23 March 2016

Short and Sweet ~

 Tucson is the home of a remarkable nonprofit organization called "Ben's Bells."  The organization's motto is "Be Kind" and you can see that message all over Tucson - on bumper stickers and on murals such as this one on a public school on Tucson Boulevard.


  1. I found a Ben's Bell once on a trip to Tucson. I had finished a book and went to the Little Free Library on Lester to exchange the book. Hanging on the Library was a Ben's Bell. I now have it hanging in my home in Massachusetts. Perfect message today.

  2. Hi Kathy! WOW - that is a great story! And funny because I am considering setting up a LFL in front of my house. I want to build it from one of their kits. I, too, found a Ben's Bell and have it hanging outside my kitchen window.