08 October 2015

Throwback - WAY BACK - Thursday!

Here's a post from Oct 8, 2009 that shows a vintage poster from the 1800's advertising "An Arizona Cowboy," playing in the the Big Tent Theatre. All good fun at Tucson's beloved Trail Dust Town, the little themed western town where you can stroll around, sit in the charming gazebo, and maybe see a shoot out gunfight! Some things stay the same - happily!

Looks like the all American Cowboy hero is about to save the damsel in distress on her runaway horse. This poster advertises "An American Cowboy, a Play of the Golden West." Perhaps this is a replica of a real traveling play poster or perhaps this is just part of the themed ambiance at Trail Dust Town.

Trail Dust Town
(520) 296-4551
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