31 October 2012

Flying ghost - Happy Halloween everyone!

A LOT is happening at this fun house! Yesterday's Mr Pumpkin Head post is part of the sidewalk decor and here you'll see a flying ghost with top hat, cobwebs, flying spiders, bats, cactus with an alien head, you name it ~ This house has it all! Happy Halloween to everyone - enjoy your treats tonight!

30 October 2012

Harpo Pumpkin Marx?

When I spotted this decorated pumpkin my first thought was "Mr Potato Head" or rather.... Mr Pumpkin Head. But now that I look at the hair and hat, well, how about Harpo Pumpkin Marx?

29 October 2012

'tis the spooky season ~

Larger than life ghost haunts this adobe style house at Civano, the green community off of Houghton, south of Escalante. These homes are earth friendly and solar powered. For more info about this community, click here.

27 October 2012

Wishing you all good things ~

All you need is a coin and you can make a wish at this charming stone wishing well on the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch property. I wouldn't be surprised if guests often wish for "one more day" at this beautiful place! And I'm wishing that you have a wonderful weekend ~

26 October 2012

South of France? Italy? Nope - Tucson's east side

As I rounded the corner I thought I had stumbled into a charming village in France or Italy. No, I'm still sharing photos of my wonderful day at the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. Here is their "Hiking Department" office.

25 October 2012

Freedom of speech ~

Hmmm, what kind of life does this driver have I wonder? Seems like a weird piece of advice to receive in traffic, doesn't it?

24 October 2012

Giant advertising ~

One of the west facing walls of the Compass High School campus (on 22nd Street) advertises all the cool classes that are new this year. This is an unusual charter school with a unique approach to learning. Click here to learn more about them.  

23 October 2012

Most colorful school in town ~

Here's a van from Tucson's Compass High School - pretty cool! You may remember that part of the school burned down two years ago. They are working to rebuild and be better than ever. For info on this interesting charter high school, click here.

22 October 2012

Pierced fence ~

If you have driven on 22nd Street east of Pantano recently you may have noticed the striking pierced/cut out fence panels in bright blue and lime green. It's a new project by the Compass High School students (the team name is the Gators, as in Navi-gators - get it?). This charter school approaches teaching differently. To learn more, click here.

19 October 2012

Time for another "Where is this?" ~

OK all you smartypants out there! The first to identify "Where is this?" wins a you-know-what.... a fabulous TucsonDailyPhoto t-shirt with the famous Monday blues ram on it OR a mousepad with the same cool image. This portal to nature is embedded within an office complex. I look forward to your guesses!

18 October 2012

Equine bookends ~

Black and white ~ here are two more beauties from the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch corral. This area of town (far east) has a number of horse properties that raise Arabians. It's a nice way to relax - watching the horses. 

17 October 2012

Yep, I fell for it ~

I had to laugh at myself. I was walking around the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch and I spotted this rustic wooden box with a hook holding an old beat up metal cup. Note that it also has a pipe going into the ground. The box top says "Spring" so I thought it was a little water trough of sorts for humans. I opened the top and guess what? There was a big old metal spring sitting in the box - not a refreshing pool of spring water! Duh....

16 October 2012

Drive through shopping ~

A gas station at the corner of Houghton and Speedway is sometimes an open air market of sorts. Here you can get gas for your car and also pick up a retro metal lawn chair or two, a milkcan, or a decorative windmill. Convenience store indeed!

15 October 2012

Merge with nature ~

Probably one of the things that makes the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch so beautiful is the way that the property blends the old with the new - and the way the amenities fit into the natural surroundings. Here is a path bounded by rock walls that winds past a cactus patch and a remarkable palm tree.

14 October 2012

Chairs - all dressed up ~

One of the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch's dining room windows offers a glimpse of perfect silky bows decorating the party chairs. How festive and fun!

13 October 2012

Prepping for a party ~

I hope you're still enjoying walking around the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch this week. I happened upon the catering staff getting ready for a party. What a view the guests will have - beautiful vistas to the north, west, and south. Wow! I love the old fashioned globe lamps.

12 October 2012

Ahhhh ~ spa....

If your entire body is a bit sore from your trail ride, there is a lovely remedy just down this rustic path - the spa. Mmmm! The Tanque Verde Guest Ranch may be a ranch but it's very civilized!

11 October 2012

Your personal vehicle ~

One of the many fun activities offered at Tucson's Tanque Verde Guest Ranch is trail rides! And their corral is filled with dozens of handsome horses just waiting to show you the sights.

10 October 2012

The Old West with comfort and style

One way to enjoy the "Old West" while still using all of your electronic gadgets is to stay at a dude ranch. You get horses, bonfires, grilled steak, and electricity! One of the most famous of such venues is the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch, a Tucson treasure and a family-owned operation for decades. 

09 October 2012

Totally Tucson ~

If you would like to experience the Old West with modern amenities, I can't think of a more wonderful place to recommend than the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. It's way east and borders a national park so you know you are going to get spectacular views, peace, and quiet. For the next few days I'll give you a tour of this terrific property. Their website for more specific info is here.  

08 October 2012

Awesome desert bones ~

Sparked by Roberta's comment yesterday, I was particularly happy to spot this magnificent saguaro skeleton today on my drive out to Tanque Verde Guest Ranch. I think this decaying cactus with its mighty ribs exposed is utterly beautiful and majestic. Do stop by tomorrow for a tour of a very special Old West ranch...

07 October 2012

Inside out ~

This is a very old barrel cactus that has split open as it decays. It almost looks like it melted into the ground. The interior is so interesting - fibrous and pulpy.

06 October 2012

Perfect profile ~

Every time I see a happy dog with its head stuck out of a vehicle window I smile. It has to be a great life - enjoying the sun and the wind without a care in the world. I guess for dogs every day feels like a Saturday! Happy Saturday, everyone!

05 October 2012

Ant Acropolis ~

I'm guessing that everyone knows that ants are very social and live in large colonies. But does everyone know that ants build amazing volcanoes on top of the soil? And that they construct clusters of these cone-shaped residences? Here is a colony that was built right beside the road so no hiking is required to do a little ant field research! Amazing!

04 October 2012

Nature's art ~

This interesting stump is in a weedy lot in the Lost Barrio district. I think it has real character and is a great tool for the imagination. I see a chimpanzee face, a dog's head, a hooded monk...  cool!  

03 October 2012

Rainbow ribbons ~

You all know how much I enjoy public art and that I try to promote it whenever I can. This exuberant and cheerful piece has no attribution on the base so I can't give due credit to the artist. It's on Pima near Wilmot at the entrance to what looks like a medical complex. Fun piece!

02 October 2012

Stray sign ~

This wonderful old neon sign on Campbell near Grant is, I think, a stray. Doesn't look to me like the "Color TV King" store exists there - all I saw was a comic book store. Anyone know any more about this old rogue sign?

01 October 2012

Not your typical Kitchen Witch

Usually the idea of a kitchen witch is a good spirit who keeps roasts from burning and sauces from bubbling over. Click this link for more info about kitchen witches. This witch is displayed near the paper towels and household cleaners so she MIGHT be a kitchen witch but I dunno - she looks pretty scary to me!