09 June 2020

Shocking Sign of the Times ~

Tucson's iconic Arizona Inn is shuttered for the first time since 1971 as a result of COVID 19. The Inn has been part of the Tucson community for 89 years and to see it boarded up is very sad. A recent news article said that they hoped to reopen in May but they are still closed with an uncertain date for reopening.  


  1. I just had to look up why it was shuttered in 1971. Swamp coolers in the summer. I remember our house was cooled with a swamp cooler and they had to go up on the roof with the hose to get it going and change the pads every summer.

    1. Yep! And what an image that name is... SWAMP COOLER. Yuck! Hope you & your family are doing OK. :)