30 June 2014

Snap, Crackle, Pop, Sizzle ~

These tents have popped up in most grocery store parking lots and many empty lots around town as well. They are all selling fireworks - a huge variety of noisemakers are available. The weird thing in Tucson is that fireworks are illegal within the City limits! So even though you can buy them within the City limits, you can't light them!

29 June 2014

Get your kicks on Route 66 ~

Have you ever tried to follow the original Route 66? It starts in Chicago and ends in L.A. and it spans the entire state of Arizona.  Years ago the road was decommissioned and some parts are now unpaved. In fact, modern maps don't even show it! I would love to make that drive and stop in the small towns along the way. That would be a GREAT trip!

28 June 2014

Gourmet olive oil tasting!



Have you ever gone to an olive oil tasting? What an amazing and fun evening this was at Alfonso's. They did a wine and cheese pairing and used their oils and balsamics to complement the food. Tom talked about the manufacturing processes and we tasted samples. The owner of Blu, a Cheese Stop, was also on hand to discuss the artisan cheeses that we enjoyed. Delicious and fun!

27 June 2014

Answer: Tohono Chul Park

Wow - two whole days and not a single guess of "Where is this?" I thought for sure that someone would recognize the bird houses at Tohono Chul Park. Well, thanks Roseann for the beautiful photos but we have to admit defeat: NO WINNER for this "Where is it?"
Photo courtesy of Roseann Milano.

26 June 2014

2nd image for "Where is this?"

Our most recent winner of the "Where is this?" contest is a multiple winner and decided to forfeit her prize and give it to the next person who can identify this Tucson site. The contest was launched yesterday but no one made a guess so here is a second image.... Where is this? Good luck!
Photo courtesy Roseann Milano.

25 June 2014

OMG! Another "Where is this?" contest!

Lovely suggestion! Our "Where is this?" winner from a few days ago suggested something fun. Since she already has her "fabulous" TDP t-shirt from a previous win, she suggested that she provide a photo and we run another "Where is this?" contest. She is donating her prize to the next winner! Go, Roseann! Thank you! So... you regular visitors know the drill: the first person to correctly identify this Tucson location wins one of the TDP ram t-shirts or mousepads. So - where is this??
Photo courtesy Roseann Milano.

24 June 2014

(Sun)bathing beauty~

This gorgeous fellow was keeping an eye on me while I watered my garden. Can anyone identify this lizard species?

23 June 2014

Fun Senior Prom for Seniors!

You don't have to be 17 to have fun at a prom! The Manor at Midvale, a senior retirement community in Tucson, held a fun senior prom for their seniors this past weekend! It was a Cruise Ship/Love Boat theme complete with ocean views, deck chairs, and seagulls!  Fun!! The bottom photo is the creative team who put this together: Debora Bowy, Jacqueline Jenott, VIcky Clarey, and Ken Clarey. Rock on, guys!
Photos courtesy Jacqueline Jenott.

22 June 2014

Tucson's Old Pueblo Grille

The winner of yesterday's "Where is this?" correctly identified it as Old Pueblo Grille.  Congratulations, Roseann! The photos from yesterday are the south side of the building - the entrance to the bar area. This is the front entrance.

21 June 2014

Night and Day - where am I?

OK, gang.... time for another "Where is this?" in Tucson! As frequent visitors to the site know, the first person to correctly identify the location wins a FABULOUS "Monday already?" t-shirt or mousepad. Start your engines and good luck!

20 June 2014

What came first?

What came first - the company name (M & M) or the vehicle for the company? When I saw this SUV with its spare tire that looks like a giant yellow M & M, I had to laugh!

19 June 2014

#Thowback Thursday

OK! Here's something fun. In the Internet spirit of "ThrowbackThursday" I thought I would re-post what we saw on this site on this day in June 2009. Enjoy! #TBT

Can you believe this is Tuscon? Many natives have never been to Agua Caliente Park on Tucson's eastside. Mmmm ~ cool and tranquil. Birders know this park is a paradise but you don't have to be a bird-watcher to enjoy the setting. Ponds, wildlife, shade, and lots of green... quite a refreshing outing!
To learn more: http://www.naturalwonders.net/agua/about.htm
For a map: http://www.naturalwonders.net/agua/aguamap1.pdf
Photo courtesy of Mark Wight.

18 June 2014

Notice anything odd about this photo?

As Dave Barry would say, "Sharp eyed readers alerted me....." that these addresses are not exactly sequential! What do you think happened to all of the house addresses between 1965 and 1999? My personal theory is that this Tucson street has a permanent rift in the time/space continuum. Anyone else want to explain this oddity??

17 June 2014

What a face! (3 photos)


Regular visitors to the site have met Lucretia, Tucson's most photogenic desert tortoise. From time to time her humans send me news on her life and we can all enjoy the updates.

Her favorite foods in the spring are kale and red leaf lettuce - yum! Her humans told me that she still grazes throughout the yard eating grasses, lemon tree leaves, and other sprouts popping up.

And the bottom photo is Lady Lucretia enjoying her first soak of the season. She hung out in the water for a good 20 minutes for this good soak - ahhhh, that sounds wonderful!
Photos courtesy Jerry Weinert.

16 June 2014

Whoooo do you see?

Who, who, whooooo do you see in that saguaro? Look closely and, yes, it's a ceramic owl sitting on top. Interesting!

15 June 2014

14 June 2014

Racing colors ~

Who could miss this neon green motorcycle parked against such a vivid purple backdrop? Perfect contrast!

13 June 2014

Moon not to scale ~

Just as the streetlights were winking on one by one I noticed the full moon rising. For this little moment the moon is just about the same size as the streetlights!

12 June 2014

Faux Cacti!

Here are some Tucson cell towers - disguised as cacti. Can you tell which is Mother Nature and which is manufactured?

10 June 2014

Scrambling for Father's Day gifts?

YES, Father's Day is THIS Sunday! Still haven't shopped? How about a "Monday already?" t-shirt for the men/fathers/brothers/grandfathers/brothersinlaw/husbands in your life?

Size LARGE; all cotton, American made: $14.00
I will ship USPS Priority 2-day Padded Envelope Delivery for $5.95. Your total is $19.95! For under twenty bucks you can give this unusual t-shirt -- a sure conversation starter! And I donate part of the proceeds to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum (where the expressive ram lives). 

Email me at TucsonDailyPhoto@gmail.com and I'll give you the payment info. 

08 June 2014

Time for another "Where is this?"

Hello all of you Tucson lovers! My last "Where is this?" contest ended with no winner. Apparently no one looks UP at the Park Place Mall to see the huge murals! If you have been following along this last week you know what part of town we are in. As usual, the first one to correctly identify "Where is this?" wins a TDP t-shirt or mousepad which both feature the expressive "Monday already?" ram seen on the home page. Good luck!

07 June 2014

Charm on every level ~

The vibrant night scene is just one reason to check out Tucson's downtown. There are so many beautiful old buildings downtown that house galleries and retail shops, restaurants, and.... people! And new dorm space has been inserted into the downtown mix, too. 

06 June 2014

Table for Two With a View ~

Looks like a very nice spot for a cocktail - table for two on the terrace... overlooking Congress Street with a view north, east, and west. Martini, anyone?

04 June 2014

Glimpse into Tucson's past ~

With the Hotel Congress sign in the distance and the beautifully restored building in the foreground, you could be standing on the street in  Tucson circa 1920.

03 June 2014

Tucson's Old with Tucson's Newest ~

Here is Tucson's famous Hotel Congress sign and it is now seen here through the new modern streetcar cables. Tomorrow look for a "vintage" view of downtown. You won't believe it's 2014.

02 June 2014

Cactus squared ~

What a great, fun mailbox - an almost life sized saguaro. With the real thing echoing it in the background.

01 June 2014

A Piece of Provence ~

Well OK, the foliage isn't lavender or sunflowers like you would expect in the south of France but the blue color of the gate is spot on!