08 October 2019

HA! I laughed out loud ~

SO! Do you remember Tang - "The Astronauts' Drink" ? One of my neighbors has a great sense of humor to tag her orange car with this witty license plate! Click here for a short funny bit about Tang from "Groovy History." And, once again (as always!), Buzz Aldrin had to be the complaining spoiled sport...

06 October 2019

Old World Charm ~ Tucson style

This pretty tiled fountain and lovely courtyard with its arched doorways is one of the delightful views you can enjoy at Hacienda del Sol Resort. This was taken at high noon so the sun washes out the color but you can still enjoy the shapes and the serene feeling. 

03 October 2019

Dried Fruit ~ aka Proboscidea Paraviflora :)

This devil's claw is rendered in epic proportions in this striking cast bronze sculpture ("Large Devil's Claw") by Spencer Kane Edgerton. It is placed on the grounds of Hacienda del Sol Resort in Tucson, on loan from the R Kessler Collection. To learn more about this flowering Southwest plant and its fruit, go here

02 October 2019

Another one - this time poisonous~!

What is it with the snakes this week? Here's another one that found his way into my backyard. But this one is a rattler and I had him removed by a proper snake wrangler. My humble push broom is no match for this vile viper! This photo shows him at the bottom of a removal bucket. He was taken to a galaxy far far away - yay! 

29 September 2019

Going somewhere?

This snake - stretched out on TWO chairs - just wouldn't go away! When I first spotted him I removed him to the desert scrub near my driveway. About an hour later I was back outside and there he was AGAIN. The second time I moved him across the street and a block away. Live long and prosper in someone else's backyard! 

27 September 2019

Greyhound Express!

Check out the nice ride these greyhounds have ~ a "Furrari" no less! FUN!

Photo courtesy of Dave Aber. 

23 September 2019

More than the sum of its parts ~

What looks like a motley collection of machine parts and sheet metal has been transformed into an interesting sculpture of a human head by this artist. This piece is part of the large collection of sculpture on display throughout the grounds of Tucson's Hacienda del Sol Resort. Interesting! 

16 September 2019

Botanical Couple ~

These gorgeous bronze sculptures by Robert J Wick incorporate living plants into them which connects them in a profound way to their surroundings. At the moment the Tucson Botanical Gardens has a number of these pieces throughout the grounds. The exhibit was scheduled to end on June 30 but the installation is still in place - for how much longer, I don't know. Magical!

Photo courtesy of Ken Wilcox.

14 September 2019

Can you see it?

So delicate and fine.... I almost missed this spider web in front of my house. The light had to catch it in just the right way. Lovely! 

12 September 2019

Seriously? What the....?

OK - I have seen a LOT of personalized license plates in Tucson. Some are fun, some are funny, some are obscure.... but THIS ONE???  "Tapeguy" -????   I tried researching what the word is for someone who loves tape and came up empty handed. Any ideas what this means? Post your thoughts on this one! Curious! 

10 September 2019

Winding Road Theatre - Tucson Treasure

There are so many small theatre companies in Tucson that it's hard to keep up! The Winding Road Theatre uses the stage at the Historic Y (on 5th Ave) for this show. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND their current production of Lillian Hellman's "Little Foxes." (You may have seen the film starring Bette Davis as Regina.)  This is an excellent production with exceptional performances (particularly Regina and Birdie)! Just a few more performances so hurry!

06 September 2019

Stairway to Paradise...

You may remember the iconic "Stairway to Paradise" as sung and danced in American in Paris. Ah,  yes, the lighted pink staircase! Go here to refresh your memory! Here is a modern sculptor's vision of that same voyage as seen on the grounds of Hacienda del Sol Resort in Tucson, AZ. 

04 September 2019

What is this?

Recently I attended a conference held at the beautiful Hacienda del Sol Resort. As regular visitors to this site know, I love outdoor/public art and this spectacular mirrored creation certainly caught my eye!

Unfortunately, the resort does not supply an attribution to their collection of art (and that is REALLY TOO BAD!!!) so I don't know the artist or the title. Anyone want to make something up to suggest a name for this piece? I will share what one of the resort staffers calls it: "Upside Down Bowling Pin" - which is just as good a name as any! 

30 August 2019

Planetary Scientist's Spaceship

Ceres - yes, you know it! It's the largest object betwen Mars & Jupiter. The bright spots on this dwarf planet (some still refer to it as an asteroid) have sparked a lot of excitement and speculation about the origins - salt? sodium caronate? ammonia-rich clay? 

24 August 2019

You lookin' at ME?

BEAUTIFUL BIRD! Please look closely in the top photo and you will see his TAIL FEATHERS. YES, the owl has turned its head almost 180 degrees. To find out more about how owls can do this, LiveScience can tell you here. What an impressive creature!
Photos courtesy of George Goldman. 

23 August 2019

Art Deco Bug ~

I found this beautiful critter on my front patio. What beautiful and distinctive coloring! Although I did an image search I couldn't find a match. Anyone know what kind of insect I have photographed here?
UPDATE! A Tucson entomologist has made her verdict: Giant Mesquite Bug!

16 August 2019

Fantastic Undercover Surveillance!

Not quite as covert as in days gone by.....    :)   Here we have full disclosure I guess!   :)

09 August 2019

3rd Time a Charm??

Today I removed this toad for the THIRD TIME from my front patio! He likes to sit near the air conditioning drip. If he wasn't POISONOUS I really wouldn't care but either one of my 2 dogs could lunge to investigate him and suffer from his nasty toxic secretions. Bleh! Here's more about him:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colorado_River_toad   He is also as piable as a blob of jelly. When I come to scoop him into a pitcher he flattens himself like a pancake. 

02 August 2019

Fluffy no more! Fierce!

Scroll back to see these fierce hawks as little white feather balls.... the weeks have passed and they are now fully equipped to fend for themselves. Check out those beaks! Those claws! Magnificent birds.
Photos courtesy of George Goldman. 

25 July 2019

LION ~ Exit, stage right

Check out the previous post to see both mountain lions in full view. This one shows one beautiful mountain lion lounging near the water hole and the other one is walking off screen - you can see his/her hind leg and TAIL. Thanks to Susan Dodson, a Tucson realtor, for these photos!!

22 July 2019

YES - TWO Mountain Lions! Scroll down!

Thanks to my friend Sue Dodson's wildlife cam (she is a Tucson realtor), I bring you this magnificent photo of TWO mountain lions who are enjoying the water station near El Conquistador Resort. Wow & MEOW!
Photo courtesy of Sue Dodson

20 July 2019

Takes your breath away.....

I am happy to share this iconic image of Earth as seen from the Moon. This photo encourages self reflection and provides a perspective on the world's ills that can be refreshing and inspiring... maybe even hopeful. Do you remember watching the lunar landing? Share your memories! 

19 July 2019

Magical Moon - 50 years ago!

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing (July 20, 1969 if you have been napping!), I am re-posting this stunning "Magical Moon" image from Feb 2, 2018. So much mystery and magic captured in this photo of a pink/coral moon against the intense cobalt blue sky. Gorgeous!
Thanks to George Goldman for this stunning image!

16 July 2019

My Bouquet to You ~

The fabulous Torch Cactus bursts into bloom for just one day but it certainly puts on a spectacular show! Enjoy! 

11 July 2019

Home Grown ~

My grape vine is producing a massive amount of grapes! They are sweet and delicious! Maybe this year I will try to make some wine....  any winemakers out there to offer advice? 

07 July 2019

With no barn in sight...

I caught this beautiful Barn Owl at the Desert Museum as part of their Raptor Free Flight program (totally amazing!). Gorgeous, isn't he?

01 July 2019

26 June 2019


The nest of baby Cooper's Hawks loudly tells mom to hurry up with mealtime! Any minute now they will be big enough to leave the nest (and mom's watchful eye) and fend for themselves. Check out the claws on mama! (ouch)
Photos courtesy of George Goldman.

20 June 2019

Fast Forward!

So check it out - the four baby hawks are already sporting some feather coloration! (Yes, there are four -- look closely into the foliage on the left for #4.) Not so white and fluffy now, eh?
Photo courtesy of George Goldman. 

15 June 2019

Fierce Mama!

TOP IMAGE: First check out the sweet little eyas (baby Cooper's hawks) perched in their nest. Next look on the lower right and see that Mama Hawk is ready to defend her little ones. Wow! 

Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

05 June 2019

Seen at a thrift store ~

Ha! I had to laugh when I saw this plastic bin. Do you think the paperwork is still in there??  :) Jeez that bin can hold a LOT of paper!  

29 May 2019

Mirror image ~

Isn't this reflection beautiful? The late afternoon sun created such a sharp image of the flower that it almost looks painted on the wall. The plant is a Texas Yucca, I think. If you know more, please check in! In fact, even if you don't know anything about the plant, I would love to read your comments!

23 May 2019

But the question remains....

OK - the question is still "How many dogs IS 'too many dogs'?" The most I have had at one time is 3. And if my house/yard had been bigger, I might have added to the pack. Roverdose? Dunno! 

20 May 2019

In Case You Lose Your Way ~

In case you lose your way at the border crossing in Nogales, La Roca restaurant is here to help you get there! 

17 May 2019

The mysterious missing "B" ~

Looks like that missing "B" was sacrificed long long ago to put in an air conditioning unit in this old Nogales bar. 

11 May 2019

That's a LOTTA DOG!

I was happy to be behind this car at a redlight. 12 PAWS! That's a lotta dog, for sure! And check out the back windshield. They are accounting for FOUR dogs (16 paws) but you can see the little halo.... one has gone to heaven.