30 June 2018

Looking for something COOL to do?

I bet every year you say, "We should go out to the Desert Museum for one of their Summer Saturday Night programs." And then..... you don't go! Well make a promise to really do it this year - GO TONIGHT, in fact! For all the info you need, click HERE.  Enjoy! You will see so many stars and experience the desert in a unique way. It's wonderful! 

29 June 2018

Friday's Feast of Flowers ~

Not only is my neighbor's sunflower patch a feast for the eyes, it's also a feast for the birds and small animals who enjoy seeds. Seeing these sunflowers reminds me that there are definitely some benefits to this intense heat - sunflowers just keep growing! 

28 June 2018

Tucson Throwback Thursday ~

28 JUNE 2009

Doggie bags of a different sort ~

THEN & NOW: Some things remain the same! This nice community is definitely onto something. Throughout the neighborhood they have placed mailboxes painted with fun themes - desert wildlife, dog silhouettes, etc. As a courtesy to their dog walking neighbors, plastic doggie bags are stored inside the mailbox in case a clean up situation occurs when the dog walker is "bag-less."

27 June 2018

A Huge WOW for a Wednesday!

I hope that you enjoy these amazing BEFORE and AFTER photos of this gorgeous Torch Cactus! And all of this happened in less than 24 hours. Buds, Bursting Blooming Bouquet, and then.... wilt. But what a show! 

26 June 2018

What do these flags have in common?

It's Tuesday - Tucson Trivia Day! All four of these flags have flown over Tucson. Spain ruled Tucson and the rest of Mexico until 1821.

Then Mexico took over but sold Tucson (as well as a huge tract of land) to the U.S. in 1854.

Tucson joined the Confederacy when the War Between the States broke out and flew that flag for about 5 months in 1862.

Then Union forces gained control and that is how it stands today! 

24 June 2018

And now a word from our sponsor ~

Are you old enough to remember the family TV shows like Ed Sullivan, Red Skelton, and Carol Burnett? Throughout the show a voiceover would intone, "And now, a word from our sponsor" and then you would see the advertisements for Ivory Snow or Pepsodent. Today I'm doing the same thing!

If you live in Tucson and are thinking about buying or selling a home OR if you would like to move to Tucson, please call Sue Dodson first! Sue is a sponsor of this site and is also a great friend. She is a thorough, smart, and patient real estate agent who is also really fun to work with! Her contact info is over there to the left - scroll down and click on her photo and you'll be taken to her personal page at Long Realty (a top notch firm with integrity). Don't make a move without her help!  Thanks! 

23 June 2018

Magical Lanterns ~

One of my neighbors has a fantastic collection of hanging lanterns on the front porch - all cool, crisp white! So interesting and beautiful! 

22 June 2018

Festive Fruit Friday ~

On May 9 you may remember that I posted the tiny green grapes that were growing on my backyard water tank. Well here it is several weeks later and they are ripe and delicious! Not enough for wine but plenty to nibble. Yum! 

21 June 2018

Throwback Thursday ~ Still Green, Still Cool!

21 JUNE 2009

Emerald green ~ cool & inviting: Tucson's Agua Caliente Park

Here is a third photo of beautiful Agua Caliente Park on Tucson's eastside. I can't help but describe this as a desert oasis ~ refreshing, isn't it?
(Photo courtesy of Mark Wight.)
NOW: Unfortunately, the water levels at the park have sunk so the "lake" is now more of a "pond" but it is still beautiful and a wonderful day trip!
To learn more: http://www.naturalwonders.net/agua/about.htm
For a map: http://www.naturalwonders.net/agua/aguamap1.pdf
Enjoy what others have to say! For recent reviews of visitors to the park, click here

20 June 2018

If only it were this easy!

Of all the things that are annoying about driving, I think that tailgaters are at the top of the list! I laughed when I saw this license plate in traffic today!  

19 June 2018

Truckin' Tacos ~

Here's another of the food trucks who participated in my neighborhood's Sunday Food Truck Roundup. It was nice to have a picnic dinner outside under the trees and not have to cook or clean up! 

18 June 2018

Wild West Roundup - FOOD, that is!

My community arranged for a food truck roundup to celebrate Father's Day. It was great fun and there were several cuisines offered for dinner choices and an ice cream truck, too! Yay! The weather remained perfect - warm and slightly breezy. Wonderful dinner party! 

16 June 2018

Tucson's Alpine Chalet ~

This charming little house is a mailbox! Check out the shingled roof and the mini planter at the back! Wonderful!  And notice the "flag" is a purple tulip!  (:
Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

15 June 2018

True Confessions!

Ha! I also laughed at the smaller sticker's sentiment:  "I'm Retired. Go Around Me."  Happy Friday! 

14 June 2018

Then & Now - Exactly the same!

14 JUNE 2009

Saluting the Sky ~ the Saguaro Cactus

The mighty saguaro "is" the symbol of the southwest. This awesome tree-sized cactus can only be found in the Sonoran Desert and can live well over 100 years. A mature saguaro is magnificent to behold! For more info on this symbol of the desert, click here. 
Photo courtesy of Mark Wight.

13 June 2018

Rushing Water ~

Continuing with yesterday's display of art displayed at Tucson's main library, here is another piece in the library's collection: "Monarch" by James P. Cook. The artist has boldly captured the power of rushing water in Rocky Mountain State Park. A dam had burst above these falls and the flood waters dramatically and permanently changed the landscape. I also particularly love the bold graphics in the carpet that, from the higher level angle, appear as 3-dimensional tiles on top of the carpet. Cool! 

12 June 2018

Tucson Trivia - Unusual Art Gallery

You may not consider the library to be a hotspot for artwork but you would be wrong! Here is just one example of the cool collection on display at the Joel Valdez Library (the main library downtown on Stone). This Thunderbird Curio sign was the first ever neon sign in Tucson. It was beautifully restored by the Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation. For more info, click here

10 June 2018

Books & Bikes!

The Tucson library has a Book Bike program that is totally great! Librarians pedal a bike filled with books to a senior center, a teen hangout, a soup kitchen....  and deliver books! What a cool concept! This idea was launched in Tucson in 2012. To read more about it, click here. For the schedule of where you can find a book bike, click here

09 June 2018

A room with a different view ~

The massive "Sonora" sculpture that commands the main library plaza downtown looks quite different from inside the building. For more info on this controversial piece of Tuscson's collection of public art, click here

08 June 2018

Let the Games Begin!

Here's some good advice as the weekend approaches....   Be careful out there all you canines and felines! 

07 June 2018

Site Celebrates 9th Year + 1 day! WOW!

06 JUNE 2009

Beauty for Just a Day

Many people don't make the association that thorny cacti can also be beautiful, blooming plants. This particular beauty is such an example ~ it blooms for just one day. The flower is fabulous magenta and orange with an iridescent sheen. And it's the size of a feather duster!
NOW: This beautiful cactus flower was blooming in my front yard and I used it to launch this site in 2009 with the mission to celebrate Tucson every day with an image that is beautiful, interesting, or just weird. And now it's rolling into its 10th year. Thousands and thousands of images have been posted - many of them contributed by site followers - thank you so much! 

06 June 2018

Alien Greetings!

Check out this fantastic Tucson mailbox! Sort of an alien dinosaur with wings....? Love it!
Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

05 June 2018

Not Trivial Tucson Trivia! We're ranked #5!

From left: Kylie Walzak, LSA, Andy Bemis, City of Tucson Department of Transportation (DOT) Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Coordinator, Jesse Soto, City of Tucson DOT, Krista Hansen City of Tucson DOT

Hey everyone! Tucson was ranked #5 in the nation for bicycling according to the "People for Bikes/Places for Bikes" survey. Click here to read more. GO TUCSON!  YAY!  To visit the Places for Bikes website with all of the ranking info, click HERE

04 June 2018

Robot Celebrates Pie!

This happy robot welcomes visitors to the historic Pie Allen neighborhood. (Yes, it is named after a man who was known for his pies!). North Tyndall & 6th is where he serves as the welcoming committee.
Photo courtesy of David Aber. 

03 June 2018

What is wrong with this picture?

Here you see Abby, my Border Collie, on the wrong side of the fence. This temporary fence was erected to keep her out of the garden while new plantings took root. And once she jumped INTO the garden she began to bark and bark and bark. Why? Because she was stuck! It was easy for her to get a running start and jump in but she couldn't get herself back out once she was in there. Dogs! 

02 June 2018

Ancient Story ~

Here are more imags from Karimi Rugs. The top is a beautiful and intricate woven rug that depicts the four seasons with ancient imagery. The bottom is another view of their vast inventory of art for your floors. 

01 June 2018

Whirling Woven Dervishes ~

This clever and unusual display of beautiful rugs at the Karimi store caught my eye today. Looks like a conference, doesn't it?