30 June 2015

Tucson Zen Garden ~

This stone spiral is a nice meditation walk near Ft Lowell park. This beautiful setting certainly inspires creative thinking!
Photo courtesy of Joel Gardner.

29 June 2015

Monsoon Madness Begins ~

We are now getting rain every day so soon we will be in the thick of the monsoon season. The region draws photographers from all over the world seeking fantastic lightning images during this time of year.
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

28 June 2015

Simple but Effective ~

With just a few simple swirls of paint this restaurant's entry instantly looks fun and festive! 

27 June 2015

Lucky day - double rainbow!

One of the best parts of monsoon season is the rainbows! Here is a double rainbow illuminating my grapefruit tree. And the whole rainbow stretched across the entire sky - beautiful! 

26 June 2015

Nature will have her way ~

Someone years ago must have thought that painting this building battleship grey was an improvement over its natural condition. As you can see, Mother Nature and weather are fighting back! I think the contrast of painted brick and exposed brick is interesting and even beautiful in its own strange way.

25 June 2015

No, not the monsoons!

And here are the final photos of the car wash adventure. All is clear now, yes? Going through the car wash was way fun for my Aussie Shepherd - he thought it was better than the dog park. He jumped around from back seat to front seat like a pinball as he was trying to figure out what was happening! Too funny!

24 June 2015

Yesterday's image should be getting clearer....


With these three photos to combine with yesterday's posting, I bet you have enough information to figure out what these photos are all about. Where was I?

23 June 2015

Tucson Daily Photo's First Rorschach Test

OK - here's something fun for you to do. What do you see when you look at this abstract image? I look forward to your comments - wacky ones are welcome!

22 June 2015

Appropriately named ~

As we humans hide from the triple digits that are baking Tucson right now, there are colorful and beautiful living things in our desert that absolutely love the sun -- like these Flaming Torch cacti.
Photo courtesy of Sue Dodson.

21 June 2015

Thanks to NCIS ~

Thanks to NCIS (love that show!) I didn't have to sit behind this truck and wonder what on earth the license plate means. But if you are stumped, it means "Watch my back."

20 June 2015

Note the TIME... !

OK - at first glance 93 degrees might not look very impressive (we are talking about Tucson, after all!) but note the TIME when this temperature was recorded - 9:27 am.  As I drove home today the temperature was 112 degrees. Yeow!
Image courtesy of George Goldman.

19 June 2015

Dogs can teach us a lot!

OK, not a strictly Tucson photo today but I couldn't resist posting this one. In fact it is a photo from my adopted "home town" of NYC. A friend of mine sent me this wonderful street scene of 18 dogs of all sizes, shapes, and breeds. They are just having a nice break during their walk. Looks like their wrangler has paused for a phone call. No barking, no jumping, no fussing.... telling us that yes, we can all get along! (: Woof!
Photo courtesy of Gene Brown.

18 June 2015

Prancing Ponies -

Here are "Wish you Were Here" and "Ancient Crossing," two of the 35 "Ponies del Pueblo." The ponies were a 2003 Tucson fundraiser with an artistic twist. Local artists painted/decorated a pony and the finished ponies were auctioned off. Proceeds went to various nonprofits in Tucson. These two beauties are in residence at the Botanical Gardens. Fun!

17 June 2015

Personal pond ~

This very happy duck enjoys a solo swim in a personal pond (otherwise known as a swimming pool!).
Photo courtesy of Carol Smith.

16 June 2015

Tucson featured in the New York Times!

Even after living in Tucson for many years I still subscribe to the Sunday New York Times. It connects me to one of my favorite places that I have lived. Here is a wonderful piece on Tucson that was in the recent Travel Section. Enjoy! 

15 June 2015

Queen of the Night - for just one night

"Bloom Night" is a highly anticipated event every year at Tucson's Tohono Chul Park. With sometimes just a few hours' notice, the park will issue the announcement that it is "Bloom Night" and thousands of visitors come to the park to view the mysterious night-blooming cereus that bloom for just one night. It is a spectacular, breathtaking event!
Photos courtesy of Sue Dodson.

14 June 2015

Quail Chorus Line ~

I hope you enjoy this beautiful photo of a flock of quail gathered on a saguaro skeleton. The light makes the feathers almost glow. Lovely!
Photo courtesy of George Goldman.

13 June 2015

Suggest a caption for this one!

Here are the elements that I see: one puzzled dog, two life-size metal dog sculptures, and one really big snake! Post your caption suggestions!
Photo courtesy of George Goldman. 

12 June 2015

Just a stone's throw away ~

Just a few steps away from El Corral Restaurant (one of Tucson's many famous steak houses) is Diamond Lil's, a little adobe house that is packed with vintage clothing and accessories and other fun items. The bench outside is called a "Man Bench" due to the fact that many men sit there patiently while their wives shop inside. 

11 June 2015

Joy at the Corner of 2nd and 3rd ~

What a fun and cheerful piece of neighborhood sculpture! This bicycle is placed on a roundabout and adds a bright note of color at the intersection of 2nd and 3rd. 

10 June 2015

The eagle is landing ~

This building on Grant Road was a smoke shop for awhile and I'm not sure if it has a tenant at the moment. I hope whatever business moves in there keeps this fun mural that wraps around to the front!

09 June 2015

A Treasure Trove of Talavera ~

The artist colony of Tubac offers many shops to choose from that sell Talavera pottery and other items from South America, but there is one store that offers a particularly large and beautiful selection: La Paloma de Tubac. Their selection is astounding and their prices are great! They operate out of a historic, rambling adobe building. On your next visit to Tubac, do check them out!  

08 June 2015

Does the word "swanky" come to mind?

Here is the bar area of Elvira's, a famous Mexican restaurant in Tubac. Tubac is a charming artist colony south of Tucson, a town filled with galleries and shops selling a wide variety of one-of-a-kind art objects, jewelry, and clothing. It's a fun place to walk around and absorb some local history along with window shopping - and having a drink at Elvira's, of course! 

07 June 2015

Future contractors - fun!

On the first Saturday of every month Home Depot hosts a free workshop for kids to build, create, and paint something. This project was assembling and painting a wooden truck. Looked like loads of fun!

06 June 2015

The site celebrates a birthday!

Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that today is the site's 6th birthday! For me it's a little hard to believe that I have been posting photos every day (and very often multiple photos in a single day). Here we are - six years and thousands of images of events, people, places, landscapes, things, and plants later. Whew!

04 June 2015

To FAB from DRAB!

Working with an amazing local artist/contractor I transformed my drab sidewalk to a fab work of art! Replacing the standard 4" x 4" columns with carved and painted "totems" adds so much fun to my side yard - wouldn't you agree?

03 June 2015

A distant cousin, perhaps?

Yesterday's posting of the horned lizard probably shares some DNA with this ferocious fellow - a raptor on display at the Botanical Gardens in their "Prehistoric Garden" exhibit. Scary!
Photo courtesy of Sue Dodson.

02 June 2015

The Desert's King of Camouflage ~

Horned lizards thrive here in the Sonoran Desert but I have never seen one in its natural habitat. Their camouflage is brilliant! This fellow was in a friend's backyard recently and she quickly got this great photo of him (her?).
Photo courtesy of Sue Dodson.

01 June 2015

No, this is NOT a sushi roll!

This is the real thing - a caterpillar (not a caterpillar sushi roll)! Spotted in a Tucson backyard I'd like to put the identification of this beauty out there to any of you who are insect experts.
Photo courtesy of Sue Dodson.