31 October 2015

Happy HOWL-aween! Woof!


Happy Halloween to everyone! What you see here today is not what I had planned! I wanted to photograph both of my pups wearing their festive orange bandanas sitting surrounded by a pile of fall leaves and a pumpkin. I have learned that Abby, my 6-month-old Border Collie does NOT LIKE to wear scarves! She looked very worried while she had to wear it. And she would never sit still beside Jasper, my Aussie. She couldn't stop chewing on HIS scarf. And the leaves and pumpkin? Lost cause! But they do look faBOOlous, don't you think? (: Have a great ghoulish time tonight! 

30 October 2015

Spooky weather!

With Halloween just around the corner we have spooky weather to match right now. Cool, drizzly, a little foggy/misty. Beautiful contrast of rain clouds and clear sky, side by side!

29 October 2015

Scary - but for a different reason!

So I was in the Spirit Halloween store today buying my tattoos that I need for my costume and I spotted this "Swinging Swamp Hag" for sale. She might add a scary touch to your porch or to a tree in your yard. But what scares me is that price - $199.99! Ouch! Wow!

28 October 2015

Your thoughts, please!

I was going to refer to this guy as Igor or Egor..... but that is lame and such a cliche. Suggest a name for him - this lurking hulk of a Halloween hunchback......   Louis? Seymour? What do you think? 

27 October 2015

Truth in advertising ~

They say you can know a lot about a person by what kind of vehicle they drive and what they display on it. When you look at this guy's license plate (duh) and his "funny" sticker on his back window (yes, that is a naked woman's chest beside the "Got Milk?" question) I think you can draw some pretty accurate conclusions about him. Ya think?

26 October 2015

No Border Crossing ~

Colorful, cheerful, and artistic reminders to keep yourself and your drink on the designated patio at Metal Arts Village! 

25 October 2015

"Found Art" Gate ~

I'm back at Metal Arts Village visiting the Hop Shop Beer Garden and here is one of their gates. Looks like after the construction they welded everything left over onto the gate! Fun! 

24 October 2015

All is revealed ~

Two days and not a single guess from anyone to solve "Where is this?"! OK - I will reveal all since no one is trying to solve this one. This little concert area is part of Metal Arts Village, the artists' colony of studios on Dodge near Ft Lowell. 

23 October 2015

Clues for "Where is this?"

OK! We have established that site follower Ellen knows where this is. She has an eagle eye and has been quick to ID places in the past. For now, she is sitting on her hands!!  (:

Here are some clues for those of you who are scratching your heads wondering.....  This outdoor amphitheatre is south of River, west of Swan, east of Campbell, and north of Grant. Any guesses? Good luck!

22 October 2015

Yes! Time again for another "Where is this?" contest!

Regular visitors to the site know that every now and then I post a photo and challenge visitors to guess where it is located in Tucson. Here is an outdoor arena enhanced by a distinctive metal sphere sculpture. First person to identify where this is wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! Good luck!  

21 October 2015

A Mobile Green Message ~

So everyone has heard of "Bring Your Own Bottle" to parties. Here's an eco-conscious message about when you go to the grocery store! Green and great! 

20 October 2015

Hidden Treasure ~

Upstairs at the beautiful Temple of Music and Art (Tucson home to the Arizona Theatre Company) is an art gallery run by the Etherton Gallery folks. Go up the stairs to the left of the entrance to access this charming space. Exhibits change several times per year and it features Tucson-based artists working in a variety of media. 

19 October 2015

"Lost in Yonkers" comes to Tucson ~

Although I have attended many performances at Tucson's beautiful Temple of Music and Art, I had never been to a show at their upstairs theatre - the Cabaret. Running there now is Neil Simon's Pulitzer Prize winning drama, "Lost in Yonkers." It is a delight! The intimate theatre size perfectly complements the tone for the play - set entirely in a Yonkers living room during WWII. It runs through next weekend and tickets are through Arizona Rose Theatre. You will enjoy this!

18 October 2015

America's World Domination ~

I was at a fair and I had to laugh when I saw this sign advertising "All American Food" and the choices included Bratwurst and Nachos! Ha!

17 October 2015

16 October 2015

A show of hands, please....

I would like to know if any of you have ever cooked with or eaten this fruit - the pitaya. It is so vibrantly colored and so beautiful I stopped to admire it at the store. It is commonly called "Dragon Fruit." It is remarkable, don't you think? How have you prepared it? 

14 October 2015

View from the Top of Tucson ~

View south from the eastern terrace

View north from the eastern terrace

View east from the eastern terrace
So here is what "Fantastic Views" mean when you read a Tucson real estate ad! I attended a dinner party at this lovely Foothills home and it had, as you can see, amazing views in all directions. The western terrace offered a spectacular sunset but unfortunately my camera recorded glare. So, no sunset photos but plenty of saguaros and "wow-ness" for you to enjoy!   

13 October 2015

A Tucson Treasure ~

"Arizona Lady" is the current offering of the Arizona Opera company. The AZ Opera splits its time between performing in Tucson and in Phoenix. This particular production was written in German by a Hungarian composer who had never been to Arizona! It is reminiscent of the grand musicals of the golden age of Hollywood -- Oklahoma! comes to mind. This show is sung in English, Spanish, and German and tells the tale of a great race horse - Arizona Lady - who wins the Kentucky Derby. Fun!  

12 October 2015

The last round-up ~ a Meet Yourself Medley

If you found yourself at the Tucson Meet Yourself festival, what kinds of food did you sample? I volunteered at the French booth and enjoyed a Nutella crepe, of course! 

11 October 2015

I smell curry and saffron ~

Yes, you can sample a taste of the delicious cuisine of India here in the heart of downtown Tucson. This is another "country" and cuisine represented in the popular "Tucson Meet Yourself" festival going on now in Tucson. 

10 October 2015

Travel from Tucson to the Philippines ~

It's the time of year in Tucson when you can sample foods from many cultures as you stroll from "country" to "country." Booths and tents are set up all around the main library and extend to the courthouse building plaza and beyond so that people can enjoy "Tucson Meet Yourself," an annual extravaganza of food, music, and shopping. This little hut has bamboo panels that open when they are open for business. Charming and fun! 

09 October 2015

Eye popping hopper!

Can you imagine a grasshopper that is any more vibrant than this fellow? He is practically neon!

Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.

08 October 2015

Throwback - WAY BACK - Thursday!

Here's a post from Oct 8, 2009 that shows a vintage poster from the 1800's advertising "An Arizona Cowboy," playing in the the Big Tent Theatre. All good fun at Tucson's beloved Trail Dust Town, the little themed western town where you can stroll around, sit in the charming gazebo, and maybe see a shoot out gunfight! Some things stay the same - happily!

Looks like the all American Cowboy hero is about to save the damsel in distress on her runaway horse. This poster advertises "An American Cowboy, a Play of the Golden West." Perhaps this is a replica of a real traveling play poster or perhaps this is just part of the themed ambiance at Trail Dust Town.

Trail Dust Town
(520) 296-4551
Get directions

07 October 2015

Expecting E.T. to phone home?

I have absolutely no idea what I was looking at here! Yes, it's obviously some kind of antenna but it is like nothing I have ever seen. And it is not mounted on a police vehicle -- it is affixed to a Lincoln Town Car! Anyone want to guess what the driver is listening to? Sounds from space?

06 October 2015

Very cool cooler ~

So yesterday I introduced you to the newest beer garden in town, Tucson Hop Shop. Today I'm showing you their awesome beer cooler. If you aren't in the mood to try their custom brews, they have a distinguished collection of bottled beer to choose from. Tucson Hop Shop - check it out! 

05 October 2015

Tucson's newest hot Hop Spot!

If you love beer there is a new place in town that you must try! It's Tucson Hop Shop tucked into the Metal Arts Village at Dodge near Ft Lowell. Dave Zugerman (top photo with one of the shop's beer masters) has created a space with a classic indoor bar as well as an outdoor beer garden.

Dog friendly & kid friendly, this is a wonderful place to while away a few hours! And you will learn a LOT about their custom brews. They are passionate about their creations and are happy to talk to you about the nuances of taste. Cheers! 

03 October 2015

Want to support the Sierra Club?

If you would like to support the Sierra Club, here's your chance! I am the local "Calendar Girl" for the Tucson chapter.

These calendars are really beautiful - printed on thick, glossy paper to really maximize the images. You would be proud to give these as gifts.

The wall calendar (top) is $13.95 and the desk/engagement calendar (bottom) is $14.95. If you are a SC member, you get a discount of $.95. Shipping is $5; add a dollar for each add'l calendar.

If you would like me to mail you a calendar (or calendars), write to me at TucsonDailyPhoto@gmail.com with your address and I'll give you instructions for where to send your SC check. Thanks for being green! 

02 October 2015

Fan of the 50's and 60's? Tucson has a week for you!

Celebrating the style of the 50's and 60's, Tucson Modernism Week kicks off today and offers 8 days of walking tours, lectures, exhibits, and more. Love neon signs? There's a lecture about restoring them. Love cars of that era? There's a car show just for you! This fun event is organized every year by the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation. Click this link to view the full schedule. Many of the events are free! 

01 October 2015

Fozzie Bear in Tucson!

I have attended many shows at Tucson's Gaslight Theatre and always enjoy them but I just learned about a really fun addition to the show - the After Show! The Gaslight calls this their "Olio" and I never stayed for it because it was once described to me as a singalong with the band. Meh.

This time we stayed and to my delight and surprise there is another show - very short - but very fun. The "olio" that follows the Henry Porter show has a Muppets theme. One of my favorite things of all time! And so here is Fozzie Bear after the show. Fun, fun, fun!