules by now.... first one to correctly identify this location wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! Anyone want to guess where this heroic lighted fish lives? Good luck!