07 June 2018

Site Celebrates 9th Year + 1 day! WOW!

06 JUNE 2009

Beauty for Just a Day

Many people don't make the association that thorny cacti can also be beautiful, blooming plants. This particular beauty is such an example ~ it blooms for just one day. The flower is fabulous magenta and orange with an iridescent sheen. And it's the size of a feather duster!
NOW: This beautiful cactus flower was blooming in my front yard and I used it to launch this site in 2009 with the mission to celebrate Tucson every day with an image that is beautiful, interesting, or just weird. And now it's rolling into its 10th year. Thousands and thousands of images have been posted - many of them contributed by site followers - thank you so much! 


  1. Few blossoms are as lovely as those that appear on cacti!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! Always a delight to read what's "Tucson-blooming" on your blog! Thanks for keeping it going. :D