29 February 2016

Are you? Do you have....?

I loved seeing this license plate as I was on my way to a French class as it reminded me what I am striving for! 

28 February 2016

There IS a club for everything!

Red Alert! If you collect tractors or any kind of vintage engine, there is a Tucson club for you: Power from the Past.  John Deere, Allis Chalmers, and more were on display for collectors to admire. There really is a club for everything!

27 February 2016

Historic Tucson Rodeo ~ 91st year!

I hope you enjoy this photo from 1962 that shows a group of Mariachis marching in Tucson's Rodeo Parade. This is the last weekend for the event so if you intend to go, get going!
Photo courtesy of the Arizona Daily Star. 

26 February 2016

Cowboy/Cowgirl UP!

Truly a Tucson tradition, La Fiesta de los Vaqueros (a.k.a. "The Rodeo!") is going on now. This is the last weekend so if you haven't seen your share of barrel racing and bull riding, here's your chance. Tickets are just $5. For full info, parking, and schedule for the weekend, click HERE

25 February 2016

Throwback Thursday - Perky Penguin from 2010

From February 25, 2010
When I'm stuck in traffic I'm always glad to have my camera on the seat beside me. I spied this pristine white truck hauling an equally snowy white trailer emblazoned with a penguin. I was intrigued. I didn't know what "Chums" was and if you don't know either, here's the link:

24 February 2016

Tucson's Spring has SPRUNG!

All over town cheerful flowers are brightening up the landscape. Here are some beautiful blooms in the Rincon neighborhood. Our temperatures are in the 70's this week so it's definitely time to get my backyard ready for planting!
Photos courtesy of Kathi Gardner.

23 February 2016

One of Tucson's cinematic treasures ~

For the most interesting selections of films - both new and old - The Loft Cinema is a Tucson treasure. Organic popcorn, wine, and healthy snacks make this a great venue to watch a film. Did you also know that The Loft is a nonprofit organization? 

22 February 2016

Day moon with pink background ~

The moon is full now and was huge in the sky as it was on its ascent. This was late afternoon and the sky was pink like the inside of a shell. To learn more about the day moon, click here

21 February 2016

A Rottweiler owner perhaps?

These days my house has just white paws - eight of them to be exact. And how would you describe your pet paws?

20 February 2016

Cookie up!

Yes, it is that special time of year when you can stock up on those yummy Thin Mints! Now in Tucson the Girl Scouts establish tables outside of grocery stores to make it super easy to buy a few boxes. The Girl Scouts headquarters building in Tucson paints their front wall every year to let the world know....it's cookie time! 

19 February 2016

True Blue Truly or Truly Blue?

Seen all around Tucson are meticulously restored vintage automobiles from the Truly Nolan company. This blue beauty is a 1923 Dodge Roadster that is currently on display in the Gaslight Theatre's parking lot. The cars are rotated frequently so that passersby can enjoy many different models from the collection. Thanks, Truly! 

18 February 2016

Earth's previous resident ~

One more spectacular display from Tucson's Gem and Mineral Show - a Woolly mammoth! Check out those massive tusks! Did you know that it might be possible to clone a woolly mammoth? Click here for a cool slide show about these big beasts. 

17 February 2016

16 February 2016

Jeweled Butterflies ~

Here is one more set of beautiful images from the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show..... these amethyst "butterflies" are just incredible! Truly dazzling! They seem really "out of this world" don't they?
Photos courtesy of Susan Dodson.

15 February 2016

A Baby T-Rex ~

Another amazing display at Tucson's annual Gem & Mineral Show was "Baby Bob," a 4-year-old T-rex skeleton!
Photos courtesy of Susan Dodson.

13 February 2016

Alien pod?

Tucson's fabulous Gem & Mineral Show has been in town and, as always, there are amazing things to see. This fantastic "pod" is the size of a boat and it is filled with amethysts. Just gorgeous! The geode has been cut away in three locations so that you can view the sparkling interior. Wow! 

12 February 2016

My what big ears you have!

I spotted the Humane Society's bus in the Petsmart parking lot which means they were hosting a special adoption day at the store. I snapped this photo and it wasn't until I posted it here did I realize what a funny angle this was. The palm trees behind the bus give the big pup BIG ears! Fun!

11 February 2016

Kiss! Sweet!

The clever staff at the Humane Society's Thrift Shop (one of my favorite places to shop and to donate!) has set up a "Kissing Booth" for Valentine's Day. You can give this adorable plush golden retriever toy a hug or a kiss if you put 25 cents into the pink decorated jar. Sweet!!

10 February 2016

View at the Top ~

The upscale La Encantada shopping center in Tucson has multiple levels and the top one features long distance viewers so that you can admire the landscape. This one provides a view south of all of Tucson. And yes, our sky really is that blue!!

09 February 2016

Feels like a vacation ~

Today the temperature soared past 80 degrees in Tucson. The Living Room Wine Bar at La Encantada was a welcome respite. The billowing curtains created an island vacation atmosphere! 

08 February 2016

Neighborhood Rest Area ~

While walking with my dogs I came upon this odd sight in an alley. This perfectly nice chair was just sitting in the weeds. Weird, yes?

07 February 2016

It's Game Day! Yes - Puppy Bowl XII

If you don't know about Puppy Bowl, you are missing one of the funniest and cutest events ever aired on TV! Tune into Animal Planet and watch this year's fierce (OK, well maybe not fierce) puppy teams (Ruff and Fluff) compete to win. To watch the hilarious Pregame Show, click here.  WOOF! 

06 February 2016

A little Cole Porter, perhaps?

If you want to end your week on a smooth note, relax at the AZ Inn's elegant cocktail bar. Live piano music will give you Gershwin, Porter, and more. Salut!

05 February 2016

Coyote Cutie ~

A walk on the mild side....  this handsome coyote was spotted strolling around in an office complex near Grant and Craycroft. He is a very healthy specimen - check out that fluffy tail. He is definitely ready for his closeup, Mr DeMille!
Photo courtesy of Mark Wight.  

04 February 2016

Tucson's Nutty Drivers!

What fun! The Planter's Peanut NUTMOBILE is in town! This big nut makes its way around town delivering samples to delighted passersby. Yum! 

03 February 2016

Beer Bear ~

This fine bear welcomes patrons to Gentle Ben's, a brew pub near the University that has been serving customers since 1971 and brewing its own beer since 1991. 

02 February 2016

Fascinating Science Series ~

Every year the University of Arizona's College of Science presents a lecture series that is one of the most popular events all year on campus. The lectures are free and they totally fill Centennial Hall (seats 2,500+). Tonight was the 2nd in the series of 6. There are 4 more so if you are interested, click here for full info. Stretch your brain - it feels good! 

01 February 2016

Pup's Post ~

This sweet pup has found a spot where he can watch the world go by. He doesn't bark at people or dogs; he just likes to watch the passersby in my neighborhood.