18 May 2014

Maybe it's not seeing the forest for the trees ~

OK ~ the "Where is this?" answer is: Park Place Mall! These murals are HUGE and they are high above the storefronts extending up to the vaulted ceilings. I am guessing that there is so much going on at eye level that many shoppers miss the murals completely. So, here is another one - a wonderful coyote.


  1. Can't say that I've seen them. But, haven't been to that mall since the 80's.

  2. Oh my gosh! This is a great 'where is it' and I've been stumped by a place that I've been to hundreds of times! NOW I know where this is...isn't there a jackrabbit at the Sear's end of the mall that is built out from the wall in a 3-D style? These are wonderful murals and I think you're quite right that people just don't look up!!