31 August 2010

Exactly how thirsty are you?

So you might have guessed that if I was already that close to the train tracks in yesterday's post that I would make my way over to Nimbus Brewery. And here we are. I love bold advertising and this GIANT beer glass sends the message far and wide! When Nimbus first opened at this location (3850 E 44th St) it was considered a great adventure just to get there. Now they have also opened a "regular" restaurant on Tanque Verde to serve their custom brews to those who don't want to drive to the wild blue yonder for a drink.

30 August 2010

Tucson is a fantastic crossroads ~

It was fun sitting at the railroad crossing and counting the cars go by! I can also hear the train whistles from my downtown office. Tucson is strategically positioned as a dynamic location for commerce with its international airport, proximity to Mexico and the west coast, access to I-10, and major train hub.

29 August 2010

Tucson's peace totem ~

A series of beautiful tile totems throughout the South Park area is a result of a community project to improve the neighborhood. This totem is one of many that was crafted by the area's residents in the community center.


28 August 2010

Flashy sign (at the time) ~

I couldn't find a website for the Flash TV & Appliance Store but I would guess that they opened just about the same time as they erected their neon sign announcing that they had COLOR TVs in stock. Tucson has some elaborate Sign Code that governs older signs and I wonder if that's why this one has never been painted or restored? It's a great sign, though!

Flash TV & Appliance Store
832 South 6th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85701

27 August 2010

Spendid showoff!

I have to be out of the office for awhile and my wonderful office mates sent me this gorgeous "bouquet" to cheer me up! Yummy fruit cut and arranged as a beautiful floral bouquet. Chocolate dipped pineapple flowers with cantaloupe centers, strawberries, grapes, honeydew... fantastic!

26 August 2010

Hearts & flowers & birds ~

Today's post was selected as a message to Michelle, a friend who celebrates her birthday today. Hearts (love), flowers (beauty), birds (friends & family) ~ what else does anyone need to enjoy their special day? Have a wonderful birthday and eat lots of cake! These beautiful mosaic tile markers dot the street corners in South Tucson.

25 August 2010

Purple people shelter ~

Here is one of the many beautiful bus shelters that dot the landscape in Tucson. The bright colors and beautifully tiled trash can make this a really nice place to sit and wait for SunTran. Fun!

24 August 2010

Fish & Chips & a great neon sign ~

Sue's Fish & Chips has been around since the 50's and is considered a bit of a forerunner to Lucky Wishbone (which has locations all over town now). Sue's is on 4th Avenue in South Tucson. It wasn't open when I spotted its great yellow fish neon sign, but I want to check it out. Looks like a hole in the wall at the beach... When I try the fish & chips, I'll let you know!

2500 South 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85713-4813
(520) 622-5711

23 August 2010

Fantastic piece of local lore ~

Driving on 6th Avenue you can not miss the wall-size mural dedicated to Gabriel Rene Cruz on the south side of Grand Central Barber Shop. Hector Cruz is one of the barbers there so I am guessing that Gabriel was Hector's father or grandfather. I LOVE that the muralist included a razor and scissors with the portrait. (Is it just me or does he look like a very stern Omar Sharif?)

22 August 2010

Tucson's red coyote ~

Something to howl about for sure ~ a happy red coyote is the mascot for a thrift store on Speedway. I'm posting this fellow as the 3rd in my "Hoof on Roof" series (even though this one is technically "Paws on Roof"). (: Don't miss his patriotic bandana!

Speedway Outlet
5421 East Speedway Boulevard

21 August 2010

Full of sound and fury ~ signifying nothing

Macbeth could have been musing about Tucson's magnificent late afternoon cloud formations. In my neighborhood they have been delivering rolling thunder claps and jagged lightning...but no rain! Boy, it is sure a gorgeous show nonetheless.

20 August 2010

Have Party, Will Travel ~ Diner on wheels

Spreading 50's joy around, Little Anthony's Diner also has a mobile version! So if your group or club or event needs some "do wop" vibe, give them a call and they'll roll right up to take you down memory lane.

P.S. And speaking about memory lane & parties... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Tucson! Today is the city's 235th birthday. For all about how to get your FREE chicken sandwich, FREE chocolate chip cookie and more, go to www.tucsonsbirthday.org.

19 August 2010

Marilyn & Elvis live on forever ~

If you are a Marilyn or Elvis fan, you have to check out Little Anthony's Diner on Broadway. It is set up like a 50's style diner (the staff dresses to suit, too!). These lifesize cutouts are outside and you, too, can poke your head through and get your photo taken. Fair warning ~ the malted shakes are SO good... mmmm!


18 August 2010

A special offer for TucsonDailyPhoto devotees ~

Imagine my delight when I read that someone from BulkyBoy saw the post from Tuesday and has generously extended this discount offer! Here's what he/she said in the comments section:

Thanks for the photo and the props!Love your town and if any of your loyal tribe see's something on our web site that they must have, please call 858-2726172 first and we will give you an internet code that will save you 10% off on your first order.

Romeo & Juliet ~ Southwest style

If the star crossed lovers of Verona were ever in Tucson, this balcony in the Barrio district would serve them well. And yes, our skies are really that blue! (:

17 August 2010

Are you a bulky boy?

I parked beside this "bulky" truck and noticed it was identified as a "Bulky Boy" truck. So I looked them up on the Internet (isn't Google great?) and discovered it's a men's clothing company for big guys with attitude. www.bulkyboy.com

HEY! Just a few days left until the $50 gift certificate drawing! All followers to the site are eligible so if you haven't signed up as a follwer yet, please do so for a chance to win! You can spend the $50 at any of the 200 online CSN Stores where you can find everything from cookware to cribs to dining room sets and dog beds! You will definitely be able to find something you love. The drawing is August 20 to coincide with Tucson's 235th birthday! Good luck!

16 August 2010

All aboard - It's back to school time!

Some things never change ~ like the color of the reliable school bus! Tucson's kids are back in school now so learn from me and REALLY slow down to 15mph through those school zone areas. I was ticketed going 19mph. Ouch.

15 August 2010

Dog Day ~ a day at the races

A sports tradition in Tucson for more than 60 years, Tucson Greyhound Park provides live dog racing and also offers off track betting for other dog and horse races across the country.

14 August 2010

Compass High School carries on ~

For those of you who live in Tucson I'm sure you know about the terrible fire at Compass High School. HazMat teams were on site today to continue the clean up. School officials say they will open as scheduled for Monday classes. What determined teachers and students! Go Gators!!

Compass is a wonderful, innovative high school that prepares students for the workforce. They even have night classes. I've posted other photos/comments: March 15, September 24 & 25. www.compasshsgators.org.

Here's the full story in the paper with fire photos: http://azstarnet.com/news/local/crime/collection_f7d0658e-a68e-11df-bd87-001cc4c002e0.html

13 August 2010

Unusual city skyline ~

I was struck today with how much this hotel under construction looked like a city skyline. Maybe the New Yorker in me just naturally sees skyscrapers everywhere! The 215-room hotel will be part of the Casino del Sol complex on Valencia Road. The construction work is a very welcome sight during our economic slump.

12 August 2010

Just one week left to register for the $50 gift drawing!

Hello everyone! There is just one week left until the gift drawing!

On August 20 Tucson will celebrate its 235th birthday and as a special THANK YOU to all of you who have registered/signed up as a follower of this site, you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate good at more than 200 retail online stores (like www.cookware.com and www.allmodern.com).

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11 August 2010

Unusual Tucson wildlife ~

You've learned alot about Tucson's history this week but I bet you didn't expect to find out that dinosaurs live here. This lifesize beauty was created by local artist Daniel McQuestion and is currently camping out on this friend's porch until it finds a new home. Know anyone who would like to display this fantastic creature in their home or office?

To learn more about Daniel's work, please go to his website: www.dmcquestion.com. There you will learn about his plans and see many other examples of feathered dinosaurs. Let me give a special thank you to the owner of 372 W Franklin for permitting me to photograph this beauty.

10 August 2010

Tucson's exclusive men's club ~ The Owl

This magnificent building once housed an exclusive club for Tucson's bachelors ~ the Owl Club. You can see the mascot owl in the facade's porthole. Built in 1901 the club was active for decades. Eventually, the building fell into terrible disrepair and the story of its renovation is incredible: http://www.rwboucher.com/Portfolio02/index.html


Next stop: For the last stop on this downtown tour I'm taking you to a very unusual point of interest ~ guaranteed to not be on any other walking tour you might take! The Owl Club and the Steinfeld Mansion both flank Franklin. Walk west on Franklin to Granada. Stop at 372 West Franklin. See you tomorrow!

09 August 2010

More mansions on Main ~

Facing each other on Main at Franklin are two very different homes ~ both beautiful. The Steinfeld Mansion (California Mission Revival style) was built in 1898 and originally housed an exclusive bachelors' club (tomorrow you'll visit the club's later location). Later, the Steinfelds bought it. Even later it was a convent! It is reputedly one of the first homes in Tucson to have running water.
The Jules Kruttschnidt House (now a bed and breakfast) blends Mexican adobe construction with a veranda and breezeway. http://www.bbonline.com/az/elpresidio/history.html

Next stop: Keep walking north on Main and on your left you will spot the Owl's Club building - just a few steps from the Steinfeld Mansion.

08 August 2010

Have a drink at a landmark ~

Probably one of Tucson's most famous restaurants, El Charro, has a fun bar area attached ~ TOMA! You can sit outdoors, enjoy something cool to drink, and rest your feet. Do check out the gift shop for some very interesting food gifts.


Next stop: Turn left (west) on Franklin and walk back to Main Street.

07 August 2010

Once a gas station & now an art studio; Once enclosed within the Presidio walls ~

The Romero House has had many lives ~ yes, once even a gas station. The Tucson Museum of Art's ceramic classes are held there now. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/romero-house.php

The Casa Cordova is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was once enclosed within the Presidio walls. It is the home of the beloved El Nacimiento display from November - March every year. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/la-casa-cordova.php

Next stop: Time for a break! How about a sip of something cool? You're just two blocks away from TOMA, the fun bar area of El Charro Restaurant. Walk east on Washington and make a left on Court.

06 August 2010

Historic homes with remarkable stories ~

The Tucson Museum of Art utilizes these historic homes for gallery space. There are many distinctive homes on this block and two are highlighted here with memorable tales to bring them to life:

The Stevens-Duffield House - The original owner tried to shoot his wife but she was saved by the heavy silver comb she wore in her hair. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/stevens-duffield-house.php

The Corbett House - The owners of this Mission-style home (built in 1907) manufactured gin in their attic during Prohibition. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/j-knox-corbett-house.php

More houses and more stories as we continue tomorrow!
Next stop: Walk north on Main Street and turn right at Washington.

05 August 2010

A jewel in the downtown Tucson crown - Tucson's Museum of Art

The Tucson Museum of Art now occupies a full block within the El Presidio Historic District and maintains several of the historic homes which you will visit on our next stop in tomorrow's post.

The Museum's courtyard houses a lovely restaurant ~ Cafe A La Carte. Click this link to read about the current exhibits at TMA: http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/

Next stop: A stroll from south to north on Main Street, a remarkable block of homes each with its own fascinating history. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.org/block/

04 August 2010

Tucson History, Charm + Shopping!

This is the main entrance to Tucson's Old Town Artisans ~ an historical and charming enclave of shops & restaurants. The selection of gift items ranges from remarkable and beautiful fine art to postcards ~ something to fit any budget. The centerpiece is a fun courtyard cantina so if you're tired of walking, here's a spot to relax for a bit.

Next stop: Walk south on Court to Alameda and turn right to reach one of the Tucson of Museum of Art's entrances.

03 August 2010

Tucson in 1775 ~

Here we are in the heart of downtown Tucson ~ with modern skyscrapers looming over this adobe structure. El Presidio marks the beginning of the modern settlement of Tucson. It was built as necessary protection from Apache attacks. Walking around inside the Presidio is a great way to get a glimpse into Tucson's Spanish past. The lifesize mural depicting daily activities really brought the adobe structure to life for me. The building's interiors also have historical displays.

Next stop: Walk west on Washington Street to Court and we're going to visit the famous Old Town Artisans compound.

02 August 2010

Put on your walking shoes ~ let's go!

This week I would love to take you on an actual walking tour! Many of you are familiar with Tucson's rich history, but for those of you who aren't... join me as we go back a few hundred years.

First stop is the Arizona Historical Society Museum. Tucked in the Wells Fargo building right across from the main library, this gem of a museum will set the stage for what we are going to see in our stroll.

Our first stop will be El Presidio, a partial reconstruction of the Spanish fort built in 1775. Let's head west across the library plaza and turn right on Church Street. You will see the fort's adobe walls on the corner of Church & Washington.

140 N. Stone Avenue (in Wells Fargo bldg)
Hours: Tues. - Fri. 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Free admission the first Friday of the month.

The AHS Downtown Museum exhibits depict early Tucson businesses and homes, including drugstores, police and fire departments, and the Romero barbershop.

01 August 2010

Boot scootin' hero ~

As the fourth installment of "Team Tucson" (the people who make Tucson a great place to live), I am pleased to have you meet Robert Lange, the boot and shoe repair wizard of Alpine Shoe Repair. If your boots aren't fit for boot scootin' at the Cactus Moon, bring them in for rehab. Robert has been in Tucson for 13 years and arrived via a Minnesota to San Diego route ~ snow to sea to desert.
Alpine Boot & Shoe Repair
6264 East Speedway Boulevard