31 October 2012

Flying ghost - Happy Halloween everyone!

A LOT is happening at this fun house! Yesterday's Mr Pumpkin Head post is part of the sidewalk decor and here you'll see a flying ghost with top hat, cobwebs, flying spiders, bats, cactus with an alien head, you name it ~ This house has it all! Happy Halloween to everyone - enjoy your treats tonight!


  1. I love halloween decorations! Have a Happy Halloween and remember that this is one day when you should be goblin' up as many treats as you can!!

  2. Was driving around our town today and people are cleaning up yards for the kids to safely walk around tonight. We have a 50 foot tree that uprooted into our backyard monday as a result from Sandy. Our halloween decorations made it through the storm. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween.
    K from Boston

  3. Sorry to hear your Sandy story. Lots of clean up for weeks to come, I'm sure. I am from NYC so I have been watching the news and photos pretty closely. Believe me, when the NYC subway shuts down, it's BAD!