29 February 2012

Spring, Seeds, Sprout ~

If you are a "start from scratch" type of gardener, you should definitely check out Civano Nursery's Seed Shack. Lots of choices and the experts there are happy to guide you.

28 February 2012

Royal bird residence ~

Treat your yard's birds royally ~ let them nest in a proper castle! Or this could be used as a bird feeder if you placed food on the platform. http://www.civanonursery.net

27 February 2012

Celebrating 12th member of "Team Tucson" ~

For those of you who check the site regularly, you know that once in a while I shine a spotlight on an individual who is part of TEAM TUCSON ~ someone who simply makes living in Tucson great by what they do and how they contribute to the community.

Today let me introduce you to Eric, gardening guru extraordinaire. Eric works at the terrific Civano Nursery and has been there since its inception 13 years ago. Eric and his colleagues can advise you about your garden issues and guide you in your selections. They can also design a custom garden for you and take care of the professional installation. And even if you are not a gardener, there are many reasons to visit the nursery - gorgeous pots and many potted plants that will enhance your indoor space as well as wind chimes and other nice gift items.

26 February 2012

You're never too young to be kind ~

Tucson's wonderful Elizabeth Borton Magnet Elementary School (consistently recognized for its excellence) combines fantastic art projects and outdoor gardening with classroom learning. This "Kindness Mural" was a student project. It says, "Take care of your garden and keep out the weeds. Fill it with sunshine, kind words, and kind deeds."

If you'd like to learn more about the creation of this beautiful mural and see a larger photo of it, click here.

25 February 2012

Tucson ~ a bird's eye view

Tucson's iconic courthouse dome is one of the architectural beauties of downtown and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Pima County Courthouse was designed by Roy Place and built in 1929. It still serves for lower level criminal cases.

Downtown walking tours all include this beautiful building with its graceful arches and distinctive dome.

24 February 2012

Black Sonora ~

Everyone knows the giant red "Sonora" sculpture in front of the main library downtown. But here's a very different view of it at night. The library illuminating it from behind makes it look like a huge black spider.

23 February 2012

Ancient American Indian Wisdom ~

Sitting at a red light it took me a moment to "get" this message. It's good advice: In order to succeed, "You've Got to Want To..."

22 February 2012

Grass wraps ~

Yesterday I gave you a tip how to instantly brighten up your patio. Today's gardening hint is: take shortcuts. Instead of sowing grass seed and coaxing it to grow, buy an instant lawn with a sod roll up. Easy, yes?

21 February 2012

Spring seating ~

If you want the quickest way possible to perk up a drab patio & yard, add some of these colorful plastic chairs for a cheerful lift! Spring will be here before you know it so get ready for those patio parties and say "Welcome" with a chair bouquet.

20 February 2012

Tucson's Gaslight Theatre ~ a local treasure

The Gaslight Theatre never fails to please its happy audiences. The ensemble cast's incredible energy and good spirits offer family entertainment that is funny and toe tapping. Live band, ice cream sundaes, pizza, laughter, and audience participation - what else do you need? This is a truly fun place and if you haven't been there in awhile, put it on your list. Right now "Two Amigos" is the production through March 25. www.thegaslighttheatre.com/currentshow.htm

19 February 2012

Under the Big Top at the Fox ~

This year's ADDY awards (the advertising Oscars) was held at the historic downtown Fox Theatre. The theme was Under the Big Top and a flame juggler (scroll down) greeted attendees. Irreverant local MC extraordinaire, Dave Fitzsimmons, was the evening's witty host. The best & brightest of Tucson's advertising community was honored.

18 February 2012

More Tucson Barrio beauty ~

This striking glass flower spear is displayed on a private home's lawn on Main Street ~ a beautiful area for a nice stroll to enjoy many gorgeous historic homes.

17 February 2012

Unique view of downtown ~

I had the chance to attend a meeting at the new Unisource/TEP headquarters and this energy-efficient building is beautiful. This photo is from the mezzanine overlooking the grand entry atrium. Across the street is the historic building that Providence renovated for its headquarters. Old & New - side by side. Downtown Tucson is vibrant and open for business!

16 February 2012

Exciting announcement! "Bad Day" T-shirt

Haven't you had days like this one? I sure have! After I posted this "Bad Day" ram photo on August 22 I had requests to put the image on a t-shirt. So, here you go! This 100% cotton t-shirt says, "Monday Already?"

Price for this conversation-starting shirt is just $16 which INCLUDES shipping (continental US only). Part of that money goes to charity because ~ for every shirt sold I will make a $2 donation to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (the permanent home of this expressive ram).

How to get one of your very own is simple!
1/Go to Paypal (http://www.paypal.com/) and click on the link to "Send Money."
2/You will then input this email address: Diannewoof@yahoo.com to complete the transaction. I will make every effort to ship the same day or the next day at the latest.

For now I'm offering the shirt in the ever-popular "Men's Large" size. I plan to offer other sizes if the response is good. Please send this link to anyone you know who might enjoy this fun shirt. Thank you!

15 February 2012

Another naming opportunity ~

In addition to the fine rooster posted on Monday, Phil at Copper Country Antiques has also added this patriotic giraffe to his menagerie. This tall one is also currently without a proper moniker. Ideas, anyone? Red, white, & blue - how about SAM?

14 February 2012

A day dedicated to all things sweet ~

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you have a sweet day with plenty of chocolate. These sweets are part of the delicious offerings at Le Delice. Mmmm!

13 February 2012

Tucson's big crowing rooster ~

I happened to drive by Copper Country Antiques and what did I spy but a big ol' ROOSTER standing in front. Naturally I had to investigate. The store's owner, Phil, happened to be there and I learned that this brand new addition to the store's wonderful menagerie needs a name and he's considering calling him RALPH. Ralph can crow all about the great items you can find inside. http://www.coppercountryantiques.com/

12 February 2012

Rendezvous at Rincon ~

Can a grocery store be a community center? Tucson's Rincon Market is that and more. The market sells groceries but it also has an amazing hot & cold deli area, a salad bar, a mouthwatering pastry selection, and a coffee bar, too. Chairs & tables (both inside & out) make this a convenient meeting place on 6th Street in the historic Sam Hughes neighborhood.

11 February 2012

Crazy clock ~

Depending on if you are looking at the east face or south face of this clock, you could gain (or lose!) two and a half hours. Handy, I guess, if you're running late...

10 February 2012

Gorgeous gate ~

I had to stop and admire this gorgeous tree of life metal gate/door. The mosaic glass canopy shimmers in the light. Magical!

09 February 2012

Spring in every step ~

This charming floral welcome is so cheerful! These blooming lovelies are on the front steps of an historic home on Main Street.

08 February 2012

Tucson's construction champions ~

Recently more than 100 Pima County JTED construction students (representing 9 area high schools) competed for championship recognition in masonry, electrical, plumbing, and carpentry at Catalina Magnet High School. The carpentry competitors worked in teams to build a planter that matched the precise specifications they were given. The winners will be able to compete in the State SkillsUSA competition in Phoenix to be held Marh 27-28. This is a fantastic program! To learn more about the competition requirements, go to www.azskillsusa.org

Photos courtesy of Greg D'Anna.

07 February 2012

Typically Tucson ~ roadside beauty

A gorgeous blanket of orange and yellow flowers brightens the landscape on a residential side street. The beautiful Catalinas are to the north.

06 February 2012

Flower power shelter ~

This is one of many artist-designed bus stop shelters in Tucson. This beauty, "Arbor Depot," was designed by Joe Tyler. It is installed on Church Street near the courthouse. A wonderful combination of practicality and beauty!

05 February 2012

Tucson Viewfinder ~

The big red sculpture, "Sonora," gets the lion's share of attention on the Valdez Library's Jacome Plaza but walk closer to the courthouse and you'll see these delightful pieces by David Elliott on the west side. This one serves as a frame for anything you want to view. And don't miss the metal cut out of the courthouse on top! I don't know anything about the white "apostrophe" sculpture.... anyone else know?

04 February 2012

Ahhh ~ canine sunbathing

Here is one of Tucson's canine residents, Champ, basking in the sun. Oh he looks blissful! You'd never know it was February with the sunshine & warmth we're getting now.

03 February 2012

Tucson icon ~

Whenever travel stories include photos of Tucson, the beautiful mosaic dome of the downtown courthouse is often featured. It's a beautiful building with an interesting history. Click here for some archival photos and a webcam of the building. And to answer the question on any out-of-town visitor's lips ~ YES, our sky really is that blue!

02 February 2012

Tucson Treasure, Tucson National

Tucson has dozens of beautiful and world-class golf courses. Here's a lovely view of part of Tucson National's course, home to many PGA tournaments and the Chrysler Classic.

01 February 2012

Sax & the Sidewalk

Casas Adobes Plaza's Alchemista Aromatherapy Sanctuary & Spa was the scene for a jazz concert this past weekend that featured James Anderson and the Shakybones band. Photo courtesy of Mark Wight. http://www.shakybones.net/band.html