30 April 2013

Lemon from Outer Space ~

News alert! This giant lemon has been spotted in the Tucson Foothills! How did this big fruit wind up abandoned on the side of the road? Looks like it could be a really fun lemonade stand! Anyone have any ideas?

29 April 2013

Don't let the sign fool you ~

Believe me, I am glad that the owners of Wild Garlic Grill chose to keep the 3-D Frosty Root Beer Mug, an artifact from a previous restaurant - I love those old signs! But the image and the wording are misleading. If you can get past the kind of dumpy/without style exterior, you will be rewarded with an upscale menu by local chef Steven Schultz. And why they would list "hamburgers" as a feature... dunno. You will experience a sophisticated menu - not burgers & fries & root beer. They opened in December at 2530 N 1st Avenue - not exactly restaurant row but definitely worth a visit.

28 April 2013

Cactus Golf Clubs ~

As I was quickly passing this cart I thought for a moment it had a bag of clubs in the back but no, just a trick of the eye from a tilted cholla cacti!

27 April 2013

Your Fleet Awaits ~

It's early in the morning and a whole fleet of carts stands at attention waiting for golfers. For golfers, Tucson is a sports paradise! Fore!

26 April 2013

Vending Balls ~

These big, old, scuffed vending machines are true work horses! Day after day and week after week they dispense golf balls at the Fred Enke Golf Course practice range.

25 April 2013

Spring Snowfall ~

Yes, it's that time of year when allergy sufferers are perusing the drugstore shelves for the latest products to ease their itchy eyes, sneezing, and other symptoms. It's amazing that pollen can be so beautiful and so annoying! This fluffy yellow pollen is from a Palo Verde tree. 

24 April 2013

Re-shaping the Skyline ~

There is a massive amount of construction going on all over Tucson these days. Downtown there is all of the infrastructure work to accommodate the upcoming streetcar and here is a peek at new dorms going up to house more UA students. P.S. to Kathy from Boston - let me know where to send your prize!

23 April 2013

Special Shout Out: Kathy from Boston ~

Hey there to Kathy from Boston! You were the winner of last week's "Where is this?" contest and I haven't heard from you! Please email me at: TucsonDailyPhoto@gmail.com with your address so that I can mail your prize! Please choose from either the "Monday Already?" T-shirt or mousepad. You can see the t-shirt and mousepad image on the TDP home page. Again, congratulations!

22 April 2013

Ninja Umbrellas ~

On such a sunny day these black umbrellas conjured up the word "ninja" to me. The restaurant was just about to open so this stark patio would have been filled with people and color just a few minutes later.

21 April 2013

Beautiful Bus Stop ~

Kudos to whomever decided to combine art with utility on University Blvd. The result is this great stone, wood, and metal canopy bus stop - a fun and imaginative spot to wait for the bus.

20 April 2013

Leaning trees ~

Thought you would enjoy a few more views of Main Gate/Geronimo Square. Just to the north of Sinbad's Restaurant is this interesting metal sculpture of a tree. Is it just me or is it leaning exactly the same way as the real tree in the background?!

19 April 2013

2 photos: Kind benches ~

Thanks to Ellen's good hint and Kathy from Boston's correct ID of the "Where is this?" location, let me share a few more images of Main Gate/Geronimo Square....  One of the most charming features of the plaza is the colorful tile and mosaic benches placed there by the Ben's Bells Project team. Sit in the shade for a bit and think about the power of kindness.

16 April 2013

NEW CLUE: Time for another "Where is this?"

OK Tucson lovers ~ here's another "Where is this?" contest. We are looking at a place that has several restaurants to choose from. Where ARE these colorful umbrellas? First one to identify this location wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt (or mousepad) with the "Monday Already?" ram image. Good luck!

No positive ID yet so here's some more info to help you. This area has a name of its own.... "-------- Square" and the restaurants there all have indoor and outdoor dining. This area also has some unusual benches.... Good luck! 

15 April 2013

A new old Restaurant ~

I am so happy that the long-closed Saguaro Corners Restaurant has reopened! It was closed years ago and new owners have just revamped it and are serving a Mexican menu. I am glad they kept the original sign! The feature of this place is the floor-to-ceiling glass windows that permit wildlife viewing. We saw lots of birds but there will definitely be javelina sightings for sure and maybe even a bobcat - who knows? Drive out on Old Spanish Trail to get there.

14 April 2013

4 photos: Weird and Wonderful ~

Here's the last round-up from the EcoGro store. Their sign outside advertises "Weird Plants" and yep, that's what you'll see inside! Beautiful and unusual plants that will definitely be conversation starters in your garden. Scroll back to see the my previous days' posts and learn about aquaponic gardening. Their website is here.

13 April 2013

2 Photos: Grow your own ~

Yesterday you saw the giant salad box at EcoGro and today I want to post the showroom's centerpiece - the aquaponic pools. Highest pool contains fish whose waste breaks down into beneficial nitrates for the plants (in the 2nd tier). Third tier is additional filtering for the water. Growing in the rock bin the store had peppers, basil, and more. And no weeding! For more info on this green hobby, click here.

12 April 2013

Big Box O' Lettuce ~

I happened to visit a very interesting store - EcoGro - and began learning about hydroponic gardening. The store is way west on St Mary's - just before I-10 but well worth a visit. For more info about this earth friendly and water-saving process, click here.

11 April 2013

Stormy weather and a funny warning sign ~

Here's one more storm photo from earlier in the week. I always laugh when I see this warning sign to motorists, "Congested Area." It's way east on Speedway and I've never figured out what it means.... more than 2 cars on the road at one time? (:

10 April 2013

2 photos: Weird Weather ~

We are definitely experiencing some wacky weather these last 2 days. First we had high winds - VERY high winds in my neighborhood, in fact. Then came the cold rains. The Catalina Mountains were almost invisible through the dust that the winds kicked up. The soft grey sky has its own kind of beauty, though.

09 April 2013

Let a pro show you ~

A follower of the site sent this image to me with this comment, "Before I moved away from Tucson I found this image on a website (don't remember which one) and use it as my screen saver to remind me of home. Downtown looks great all lit up. I like the glow on the mountains." So let me share my thanks to the professional photographer who originally took this photo - whoever you may be!

08 April 2013

2 Photos: Wee Tea ~

Not only can you have a lovely tea or lunch at the Chantilly Tea House, you can also find gift items that are not found in your average Dillard's or Target store. Here I'm showing a wee tea set in buttercup yellow - a charming gift for any little girl. Sweet indeed.

07 April 2013

Gracious gazebo ~

Here is the centerpiece of the lovely Chantilly Tea Room gift shop - an ornate wrought iron gazebo that houses tea linens, teas, teapots, aprons, and all manner of lovely gifts for tea lovers.

06 April 2013

Far flung foreign fans ~

So imagine my delight in traffic when I spot this Ontario, Canada license plate: 2 Son. Yep, it's all about Tucson! Love it. 

05 April 2013

Southwest Good Luck Charm ~

You know you're in the Southwest when you see strands of drying chile peppers (ristras).  Ristras are hung in front of a home to welcome visitors and to bring good luck.

04 April 2013

Some new kind of flaming cactus ~

I'm not sure quite what is going on here with this fun flaming red and yellow cholla branch but I love the technicolor paint treatment that matches the big pots! Fun!

03 April 2013

Once in a blue moon ~

At first when I saw this blue moon I thought it had been hung to match the moon's current cycle and wondered if we were having a second full moon this month but no - it's just a piece of fun art for the front porch!

02 April 2013

Birds of a feather ~

These birds - flamingos and roosters - aren't typically "birds of a feather" but they do socialize together at the Civano Nursery where you can find all sorts of interesting creatures for your lawn, garden, or patio!

01 April 2013

Tucson's own Audrey II ~

For anyone who loved "Little Shop of Horrors," this enormous agave should remind you a little of "Audrey II." This would sure be a pretty effective security system, don't you think - just eat any trespassers!