06 February 2014

Time for another "Where is this?"

Yes! It's time again for a "Where is this?" contest! Post your guess about the location of this park and be the winner of a "fabulous" TucsonDailyPhoto t-shirt or mousepad -- both featuring the "Monday already?" big horned ram (view it on the TDP home page). Good luck!


  1. Hmmmm...
    Clue 1: Someone with backpack walking by. Student?
    Clue 2: Building right behind stucco fence. Campus?
    Clue 3: Many tables with metal umbrellas.
    Yes, Campus (!)
    Clue 4: Concrete patio area with many trees.
    Definately thinking campus.

    But no clue as to which one!!

  2. My first thought was Pima Community College. Which campus? I'll go with the Downtown campus on Stone.
    Kathy from snowy Boston

  3. Kathy! You are AGAIN the winner of a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt. You rock - you're all the way in Boston and you identified the exact spot - PCC's downtown campus. Contact me at TucsonDailyPhoto@gmail to tell me if you want a t-shirt or a mousepad! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Dianne