31 March 2012

A cannon for home defense?

Yes, the top photo does look like a howitzer is placed to defend the house but scroll down for a little broader perspective. I attended a ceremony at Ft Huachuca and took this photo on the parade grounds. "Colonel Row" is the nickname for the street of officers' houses that overlook the grounds. The howitzer is placed near the flagpole. 

30 March 2012

Tucson's biggest gym rat ~

Now this guy is pumping some SERIOUS iron. His dumbbells are bigger than truck tires! He's standing on the opposite corner to balance Mr Sumo Wrestler from yesterday. They are at the Toyota dealership on 22nd and Kolb.

29 March 2012

Mighty Sumo ~ Mighty Big!

I know that sumo wrestlers are big but this one is REALLY BIG! He's standing on the corner of 22nd & Kolb in the Toyota dealership lot. Check back tomorrow to see who is on the opposite corner - fun!

28 March 2012

A cure for your Monday office blues ~

Hello everyone! After I posted this photo in August I had requests to turn it into a t-shirt and I did. Many thanks to everyone who ordered one! Now I'm offering this memorable image as a MOUSEPAD. Sure to brighten your work day and make your office mates smile. Ordering is easy - just send me an email me at: Tucsondailyphoto@gmail.com and I'll give you ordering information via paypal or personal check. Price is just $7.00 which includes shipping! A portion of the sale price goes to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum to support their great work. 

Thank you very much ~

27 March 2012

Mountain and sky times two ~

I caught this photo just as the Sierra Nevada beer delivery truck was pulling out of the parking lot. I love the truck's mountain and sky mural contrasted with Tucson's sky and mountains as background. Boy - that's a lot of beer!

26 March 2012

Art puzzle ~ word games

I have been able to spell out two words from this alphabet soup sculpture on the grounds of Steven Derks's Gallery 801: Arts Club. But I still had some letters left over.... don't know if there is a "right answer" to solve this letter puzzle ~ maybe that's the whole point - just play with letters. For more information about this very interesting gallery on Main, click here. 

25 March 2012

The bare minimum ~

For maybe a decade Tucson's El Con Mall has been renovating, remodeling, & redesigning the floor plan. On the north side of the mall there was once a plan for a food court that would open onto a large patio with a dramatic Spanish archway. Looks like the archway was dismantled and more changes are in the works. 

24 March 2012

Merry-go-round + Ferris Wheel + Candy = fun

The set up is almost complete now. I saw a merry-go-round, a ferris wheel, several other rides and a whole trailer dedicated to selling cotton candy! Head to 22nd & Columbus to ride the rides and eat spun sugar.

23 March 2012

Traveling carnival arrives in Tucson ~

Oh boy ~ the soon-to-be unloaded upside down sign identifies this as the "City of Fun" Carnival and it's setting up on 22nd Street near Columbus. Looks like a ferris wheel and an old fashioned merry-go-round are part of the rides. FUN! 

22 March 2012

Tucson's saguaro in the snow ~

I said earlier this week that Tucson was getting some wacky weather. A site follower just submitted this wintery photo that shows that we did, in fact, get snow here in the desert!
Photo courtesy of Roseann Milano.

21 March 2012

"R" is for Red Letter Day ~

You can call the color of these pots by many names ~ cayenne, chili pepper, or just plain old red. Whatever you call it, they will sure add some spice to your backyard!

20 March 2012

Tucson's wacky weather ~

Saturday was just gorgeous ~ in the 80's and beautiful. And the garden centers were jammed with people buying flowers, plants, and shrubs. Then Sunday arrived with low low temperatures and an all-day rain. Some northern parts of the county got SNOW! It's crazy weather and in the last 48 hours we have hit every level on this colorful mosaic thermometer ~ cold, just right, and hot!

19 March 2012

Tucson's yellow brick road ~

Looks like these buttery yellow pansies stretch for miles! I love the stepped garden and the contrast of the yellow flowers with Tucson's purple mountains and blue sky.  
Photo courtesy of Cathy Casper.

18 March 2012

Tucson's newest steakhouse ~

Here is the sleek bar area outside of the entrance to the P.Y. Steakhouse (not pronounced like "pie"; the name is the initials P Y). This is part of the new hotel and resort at Casino del Sol. They have some unusual drink offerings here ~ check it out!

17 March 2012

A very warm welcome ~

This is the beautiful and elegant check-in area for Casino del Sol's new hotel. If you think you need a getaway and don't want to go far from home, this is the place! The facility celebrated its grand opening in November and is ready to welcome you!

16 March 2012

Time is how you define it ~

You be the judge ~ is this sky sunrise or sunset? At the incredible Casino del Sol Hotel & Resort time is whatever you want it to be. Here in one of the slot machine areas the ceiling is a beautiful blue sky painted with clouds. And the time of day? That's for you to decide ~

15 March 2012

Gives new meaning to "in the pink" ~

This has to be an optimist's house! This pink house is one of many such colorful and beautiful homes in Tucson's historic barrio district. Don't miss that matching pink mailbox ~ For a quick tour of Tucson's barrio, click on the link below to see many other images that I have posted.

14 March 2012

Furry backseat driver ~

Such nice weather now ~ just right for rolling the window down and checking out the world outside your vehicle. I couldn't help but notice that the dog's window is down but the driver's window is all sealed up!

13 March 2012

The desert in bloom ~

These blooming beauties confirm that spring is definitely in residence now in Tucson. This gorgeous mountain laurel is on the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum's campus.

12 March 2012

Fun faux latticework ~

This wall's latticework pattern caught my eye and it is accomplished with turquoise and yellow paint and a stencil! A little paint magic ~ fun and so cheerful!

11 March 2012

Blooming bougainvillea & fresh oranges ~

Here's another charming residence on Tucson's Main Street. Three elements combine to make this a particularly welcoming entryway ~ bougainvillea in bloom, oranges ripe for picking, and a beautiful colorful tile mural. Home sweet home, indeed!

10 March 2012

Wild blue yonder ~

Our blue skies are coming back ~ the winds have calmed down a bit. With nice weather predicted for this weekend there will be lots of people at the garden stores planning their spring spruce ups. LOVE these blue beauties!

09 March 2012

Tucson's Curvy Lizard ~

The undulating wall of the Arizona State Office Building on Alameda has always reminded me of a gila monster lizard. It's definitely one of the more interesting modern buildings in Tucson's downtown.

08 March 2012

Stormy, dusty weather ~

Tucson is getting hit with terrible winds that are churning up a lot of dust. Check out the darkened clouds and stormy sky behind this charming adobe home on Main Street.

07 March 2012

Tucson's historic train station ~

Built in the early 1900's the Tucson train station was remodeled in 1941 and was beautifully restored in 2004. There is a full-service restaurant there now as well as a fun train museum. And it also has some ghosts but that's another story! To learn a bit more, click here.

06 March 2012

Tucson's Golden Girl ~

If you live in Tucson you have probably seen the TV ads where happy people marvel about the amount of money they received for broken gold jewelry from local "Good Ol' Tom." Well Copper Country Antiques displays a banner that says, "We pay more than Good Ol' Anyone." And here's Frieda (buffalo Fred's girlfriend) to tell you all about it!

04 March 2012

Typical Tucson sky ~

Today we enjoyed bright blue skies and really nice, warm temperatures. Lush green palm trees overhead complete the picture. Mmmm, it's spring!

03 March 2012

A rainbow of color ~

At the center of Tucson's downtown is a colorful group of offices and restaurants called "La Placita Village." It was designed to resemble a Mexican village and it is a cheerful riot of color. For visitors to the area, the Tucson Visitors' Center is housed there.

02 March 2012

The path to serenity ~

If you have a good sized backyard you can easily create a meditation circle like this one. The beauty of walking in such a path is that there is only one route (unlike a labrinyth or a maze where you make choices). Your mind can de-clutter and you simply walk at your own pace. Here's to having a wonderful, relaxing weekend!

01 March 2012

You have to sell a LOT of lipstick!

And all this time I had thought the legendary pink Cadillacs that Mary Kay gives to top sales reps were just that - a legend. Until today I had never seen one. Yep, this Cadillac SUV is a special "Mary Kay" model and it IS pink - but a very subtle tone. Check out the "kiss" on the top of the rear window! And the owner's vanity plate: ThankYouMaryKay.