28 February 2011

Snowy saguaros ~

Tucson had a snow storm! Wow ~ and it wasn't just a few flakes. I snapped these snow-capped saguaros in the early morning light and the photo almost looks like a black and white, doesn't it?

27 February 2011

Sweet celebration ~

Every once in a while you meet someone who is interesting and who has been interesting their entire life. That's an apt description of Melissa (Lissa) the birthday girl who just celebrated her 60th birthday. As a really fun feature of the birthday party there was a rotating slide show that took viewers through a rich life filled with dance recitals, award ceremonies, horseback riding, hiking, camping, exploring, building, renovating, and entertaining. Always surrounded by friends and family ~ and always smiling. Happy birthday, dear lady!

26 February 2011

Your pumpkin chariot awaits ~

So if you started a Tucson cab company and had a fleet of bright orange vehicles, what would you name your company? How about Orange Cab Company? (:

25 February 2011

Art galleries, restaurants, shops & charm ~

The essence of historic Tucson style is here at Joesler Village with its delightful mix of boutiques, restaurants, and interesting art galleries. Add Tucson's blue sky and wonderful weather to the mix and you have a perfect day to stroll around!

24 February 2011

A good spot for shopping ~ "Bon!"

Definitely worth putting on your shopping list ~ Bon, a lovely shop in Joesler Village that combines the charm of antiques with the element of surprise. Bon is a shop filled with all sorts of treasures for your home & self. Visit Bon online here.

23 February 2011

Doorway to a charming world ~

Isn't this carved wooden door a beauty? It provides a glimpse of Tucson's history as you enjoy a stroll around Joesler Village (Campbell & River). This doorway led the way into Josias Joesler's studio and now the space houses a charming store, Bon. More photos of that Tucson treasure tomorrow! For some fascinating reading about this visionary architect, click here.

22 February 2011

Vertical formations ~

Just a bit north of the "tooth/horn" chair posted yesterday I was struck by the interesting symmetry of the old fashioned style lamp post just a few feet from a saguaro cactus of similar height.

21 February 2011

Exotic seating: a wild tusk chair ~

I'm not sure about this chair - is it made from boar tusks? Rhino horns? Stag antlers? It was parked outside a gallery in Joesler Village (River & Campbell), a shopping area named for the famed Swiss architect who shaped the architecture of Tucson from the 1930's through the 1950's.

20 February 2011

Goodbye Borders ~

I am so sorry that the Borders book store on Oracle is closing. I have passed many happy hours at that store and in their cafe - it had a really nice atmosphere. Today both shoppers and employees were subdued in the wake of this corporate decision reflecting changing times and changing buying habits. The Borders at Park Place will remain open.

19 February 2011

A day of mixed messages ~

For a while it looked like it might rain - or even snow - but the soft grey moment passed quickly and the silvery sky turned blue again.

18 February 2011

Prickly pear dining ~

Right now many of our Tucson prickly pears are drooping from frost damage but not these ~ these fine specimens are made of metal and form the base of a fun and unusual table. What a conversation piece this would be in your house or on your patio!

17 February 2011

Greece? No ~ Tucson's Barrio

I have posted many photos of the beautiful and interesting residences and offices in Tucson's historic Barrio district and here is one more to add to the collection. This whitewashed beauty makes me think of Greece!

16 February 2011

Tucson's local color ~

Even our parking lots are colorful! This is the parking lot at 211 S Church Street which is connected to La Placita Village in downtown Tucson. For more info click here.

15 February 2011

A gem of a golf course ~

Just as the annual Gem & Mineral Show packs up the last sparkling geode, we are getting ready to host a "gem" of a golf tournament - the Accenture Match Play. Here is one of the beautiful sheltered dining areas at the Ritz-Carlton/Dove Mountain.

14 February 2011

One stop love ~

Fry's has made Valentine's Day super easy ~ they erected a one-stop-shopping tent in the parking lot and filled it with everything you need: balloons, flowers, candy, cake, cookies, cards, and teddy bears. All you add is love... Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Have a sweet day!

13 February 2011

Melted prickly pear ~

This huge prickly pear looks melted but it's actually drooping from the recent freeze we had.

12 February 2011

Permanent Ponies ~

Several years ago the Tucson Pima Arts Council held a fundraiser, "Ponies del Pueblo" to raise money for the arts. More than 30 ponies were custom painted by local artists and then were sold. These two have a permanent stable at the Botanical Gardens.

11 February 2011

10 February 2011

Sun or shade? Your choice ~

Take a little break from shopping and enjoy the sun (or shade) on this rustic bench. I love the tile work on the walls!

08 February 2011

Here comes the sun ~

These sun-lit terra cotta pots remind me that it's almost time to start the major garden fix up needed in my back and front yards. That cold snap sure clobbered my garden - lots of dead and dried out branches on my plants and bushes ~ good kindling if I had a fireplace!

07 February 2011

Flying high ~

In the early morning you can occasionally see hot air balloons gently floating by. I was at Home Depot (Broadway & Pantano) and spotted this brightly colored one.

06 February 2011

Rose, gold & copper sky ~ a Tucson morning

The cold snap hasn't affected our fabulous sky colors! Check out this beautiful sunrise. I hope the temperature today matches these warm colors. Super Bowl Sunday - Steelers? Packers? Anyone want to predict?

05 February 2011

Get spruced up for Saturday night ~

Yes, there IS a "Curley" at Curley's Barbershop - it's owner Thomas Curley. He bought the long-established shop in 2002 from downtown legend, Johnny Gibson. The shop is near the Amtrak station and is across from the Ronstadt Center (reflected in the window).
Curley's Downtown Barbershop
53 North 6th Avenue
(520) 622-8410

04 February 2011

Fabulous frozen fountain ~

Unbelieveable! Here we are in sunny Tucson having a second freezing cold snap of the season! WOW ~ check out this iced fountain at the Bellevue Towers. Talk about ice sculpture....

Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Jenott.
Bellevue Towers Apartments
3710 E Bellevue St

03 February 2011

Tucson's local color ~ purple, yellow, & musical

These bright flower pots enliven a stretch of Pennington just west of 6th Avenue. And when I spotted a musician stolling by with her instrument, I just had to take a quick photo.

02 February 2011

An Unpolished Gem ~

This must have been a grand building at one time - check out the beautiful glass awning and neon sign, "Reilly." It's on the same block as the now-restored Roy Place Building that I posted a few days ago. I hope some visionary entrepreneur gives "The Reilly" a similar facelift and turns this into a viable office building, restaurant, or club soon. Viva downtown!

01 February 2011

Tucson's tent city ~

For the next few weeks parts of Tucson will be looking like a tent city as the annual Tucson Gem and Mineral Show moves into town. Many locations all over town make this show accessible to just about anyone. Vendors are set up in hotels, at the Convention Center, and in tents selling gems, minerals, jewelry making supplies, American Indian items and more. Click this handy link to read all about it here.