31 March 2016

It's contest time again! Where is this?


Hurray! It's contest time again! For you regular site visitors, you already know that the first person to identify where this is in Tucson wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt. Here are THREE pieces of this mural puzzle. Good luck! 

30 March 2016

We're a friendly bunch here ~

In addition to this SUV's "Be Kind" sticker (see Ben's Bells for more info on that slogan!), the license plate has a nice greeting on it: How are you doing? (:

29 March 2016

Tucson's T-Rex Bone ~

These fun Bone Benches and Paw-imprint Bench are in a dog park that my pups love -- the Purple Heart Dog Park in Rita Ranch. There are my pups, Jasper and Abby, trotting to the entrance to greet a newcomer. This park is really nice for both dogs and their owners!

28 March 2016

Ah......retirement dreamin'!

I went to a retirement party and this amazing cake was one of the dessert features. No, it wasn't done by a fancy bakery; it was baked and decorated by one of the party guests!  Check out the empty beer can beside the lazy retiree.....  funny and fun cake! 

27 March 2016

Rare sighting in Tucson ~

I am from the east coast and at Easter time it was not unusual to see outside trees decorated with eggs. I was very surprised and delighted to spot this old fashioned "Egg Tree" on Wrightstown Road. Happy holiday to everyone! Eat candy and enjoy! 

26 March 2016

One of Tucson's best ~

La Indita (little female Indian) on 4th Avenue is always on the list of top Mexican restaurants in Tucson. One of the features of the interior is a full wall mural of a Mexican countryside scene. In fact, even the baseboards of the booths are hand painted. It is quaint and charming! 

25 March 2016

In land-locked Tucson, a submarine!

Yes, you are looking at a giant submarine in the Sonoran Desert. The welded submarine sides form a newi-sh Mexican seafood restaurant on 1st Avenue: El Berraco . This is a fun submarine-themed restaurant that serves a wide variety of seafood that is hard to match at any of Tucson's other Mexican restaurants. And dozens of types of beer! 

24 March 2016

Worth the Wait ~

Three years ago I planted this rose bush to honor my friend Michelle. After its initial blooms dropped, it did not bloom in 2014 or 2015 but this year it is in beautiful full flower on the third anniversary of her death. You are so missed, my friend! 

23 March 2016

Short and Sweet ~

 Tucson is the home of a remarkable nonprofit organization called "Ben's Bells."  The organization's motto is "Be Kind" and you can see that message all over Tucson - on bumper stickers and on murals such as this one on a public school on Tucson Boulevard.

22 March 2016

Spring means chicks!

Spring at my house means baby doves! Every year I get to watch at least one new family hatch tucked up in my patio roof rafters or in/on my flower pots. Here's mama with her twins. Sweet!

21 March 2016

The wonderful Rogue!

Here is the entry way of another one of Tucson's amazing and wonderful small theatres - the Rogue Theatre on University Blvd. I attended a table reading of Edward Albee's "Three Tall Women" and it was wonderful - thoughtful and funny and quite moving. 

20 March 2016

A 63-year-old fish joint!

This south Tucson restaurant is a veritable institution and has been at 4th Avenue and 35th Street since 1952. Fair warning...this is not a fancy dining room experience.... it's mostly a take away food joint that serves fried seafood in plastic baskets. Sue's is one of the few places in town that specializes in fish & chips. I love their old neon sign!

Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.

19 March 2016

Wonderful, joyful street art!

Celebrating the name of their street, Calle de Jardin, (Garden Street), these homeowners have painted their wall with vines, leaves, and huge sunflowers. The wall curves around to also brighten the view to passersby on Broadway. They even tricked out their mailbox as a charming little house. NICE!

18 March 2016

A royal gem - the Coronet Cafe ~

The charming Coronet Cafe on the ground floor of the Coronado Hotel is one of my favorite spots! The owners have created a European ambiance and a sort-of French(ish) menu to delight their diners. Outside patio is wonderful and the food is all fresh, homemade, and delicious. The Coronado Hotel is on 9th Street at the underpass to downtown.
Photo courtesy of Susan Dodson.

17 March 2016

The mysteries of life....

This powerful Mark Rossi sculpture is in front of the main building at Udall Park. The Tohono O'odam woman is holding a "Man in the Maze" basket and is placed within a labyrinth/maze herself. Here's what the Smithsonian Art database says about this piece:

The sculpture is made up of two sections: a female figure on a pedestal and a landscaped ellipse within a circular driveway. The figure depicts Tohono O'Odham, a Native American woman who is holding a woven basket with both hands extended outward in front of her. She is dressed in a long dress and coat with a scarf on her head. At her feet are deer antlers, a desert lizard, saguaro cactus flower, sea shell, piece of broken pot, stone mano, two sticks placed at a seventy-five degree angle and lashed together where they cross, and the head and torso of a primitive figure. The figure stands in the center of the landscaped ellipse. The image of I'itoi, the elder brother, is painted at the top opening of the design.

16 March 2016

6,000 Tucsonans on 4" x 4" tiles ~

Lining both sides of the 4th Avenue underpass are thousands of black and white portrait tiles displaying photos of Tucsonans - both human and canine. If there are any cats or other animals, I didn't spot one but they could be there! The Tucson Portrait Project was led by Gary Patch and Darren Clark. This is an amazing display! 

15 March 2016

A non-mobile Food Truck!

Food trucks are very popular in Tucson and they offer an astonishing variety of meals and snacks and desserts. They show up on street corners and parking lots to capture crowds leaving theatres, clubs, and other events.

I spotted this one that is quite settled into its spot. It's clear this food truck doesn't drive around. It is permanently parked in a lot on 4th Avenue and has its own street signage and dining area! Kind of like mobile homes that never move! 

14 March 2016

Big Theatre ~

Here is my friend Valerie posing with three of the giant stars of "Barrio Stories," a production by Borderlands Theatre. The outdoor production presented the rich stories of the Mexican American neighborhood that was destroyed with the construction of the Tucson Convention Center.  

13 March 2016

Minty Fun ~

I have seen this beautiful T-bird so many times in traffic and always admired it. I also thought the license plate was particularly clever considering the car's mint color. When I pulled in next to it at the Home Depot, I had to take a closer look and yes, it's mint! 

12 March 2016

Opening Night!

The front patio of Tucson's Temple of Music and Art displayed this fun light feature for the opening night of the Arizona Theatre Company's production of "Of Mice and Men," the theatrical adaptation of John Steinbeck's book. Scott Greer in the role of Lenny stole the show. A wonderful theatre experience! It plays in Tucson through March 26th. 

11 March 2016

Workout inspiration ~

Here's the view I get to enjoy during my strength training workout at the Y. Yep, we work out on the patio! The weather now is just perfect in late afternoon for exercise. 

10 March 2016

Celebrating Costume Design ~

The Arizona Repertory Theatre is now presenting Shakespeare's "The Tempest" at the Tornabene Theatre. Except for Prospero dropping his lines again (and again, and again), the show was really enjoyable and the costumes were truly inspired - especially Ariel and the other female spirits. This wonderful historical costume display is in the lobby. 

09 March 2016

Salon Side View ~

You never know what you will find when you stroll on the side streets off of 4th Avenue in Tucson. This circa 1900's home is now a hip hair salon. 

08 March 2016

The Love Lock up ~

This metal work "Sugar Skull" is one of several Love Sculptures that decorate 4th Avenue. Here you can pledge your love, lock it up, and throw away the key. It's such a romantic gesture..... So sweet!

07 March 2016

It's contest time again! Where is this?

OK - you regular visitors to the site know that from time to time I post a photo and ask you to identify where the photo was taken. The first to identify this location gets the gift of a "fabulous" TucsonDailyPhoto t-shirt or mousepad featuring the expressive "Monday already?" ram. Ready? Set? Go! Good luck.

Day #2: OK, here are 2 clues to help you identify this location:
1: It is north of Broadway.
2: It is south of Speedway

Day #3: All is revealed! This photo was taken from the back patio of Ermanos Craft Beer and Wine Bar located on 4th Avenue just north of 9th Street. I'm surprised that Roseann was the only one who threw her hat into the "guess where" ring! Alas, no winner for this "Where is this?"

04 March 2016

03 March 2016

Another fun Throwback Thursday ~ Tucson History

03 MARCH 2010

A Tucson Neighborhood Named after Dessert!

This home, circa 1800's, is in the historic Pie Allen neighborhood. I was walking near 4th Avenue and this house was on Hoff Avenue near 8th. The area is named after John "Pie" Allen, a man who was famous for his delicious dried apple pies (fresh fruit was not in supply year round). He was also a regional entrepreneur and ran trading posts and post offices from Bisbee to Wickenburg.

02 March 2016

On the Wing ~

This magnificent bird sculpture yard art also serves as a bird feeder holder!  Notice the globe-shaped hummingbird feeder hung from the wing....  Fun! 

01 March 2016

Tucson's Dog in Chief ~

While my boss was on a business trip to China I brought my pups into the office. Jasper found his way into my boss's chair (gee, don't know how that happened!) and he has been dubbed the company's "Dog in Chief." My boss describes it as a failed coup attempt. (: