20 October 2020

A Little Campaign Humor

This election cycle has been so horrible and contentious! I did have to laugh, however, when I saw this campaign sign! 

11 October 2020

My Totally Upscale Neighborhood

What a delightful surprise to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth driving through my neighborhood! As always, she is perfectly coordinated  - matching sunny yellow hat & coat - and she is exuding warmth, dignity, and good manners (all of which seem to be in rather short supply with America's elected leaders these days...). FUN! 

01 October 2020

Let the Spooky Season Commence!

Yes, it's already OCTOBER -- 'tis the season of witches, goblins, ghosts, and BATS! This is an amazing photo of a Tucson porch bat. Check out the skeletal outline!!

Photo courtesy of George Goldman.