24 March 2016

Worth the Wait ~

Three years ago I planted this rose bush to honor my friend Michelle. After its initial blooms dropped, it did not bloom in 2014 or 2015 but this year it is in beautiful full flower on the third anniversary of her death. You are so missed, my friend! 


  1. That is beautiful. What a nice tribute to your friend. Do you know what kind of rose it is? Does it have a fragrance?

  2. It does not have a fragrance - or if it does it is very very faint. I think it is called the Lady Banks Rose. (:

  3. I'm so glad to see these stunning roses on the plant that honors your dear friend. I have the last geraranium that my mom got for her spring garden 3 years ago right before she passed away. It sits on my desk and is blooming like crazy. Love shows up in so many ways.