30 June 2016

A Rather Pushy Picnic Guest!

While having a picnic on Mount Lemmon we were visited by a determined little gopher who loved everything on our menu! I found this short video that captures similar antics. Wait for the part where he steals a piece of bark and tries to move it into his den! SO CUTE!

29 June 2016

Might this apply to YOU?? (:

I had to smile when I spotted this feline fan's license plate! He or she is cat crazy and proud of it! Meow!

28 June 2016

What is wrong with this picture?

The huge green dumpster you see in the top photo is a dumpster quite out of place! It SHOULD be located in the concrete niche you see in the middle photo. Tucson's monsoon season has officially started and last night the rain and wind was so intense that the dumpster was WASHED OUT of its cement bunker and traveled many feet south to land in the wash behind my office. What a mess it all was - muddy and slick parking lot, debris everywhere, and some flooded offices, too. Hello, Rain! 

27 June 2016

Beautiful Golden Glow ~

At a recent art exhibition opening at Tucson's downtown Etherton Gallery the work of Kate Breakey was what really captured my attention. She enhances her beautiful photographs with gold leaf to create a magical glow on each piece. Wonderful work! 

26 June 2016

Lucky Cactus ~

We had a light sprinkle of rain and the beautiful outcome of just a tiny bit of rain created this rainbow that arched over the cactus in my front yard. Lovely lavender sky!

25 June 2016

Simple Saturday Instructions!

Yep, downtown Tucson actually has a restaurant called the Playground. A fun rooftop hangout area and a cool bar, too. Fun! PLAY! 

24 June 2016

The most interesting man in the world says....

HA! I loved this sign at my vet's office! It's a funny take on The Most Interesting Man in the World's beer ads. Enjoy!

23 June 2016

Throwback Thursday ~ Still some of my favorite sculpture!

Seeds of Knowledge ~ Organic Public Art

Sometimes my "Throwback Thursday" posts lament some of the buildings, murals, or storefronts that we have lost. Happily, these gorgeous "Seeds of Knowledge" pods are still looking fun and wonderful in front of the Miller Library. Here is the original post from June 23, 2009:

This trio of desert seed pods is part of a wonderful art display at the public library at Golf Links & Harrison. A group of artists living & working at Rancho Linda Vista (an art commune) created these bronze works. The installation (appropriately titled "Seeds of Knowledge") is comprised of 7 pieces ~ 4 large ones and also 3 small ones which are placed to look like they are emerging from the ground.

Here is a pinecone, a mescal bean (on its side) and a mesquite desert poppy ~ all in heroic proportions! The poppy stem is 8' tall! Fun!

This project was made possible, in part, by TPAC, Tucson Pima Arts Council.

Miller-Golf Links Library 
9640 E Golf Links Rd
(520) 594-5355
Get directions

22 June 2016

Another Team Tucson Shout Out!

For those of you who are regulars on the site you know that from time to time I shine a spotlight on someone special in Tucson who helps to make this a great place to live. Today, let me introduce you to the 26th member of the "Team Tucson" Hall of Fame: Anna Harney.

My pup Abby is now enrolled in Summer School! Here she is with Anna Harney, her teacher. Anna is amazing, ultra patient, and kind. She is a wonderful dog trainer with Cactus Canine. Abby's first group lesson was a little embarrassing because she acted as though she was at the dog park! She wanted to play with any dog who walked near her. She was so happy to be there but not exactly an "A" student on her first day. Oh, Abby! (And look how big she is now!)

21 June 2016

Whiskey Wheel ~

This unusual and stylish light fixture is one of the "Whiskey Wheel" hanging lights at the tiny restaurant in downtown Tucson called "Batch."  Batch is known for two things.... its selection of whiskey and its home made donuts. Quite a combination! They also have a menu of other items (try the deviled eggs!) if you want to have a more traditional meal.  

20 June 2016

Vibrant and Fun ~ Downtown Rocks!

If you haven't been downtown lately you are missing a lot of really fun artwork! As part of a community effort between the Tucson Arts Brigade's Mural Arts Project and local artists, many beautiful murals are delighting visitors. This one by Jessica Gonzales is just off Congress on the Wig-O-Rama building. There are monsoon clouds in there and a lasso, too. FUN!  

18 June 2016

It's the weekend ~ Spread your wings!

This fantastic and fun piece of iron sculpture is on a fence on N Jackson Avenue, north of Prince. Doesn't seeing it just make you want to dance?
Photo courtesy of David Sewell. 

17 June 2016

Friday Favorites ~ Yours or Mine!

I retrieved one of my favorite Tucson sunset photos. This was taken from my driveway and it makes me want to drink a Tequila Sunrise. If you are so inclined to sip one of those this weekend, here is a fun video on how to make an awesome one: click here.

16 June 2016

Throwback Thursday ~ just a year ago today

16 JUNE 2015

Tucson featured in the New York Times!

One year ago Tucson was featured in the New York Times! Here's the original posting:

Even after living in Tucson for many years I still subscribe to the Sunday New York Times. It connects me to one of my favorite places that I have lived. Here is a wonderful piece on Tucson that was in the recent Travel Section. Enjoy! 

15 June 2016

Bowing to Mother Nature ~

Just beautiful! Check out this adobe wall built AROUND two mesquite trees! This is on El Callejón in the Old Fort Lowell neighborhood. Careful and eco-friendly builder/home owner - hurray!

Photo courtesy of David Sewell.

14 June 2016

A Wonderful Small World Story!

For those of you who are regulars on the site, you know that one of the most frequent contributors in the "Comments" section is Elizabeth (seen above on the left). She moved from Tucson to Mississippi about 7 years ago.

This week she is back in Tucson for a visit with her friend Ronnie (on the right) and Elizabeth suggested that we meet face to face for a coffee. What fun it was! AND.... small world that this is, it turns out that Ronnie and I have friends in common! In fact, I work with one of her friends! WOW!    

13 June 2016

Cool Nights at the Desert Museum ~

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum has a wonderful program called "Cool Summer Nights" and it is designed as a way for visitors to enjoy the museum during the cooler evening hours. It is on Saturday nights. Not only can you see special programs and hear docent talks, you can also enjoy some of the regular exhibits like, for instance, the Hummingbird House where you get up close and personal with these tiny beauties. 

12 June 2016

All is Revealed ~

Sadly, there was no winner in this latest "Where is this?" contest. The bell tower that was posted is the eastern-most portion of the Old Pueblo Harley Davidson dealership on 22nd Street near Prudence. And the bell tower is not their only bell! They have one on the western most portion of the building and also one at the entrance. And I learned that when a buyer makes a purchase, the dealership actually rings the bell to welcome the newest member in the Harley family. 

10 June 2016

DAY 3: Last chance! Time for another "Where is this?"

It's contest time again! For those of you who are new to the site, this is a chance to guess the location of the photo and win a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! The first person to identify this building/location wins a t-shirt and earns the envy of their friends. Any guesses where this bell tower is located? Good luck!

So far we have had just one guess (thanks, Roberta!) but it was not a winner. This bell tower is in Tucson proper. It is south of Grant and north of Valencia. Any more guesses?

Oh come on! One guess is all we are going to get on this one???? OK - this bell tower is south of Speedway; west of Houghton; east of Swan and north of Golf Links. Good luck to all!

08 June 2016

Ranting Ravens or Complaining Crows?

I don't know if these big birds are ravens or crows. Here's what Audubon says about telling them apart: click here.  I did not hear the sound they were making but I imagine they were saying something like, "IT IS TOO HOT!!!!"  As I am writing this post it is 91 degrees and it is almost 10pm. The other day we reached a high of 114 degrees. Yes, my dear crows/ravens, it IS too hot!  

07 June 2016

Thank you!

Wow - this "on a whim" website is now going into its EIGHTH year and I want to take a moment to thank everyone who stops by and enjoys the photos, posts a comment, and contributes photos! THANK YOU! 

Your Tucson photos are always welcome - just give me a little info on where the photo was taken and anything other tidbit you'd like to add. You can send photos to me at TucsonDailyPhoto@gmail.com and tell me if you would like a photo credit. I appreciate your support!

06 June 2016

Celebrating 7 years today!

Wow - I launched this site 7 years ago today!  Here we are - thousands and thousands of photos later. It has been fun for sure. Here is the first posting caption:

Many people don't make the association that thorny cacti can also be beautiful, blooming plants. This particular beauty is such an example ~ it blooms for just one day. The flower is fabulous magenta and orange with an iridescent sheen. And it's the size of a feather duster!

05 June 2016

Alien Transport Pod?

Anyone want to hazard a guess what this is? This weird wrapped globe construction was on the backside of the Aloft Hotel near the loading dock. The pod has its own window. It was empty. All ideas welcome!

04 June 2016

Ain't it the truth!!

If you have ever bathed a dog or taken a dog to the beach or a lake, you know this is true! (:

03 June 2016

Snake Sky

OK, OK, I admit that I have snakes on the brain right now after my snake encounter earlier this week. Those patio and rafter snakes were BIG!  Anyway, here are some innocent plant sprouts from my neighbor's front yard. Do these look like snakes to you or is it just me??  (:

02 June 2016

It's Wild Wildlife Week in Tucson!

If the snakes didn't interest you earlier this week, perhaps these bees will grab your attention! Here are two photos of an amazing bee swarm that was spotted outside of my office's side entrance. Simply astonishing!
Photos courtesy of Victoria Klocko and Chris Holmberg.

01 June 2016

A Snake of a Different Color!

Another unrepentant reptile rears his head! If you saw the postings from yesterday, you will think that everywhere we turn in Tucson we find snakes! This Sonoran Whipsnake is actually IN the bushes at La Reserve and it is sticking his head out! Check out how high this snake climbed!
Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.