24 March 2020

A bee being a bee ~

These are strange and unsettling times for sure. Here is a little beauty for you and I hope it offers you some comfort, too, that even when the human world is crazy there is still some regular routines in nature that we can observe and enjoy.  Here is a bee doing its thing. How are you coping? Stay well! 

05 February 2020

Catalysts for Change ~

Each year the UA College of Science presents an engaging and thought provoking lecture series. The theme of this year's program is "Catalysts for Change." The lectures are held in Centennial Hall and they are FREE to the public. Arrive early because the hall fills up quckly! Click here for info on the upcoming lectures. See you there! 

26 January 2020


This great sign on Oracle near Miracle Mile welcomes visitors and it reminds me of the wonderful signs of times past when Route 66 was a thriving vacation route. 

23 January 2020

Always look for the blue sky!

We've been having lots of stormy weather this week - rain and cold temperatures. At first glance this photo might appear to be a black and white composition but look carefully and you'll see a tiny patch of blue breaking through the clouds. Beautiful! 

14 January 2020

Golden Glow ~

I love the way the sunlight reflects on the cactus spines! Beautiful!

Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

02 January 2020

Santa convention?

After living at the North Pole and then flying around the world in one night, I can see why they want to just hang out in the warm Arizona sun! :)    For those of you who are NOT in Arizona let me tell you what is really going on.... some homeowners dress up their cactus for Christmas. (And some homeowners claim the Santa hats protect their cactus from freezing.)   HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Photo courtesy of George Goldman.