31 July 2016

Looks more like beachfront property than desert!

No, that's not a diver's mask.... that's the top of a submerged vehicle that was trapped when the underpass at Stone Avenue was flooded in 8 feet of water! When I say we are getting rain, I am not joking!
Photo courtesy Ron Medvescek

30 July 2016

Running like a river ~

We are again having crazy, loud monsoon storms. This is a view from my kitchen door looking at the water rushing across my patio and my sidewalk. I wish I could provide a sound track of the torrential rains - LOUD! 

29 July 2016

Who knew?

I had no idea that this karaoke bar was so close to my house. I have probably driven past this strip mall thousands of times and never noticed Margarita Bay. A friend suggested we go and it was crazy fun! I haven't been to a karaoke bar in so long I can't even remember....   Hey after a couple of drinks everyone sounds great. (smile)

28 July 2016

Yes, they are hanging upside down ~

The lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling in the Hub restaurant in downtown Tucson are regular old table lamps that have been installed upside down. It does make you realize that the most common things can look quite uncommon if you change your perspective. Fun! 

27 July 2016

Watching a storm rolling in ~

I just love this photo! It looks like this cactus family has stopped for a break on their hike and they are watching the approaching storm clouds. "Should we keep going to the peak or should we turn back?"
Photo courtesy of David Sewell.

26 July 2016

Tucson Stargazing Fans ~

Tucson is home to many observatories and there are many amateur astronomy groups in town that host star gazing events throughout the year. Here it looks like these homeowners are celebrating Kitt Peak Observatory on their property wall. 

25 July 2016

A Tucson Treasure since 1922!

El Charro has been family run since 1922 and is one of Tucson's most popular Mexican restaurants. The spinach enchiladas are muy bueno! Personally, I only like the original location - the one downtown on Court Street - although there are a few branches elsewhere in town. For me, the new ones just can't duplicate the atmosphere. 

24 July 2016

Spotlight on a Tucson artist ~

Photographed at the Etherton Gallery where several of his paintings are on display, here is Bill Wiggins, a very talented Tucson artist. One of Bill's specialties is Day of the Dead imagery. To see more of Bill's work, click here. To read more about the exhibit, click here.

Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.

23 July 2016

Meow ~ Kitty Vacay!

Looks like a pretty nice set up for a kitty vacation! Basketball, Beach Blanket, and a Boom Box!

22 July 2016

Freaky Friday Image ~

Um, looks like the contractor forgot to build a porch on this house! And no one noticed??

Photo courtesy of Gene Brown. 

21 July 2016

Throwback Thursday ~ Chocolate Chip Cookies and Line Dancing!

21 JULY 2011

Cookie conga line ~ the chocolate dance!


Has it really been 5 years since the DoubleTree Hotel cookie van was in town? Here's the post from July 21, 2011. 

Who wouldn't do the happy dance for a delicious DoubleTree chocolate chip cookie? To celebrate 25 years of cookie baking, the DoubleTree cookie van & the cookie line dancers distributed free cookies at the main library on Stone on Wednesday morning. Yum~

20 July 2016

Always Good Advice ~

There is probably a correlation between the number of road rage episodes and the temperature. We are stuck in the triple digits right now so "Simmer Down" is definitely good advice. Come on, monsoons! Cool us down! 

19 July 2016

Milan in Tucson ~

There are so many good and fun restaurants to try in downtown Tucson now. I'd like to recommend one that is not part of the newest crowd of eateries -- this one has been a staple downtown for a long time - Caffe Milano. It is a wonderful restaurant with a homey and slightly rustic vibe. The food is wonderful. Bon appetito! 

18 July 2016

Spooky Alley; Golden Message ~

This interesting metalwork gate and the golden light was what first caught my eye as we were strolling downtown. Then I noticed the huge "Be Kind" (the motto for Ben's Bells) mural. Always a good reminder - day or night!

17 July 2016

Random Floating Orbs ~

These beautiful glass orbs are so random -- some look like planets, some look like creatures, some look like Christmas tree ornaments. They are all suspended artfully and float in an unmarked window on a downtown Tucson side street. Fun! 

16 July 2016

Land-based Oriole Nest?

When I first saw this photo I thought it looked like a giant oriole nest! But since it was fashioned from barbed wire I think the homeowner might be sending a barbed message (sorry, that was irresistible!) to say: "No Bills or Junk Mail, Please!"
Photo courtesy of David Sewell. 

15 July 2016

Monsoons, anyone?

We are generally lamenting the lack of monsoon rains in these last couple of weeks. Are the storms DONE for this year? Wow - seemed like a very short "season" to me. Anyway, I found this incredible video done by Ray Cleveland, a Tucson photographer, who captured a monsoon storm from last year. This is fun and amazing to watch! Check it out here.
Photo courtesy of Ray Cleveland.

14 July 2016

Tucson's Downtown Dragon ~

Well, technically it isn't a dragon; it's a Griffin (1/2 lion, 1/2 eagle). This fantastic, bold sculpture guards Scott Avenue near Broadway and is one of downtown's most magnificent pieces of public art. If you want to see a daytime photo of him that I posted a few years ago, click here

13 July 2016

Building-sized Still Life: Quail with Fruit ~ Fun!

This bold and fun fruit mural is part of the many colorful surprises in store for you if you haven't visited downtown Tucson recently. It seems like there is something fun around every corner as you stroll around. This vivid mural by Issac Caruso is tucked into a niche along the west side of Scott Avenue north of Congress. It is another beautiful example of the visionary work produced by the Downtown Murals Project. That link will show you photos of the mural from start to finish - it's fascinating!

12 July 2016

And the answer is.....

Wow - not a single guess as to where these panels are displayed! OK - for those of you who enjoy Indian food, here is a place that you MUST try - Saffron Indian Bistro. It is located on Oracle at Suffolk Road - in the Oracle Crossing shopping complex. It has a modern vibe and a wonderful menu. Bon appetit! 

11 July 2016

Last Day to Make Your Guess!

Since no one ventured a guess as to "Where is this?" yesterday, here are two clues:
It is not part of downtown Tucson's wide range of restaurants.
It is north of River Road.
Good luck!  

10 July 2016

Time again for a "Where is this?" contest!

Regular followers on the site know that if you are the first person to correctly identify this location you will win a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt or mousepad! It's obvious this is a restaurant in Tucson..... but where? 

09 July 2016

Naked Marilyn on the Move ~

At a recent party I attended it was fun to have a live DJ who played vinyl records on a real turntable! And check out the turntable -- the turntable's cover is the iconic calendar pin-up image of Marilyn Monroe! 

08 July 2016

Friday Favorites ~ Yours or Mine!

For this "Friday Favorite" I chose a photo of a spectacular Tucson sunset in my neighborhood. I snapped this one a couple of years ago when I was out walking my pups in the evening.

Want to see something posted again? Love a certain kind of photo (random weird thing, historic building, public art)? Let me know what you would like to revisit and I will dig through my thousands of images and post something just for you! 

06 July 2016

Sign from the Old West ~

Not that you can actually drive fast in this neighborhood! I love this old hand-painted sign at the entrance to El Callej√≥n, the small historic neighborhood off Ft. Lowell Road.  
Photo courtesy of David Sewell.

05 July 2016

The Boys in the Band ~

No Mexican restaurant experience is complete without some mariachi music, yes? Well Los Portales has a permanent steel band greeting diners at the door. Fun! 

03 July 2016

Los Portales - more mural

Here is the accompanying mural that is adjacent to the Los Portales Restaurant mural that was posted yesterday. I love these Old West themes! 

02 July 2016

A Tucked Away Treasure ~

Here is one part of a wonderful mural that you can only see if you are in the parking lot. The old Mexican restaurant Los Portales on South 6th has a mural painted on the south side of the building. Fun! 

01 July 2016

It is official! Monsoon is here ~

It's time again to post one of the most amazing videos that I have ever seen! We are in the heart of monsoon season in Tucson and this video will astonish you. Click here for something wonderful. Enjoy!