31 May 2014

"Odd" just doesn't seem to adequately cover this ~

Here's the follow up to yesterday's unusual photo of the front of this house. This is the side yard and yes, this seems to be a nativity of sorts - with black statuary wearing white robes. And the animals include sheep, lions, and rabbits. I look forward to comments on this one!

30 May 2014

Please suggest a caption!

I am just not sure what is going on at this house! Buckets and pots of artificial flowers, hanging strings of icicles, a green garland framing the wall, a giant butterfly on the gate, birds, rabbits......  there is a LOT going on! Can someone please suggest a caption OTHER than "Random Weird Thing" please? And do check back tomorrow to see what is in their side yard..... oh my.

29 May 2014

MORE unusual Tucson babies!

The Desert Museum is excited to announce the birth of Pacific Seahorse babies! There were approximately 300-400 born and they are residing off-exhibit in the Herpetology collections area. This is the FIRST seahorse birth at the Museum and they can not predict how many will survive as there tends to be a high mortality rate. The little ones are barely 1/4" long and very fragile! Welcome, aquarium babies!

28 May 2014

Water is the Gift of Life ~

Grace St Paul's Episcopal Church on Adams Street has staked out a large territory for themselves to promote diversity and to assist people with disabilities. The church has a vigorous program to provide food for the homeless and to fight discrimination. This water barrel on the property symbolizes their support of providing water to border crossers.

27 May 2014

Old Fashioned Signage ~

Fun, eye catching, and right to the point - Pete's Vacuums on Alvernon shows you their specialty with a life sized vacuum. Love it!

26 May 2014

Heartfelt Thanks ~

Today is a day to honor all current and former service men, service women, and service animals who have devoted themselves to keeping our country safe. Say "Thank you" to any service person you see today!

25 May 2014

Juice Bar (2 photos) ~

Arizona's beautiful saguaro flowers can be seen everywhere now. (Did you know it's the state flower?) This beauty is in my front yard. In the 2nd photo you can see a bee zooming in for some nectar from that white blossom! Mmmm!

24 May 2014

Who's the pet?

Subject to interpretation..... the car might be the driver's pet or the driver might be someone's pet... What do you think?

23 May 2014

Lemon on the Loose ~

Last spring I spotted this giant lemon in the Foothills and....it's back! Now it has added signage as "Lemons on the Loose" lemonade. Fun! And nothing says summer better than lemonade.... mmm! It looks like this lemon is getting ready to roll. Be on the lookout for it!

22 May 2014

Good advice ~

Good advice - just "Keep Swimming." Whenever you are overwhelmed, just keep swimming!

21 May 2014

Giddy up, Monkey!

For every child who has dreamed of riding an elephant, a bull, or even a monkey, Park Place Mall has the ride for you! Near the children's play area (where else?) you can rent a battery-powered plush toy for your child to ride around on. And they are low to the ground and they don't buck, bugle, or snort so the experience for a toddler is pretty friendly! Adventure awaits!

20 May 2014

Little mouse - beware!

I would not want this owl chasing me down! This enormous metal sculpture of the owl, a fierce bird of prey, is in the children's play area at the Park Place Mall. I don't go there often and the whole area looked new to me. They removed the woodpecker-on-a-lever toy - too bad! That was a fun one.

19 May 2014

The Blue Bird of Happiness ~

This vibrantly colored and beautiful blue bird is part of a fountain heading back to the theatre at Park Place Mall.

18 May 2014

Maybe it's not seeing the forest for the trees ~

OK ~ the "Where is this?" answer is: Park Place Mall! These murals are HUGE and they are high above the storefronts extending up to the vaulted ceilings. I am guessing that there is so much going on at eye level that many shoppers miss the murals completely. So, here is another one - a wonderful coyote.

16 May 2014

HINT provided for "Where is this?"

OK Tucson lovers, it's that time again for another "Where is this?" contest! So here we have some of Arizona's icons: a road runner, a mountain lion, an eagle, cacti, and fantastic rock formations.... where is this mural? As you regular site visitors know, the first person to correctly identify this location wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt or mousepad featuring our expressive ram wondering, "Monday already?" Good luck!

Wow - no guesses yesterday! OK - this mural is NOT at a museum as any kind of diorama. This is a very public place - no admission fee. It's south of River and north of 22nd Street.

15 May 2014

Candy Car ~

You've certainly seen those bags of miniature candy bars labeled "Fun Size" in the store. Well here's a Fun Size VW Beetle! 

13 May 2014

Prairie dog PUP! Oh boy!

If you liked yesterday's post of the baby ram, here's another Desert Museum baby - a prairie dog pup! Giving mom a little kiss ..... sweet!
Photo courtesy of the Desert Museum.

Breaking News: Tucson's Newest Baby - exciting!

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is proud to announce the birth of a baby big horn ram. Not sure yet if it's a boy or a girl. For more photos of this charmer, go to the museum's Facebook page. And I'm sure it will be in Tuesday's Arizona Daily Star, too. Welcome, little one!
Photo by Liz Kemp.

12 May 2014

Tree top Dining ~

For a wonderful view in all directions, check out the sky-high terrace at one of Tucson's many new downtown eateries. And yes, there is PLENTY of parking - both on the street and in garages! (:

11 May 2014

Desert Floral Tribute ~ Happy Mother's Day!

Carrying fistsful of flowers to you ~ Happy Mother's Day to all you moms, step moms, aunts, sisters, friends, grandmothers, neighbors, and co-workers -- anyone who takes care of anyone should be honored today!

10 May 2014

Along came a spider ~

I just love this street art that turns a traffic caution marker into a butterfly! (and by the way if anyone knows exactly what a yellow and black striped pole means, DO post it!)

And check out the spider that has climbed to the top of this saguaro! Fun!

09 May 2014

Zoo-ific Tucson treasure~

Today I learned about a terrific company headquartered here in Tucson - A Thru Z Consulting. They build zoos! Their market is nation wide and they have also done work for our own zoo, the Reid Park Zoo. If you've been through the elephant habitat, you've seen A Thru Z's work. Here is Sean Stoddard, the company President, in the lobby with their fun wildlife mural.

08 May 2014

Here's a Horse of a Different Color ~

I drive by this store occasionally and it seemed to me that very recently their horse was black. When I stopped in to verify that they gave him a paint job I learned that in 20+ years he has only been painted four times. This horse has been standing on the roof of the OK Feed Store for decades!

07 May 2014

Stegosaurus Biker ~

Check out this biker's great backpack! It looks like a stegosaurus or a medieval mace!

06 May 2014

Sad piece of Tucson history ~

This colorful and intriguing story-telling mural is on the west-facing side of The Wildcat School, a charter school that was highly touted when it opened as it had a direct connection to the University of Arizona. The vision for the school was to provide a rigorous math and science focused curriculum for low income students. Unfortunately, it received two consecutive "D" grades and it closed. Now it it is fenced in and abandoned. Sad, very sad.

The mural displays many southwest elements - coyote, saguaro and other cacti, Man in the Maze, mountain lion.... the full mural is here, displayed in pieces. I am assuming that the students designed and painted this beauty.

05 May 2014

Start your week off with a smile ~

OK, there is NO connection between this photo and Tucson.... except we have many Mexican restaurants that serve burritos. I just had to post this because it is just flat out wonderful! Speakers up, please.
Click here and be delighted!

04 May 2014

03 May 2014

Tucson's Gold Dust ~

This beautiful golden dusting on the ground is lovely to look at but is very irritating to sinuses! We are in "High Pollen" season now. Keep the tissues handy!

02 May 2014

Pluto IS still a planet!

To many of the scientists at Tucson's Planetary Science Institute, Pluto is still a planet. Here's a peek at the centerpiece they had at their recent fundraiser. You can see the NINE cake pops inserted into a "sun" base. The pops were all decorated to represent the planets (including Pluto, of course). And no, the planets are NOT to scale! (:
Photo courtesy Candy Ramirez, Cake Artist and Baker

01 May 2014

Don't blink!

One of the treasures of the desert is the gorgeous flowers on the cacti - but you have to be quick to see them. This beautiful bloom lasts only a day or two. For more examples and info, click here. A friend gave me this plant a few months ago and I am delighted that it has already settled into place in my garden and created this spectacular bloom in its first spring!