28 February 2014

Tucson's Inter-galactic visitors?

In an entire beautiful blue sky filled with thin, scattered clouds this big fluffy one traveling all alone caught my eye. Cleverly disguised visitors from a distant star? Or just another beautiful Tucson sky?

27 February 2014

A great ad campaign...

Local writer, blogger, and social media guru, Monica Surfaro Spigelman, in front of the wonderful downtown mosaic, "I am Tucson." The Ben's Bells folks created this uplifting civic art. Wouldn't this be a great ad campaign for Tucson?

25 February 2014

Secret sunshine ~

I wonder if the secret to my neighbor's already-in-full-bloom gorgeous geraniums is her giant painting of the sun on her patio! These plants get sun 24 hours a day! (:

Photo courtesy of Carolyn Tretiakoff

24 February 2014

Look closely ~

A very sharp-eyed site follower sent me this photo of a garbage truck she spotted on Craycroft near Golf Links. Check out the embellishments the crew has added to their pitch forks. Weird, weird, weird!
Photo courtesy Carol Smith.

23 February 2014

Secret courtyard ~

Zipping along busy Speedway Boulevard there is no way to know that this charming courtyard is just steps away. There are lights strung in the tree limbs and plants everywhere - it is so charming! This courtyard leads to Morning Star Traders (please see the posts from earlier this week).

22 February 2014

A fun directional ~

Follow this finger pointing the way to explore one of Tucson's most interesting art galleries - Morning Star Traders on Speedway.

21 February 2014

Sun Doorman ~

Just around the corner from the Hopi jester posted yesterday is Tawa, the Hopi Sun God guarding a doorway. To read more about this powerful deity, click here.

20 February 2014

Tucson's Hopi Jester ~

From his 2nd floor perch this Hopi clown gets a good view of all the activities on Speedway. To learn more about the interesting and varied roles of the Hopi tribe's sacred clowns, click here. For years there had been a Hopi clown welcoming shoppers at the entrance to Plaza Palomino but during the recent renovation, he was removed - too bad! He added such personality to the entrance. To see him, click here.

19 February 2014

Tucson Time Machine ~

Today the temperature in Tucson was in the 80's - REALLY unseasonably warm even for Tucson. Just for fun I thought I would compare the weather we had on this day last year and here is the photo of SNOW on the sculptures that beautify the entrance of the George Miller Library. Wow!

18 February 2014

Neighborhood Watch ~

OK all you birders out there.... this morning as I was walking my dogs I spotted this raptor on a neighbor's wall. I couldn't tell if it was a Red-tailed Hawk or a Coopers Hawk. When we went out again for our afternoon walk I believe the same bird was perched in an adjacent powerline pole - a very good vantage spot for waiting for prey! In the afternoon photos I got a good look at his chest and it looked pale to me - which would suggest a juvenile Coopers Hawk. And please understand that I was struggling with a phone camera while two dogs were tugging me so these are the best I could do! Anyone want to confirm/deny this bird species?

17 February 2014

Mother Nature: 1; Fence: 0

It's clear that these homeowners decided to accommodate Mother Nature when their tree outgrew their fence line!

16 February 2014

So polite!

"Sorry for driving so close in front of you" certainly is better than those awful ones that feature Yosemite Sam with both guns drawn saying, "Back Off!"

15 February 2014

No Photoshop needed ~

With the east coast battling another onslaught of snow it seems almost impossible that this is what the evening sky looks like in Tucson! And it isn't even a "special overlook" area - it's just at the end of my street!
Photo courtesy Carolyn Tretiakoff

13 February 2014

One-stop Shop ~

Just a reminder that if Valentine's Day has taken you by surprise (alert, alert - it's tomorrow!), you can get flowers, candy, teddy bears, balloons, cards, plants, and wine at the grocery store. Done and done!

12 February 2014

Magical dawn light ~

My neighbor captured this photo just as dawn was breaking and the streetlights were still on. Beautiful!

Photo courtesy Carolyn Tretiakoff

11 February 2014

The Pluto Fan Club Lives ~

Lots of us don't care what the International Astronomical Union says... Pluto IS a planet!! Little Pluto - the underdog of the universe has an international following. The IAU may have demoted it but I still say there are NINE planets in our solar system. Here's a great article about Pluto's plight. 

10 February 2014

Speedway art ~

Somehow it is easy to miss these big and bright metal sculptures as you drive west on Speedway toward Country Club. These bold pieces are just east of The Loft Cinema's patio as you walk to the Backlot and Theatre 3.

09 February 2014

Who could resist this face? (4 photos)

Viva la France! This HUGE and handsome Mastiff was having lunch with his humans at Ghini's, the wonderful French cafe on Prince. He was so sweet and patient and gentle as he waited for french fries. His name is "Saathi" which means "Good Friend."  Good boy!!

08 February 2014

Just another blue sky in Tucson ~

Not what you typically think of when you read "blue sky" is it? Everyone knows that Tucson has astonishing and beautiful sunsets AND sunrises. I love this blue sky and the lilac-colored clouds - so serene and peaceful! A beautiful way to start the day...
Photo courtesy Carolyn Tretiakoff

07 February 2014

Yippee! It's the weekend!

Oh yeah - this is one happy dog! And it's Friday - we should all feel this happy!

06 February 2014

Time for another "Where is this?"

Yes! It's time again for a "Where is this?" contest! Post your guess about the location of this park and be the winner of a "fabulous" TucsonDailyPhoto t-shirt or mousepad -- both featuring the "Monday already?" big horned ram (view it on the TDP home page). Good luck!

05 February 2014

Tucson's favorite pink Cadillac ~

Any car buffs out there want to identify the year of this pink Cadillac? Ah, this was when cars had bold style and were fun to look at! This beauty is parked in front of Tucson's beloved Little Anthony's Diner - the 50's diner adjacent to the Gaslight Theatre. Wow - that is PINK!

04 February 2014

Welcome to Tucson!

The Tucson Airport is a fantastic gallery space and art is everywhere - on every level. Sculpture, paintings, glasswork, photography - local artists are very well represented. If your flight is delayed, at least you can stroll the concourses and have a museum-like experience! Check out these life size saguaro sculptures lined up by one of the escalators! Fun!
Photo courtesy Nathan Bunker

03 February 2014

Tucson's modern lava lamps ~

I am delighted to introduce you to Pat Connors, the affable owner of Pastiche restaurant (Campbell near Ft Lowell). He's the 20th person I have had the pleasure to place on "Team Tucson." Team Tucson is comprised of people who make Tucson a great place to live. Pat recently renovated the restaurant and opened up the bar area. He also hung some fantastic lights over the bar. I'm sorry my phone camera couldn't capture the colors! Here's their link with better photos. Thanks, Pat, for your great hang out!

02 February 2014

The Fabulous Fox ~ inside and out

I jump at the chance to attend an event at the Fox Theatre - a true Tucson Treasure. It has been beautifully restored to its Art Deco grandeur. It has such style! I attended a chamber music concert and took the bottom picture from my seat looking up the side wall and to the ceiling. If you have never been there, you will be wowed!

01 February 2014

Happy New Year ~

In celebration of Chinese New Year my friend who lives in Kuala Lumpur (and previously lived in Tucson) sent this photo of a quartet of apples she bought at the grocery store. She isn't sure exactly how to translate these letters but it's certain that "prosperity" and "health" are standard wishes. For more about this big holiday, click here