30 April 2020

Where are YOU from?

Some of my neighbors have started a "Where are you from?" billboard on the sidewalk in front of their house. This is fun! We have residents from as far away as Jeddah! 

17 April 2020

In living color!~

WOW - this bee and flower are so vivid! Amazing sharp detail! (And yes our Tucson sky really is that blue!) It's heartening to see that local bees are keeping busy....
Photo courtesy of George Goldman. 

10 April 2020

Sign of the Times ~

HA! Even our cacti are complying with the health protocols!
Photo courtesy of Sue Dodson. 

08 April 2020

Just humming along!

A beautiful hummingbird taking a sweet sip in my garden. I have a "4-B" garden - butterflies, bees, birds (especially hummingbirds), and bugs (ladybugs, among others). Lovely! 

05 April 2020

In other news...

While we all wonder how long our Shelter In Place situation will be in effect, there are many other things to ponder right now. Here, for example, are some gorgeous crocuses that are blooming in Needham, Massachusetts. What rich, vibrant colors! Beautiful! WOW!
Photo courtesy of Kathy Rice. 

03 April 2020

Some Community Humor

Someone in my neighborhood created this tableau of wooden mannequins who are NOT practicing social distancing! FUN! The sign says "Unity Community." Remember - we're all waiting this out together! Stay calm, stay kind.