11 December 2018

Tucson Trivia ~ Holiday Style!

The "El Nacimiento" holiday display is a true "must see" in Tucson! Created by Maria Luisa Tena in the 1970s, El Nacimiento is the largest and longest-running nativity scene in the Southwest. The Nacimiento is a traditional Mexican nativity scene, an artistic expression originating in Colonial Mexico. As the Tucson Museum of Art explains, 

“In an intricate arrangement of hundreds of miniature figures, it combines the symbolism of the Spanish Colonial Catholic Church with the simplicity and faith of everyday existence in rural Mexico. Some of the scenes are from the Christmas story of the Bible; others show traditional Mexican village life with an accuracy that extends even to the tiny replicas of kitchen utensils in the country dwellings.”

08 December 2018

Definitely something different!

These graceful dancers definitely added some sparkle to the party! I was a party guest where the Belly Dance troupe entertained and did a quick lesson, too! How fun! Here's their info to learn more. They were wonderful! 

07 December 2018

Holiday Horse!

The season has started! Tucson's beautiful Tohono Chul Park is getting ready for the holidays!

Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson, Tucson realtor extraordinaire and generous Sponsor of this site!

06 December 2018

Tucson Throwback Thursday ~

06 DECEMBER 2012

Secret shopping ~

This is a wonderful store that is on the grounds of hte famous El Corral restaurant - so it's a little hidden from view. "Diamond Lil's" feataures vintage clothing and jewelry. I can't find a website for t hem but I did find this basic info on Yelp:  2201 E River Rd, Tucson, AZ 85718; Open Wed-Sun 3pm - 9 pm. 
A newer Yelp entry: https://www.yelp.com/biz/diamond-lils-vintage-and-gifts-tucson

04 December 2018

Repair Shop Visible from Space!

Tuesday means Tucson Trivia!
According to Guinness World Records, Tucson's Davis-Monthan Airforce Base (known locally as DM) has the largest aircraft repair shop and storage facility on Earth. This mighty "shop" covers almost 3,000 acres and stores 350,000 tools. 

03 December 2018

AWESOME way to start the week!

We never get tired of Tucson's mountainous beauty. This is a sunrise capturing a magnificent view ~ WOW!

Photo courtesy of George Goldman. 

02 December 2018

Bejeweled Steer ~

Have you ever seen a long-horned steer with so much BLING? This fellow is on display at El Corral Restaurant (River Road). Sparkly! 
Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

01 December 2018

Picnic Grounds ~

A tree in my front yard was this Sharp Shinned Hawk's picnic area. I didn't really want to investigate exactly WHAT was being ripped apart! To learn more about these birds - including listening to their call - click here