11 July 2020

Thriving Pod ~

Local Tucson artist Joe Pagac painted this striking whale family at the corner of Campbell and Grant (site of the old Bookmans that was torn down). He was trying to convey a sense of thriving under difficult circumstances -- pretty important now, wouldn't you agree?
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05 July 2020

Imperious and Terrifying and Plain old Annoyed ~

Viewing these magnificent owls from left to right I think that the one furthest left looks like it is wearing an elegant clock thrown around its shoulders. The middle owl gets the prize for "Best Terrifying Stare" and the one on the right...? Well, looks like it gets the "Best Grumpy Face" award. What do you think?
Photo courtesy of George Goldman. 

02 July 2020

Tucson Rocks On!

My neighbors have long been painting inspirational rocks and placing them around the area on walls, in trees and gardens, and within the pocket parks. COVID-19 seemingly has prompted even more rocks to be placed to create a little moment of surprise and joy for anyone who spots one. In just the last week I have found these seven: "Believe," "Smile," "Love," "Kind," "Heart," "Polka Dots" and perhaps the most clever one of all - PIZZA SLICE! And one by one I am placing them for others to find. :)

25 June 2020

21 June 2020

Tucson's Bighorn Fire continues to burn. Here is a striking photo by a local planetary scientist who captured rising Saturn (center) and Jupiter (above and to the right of Saturn). Scroll to the smaller photo to see these.
Photo courtesy of Jeffrey Kargel. 

17 June 2020

Toxic Toad!

Now that the firefighters are making real progress containing the Tucson Bighorn Fire we have another (smaller) issue closer to home. The deadly Colorado/Sonora River Toad has made its appearance in the front yard under the A/C drip pipe.

Dogs can be poisoned (FATALLY POISONED) from the toxins that this toad emits. Here's a help link for info from a vet: http://rollinghillspetclinic.com/blog/2699-rainy-day-doggy-dangers-the-colorado-river-toad

11 June 2020

Tucson is Burning ~

Tucson is battling an immense fire right now - the Bighorn Fire. Friends of mine have just been evacuated from their home in the Foothills.
Photo courtesy of Larry Lebofsky.