16 June 2015

Tucson featured in the New York Times!

Even after living in Tucson for many years I still subscribe to the Sunday New York Times. It connects me to one of my favorite places that I have lived. Here is a wonderful piece on Tucson that was in the recent Travel Section. Enjoy! 


  1. Thanks for the ling. I will read that article later today.

  2. I found that article yesterday sitting outside my apartment door! My neighbor had left it for us!

  3. I read the newspaper sometimes. I especially like the funnies, sports, and right wing racist rants against the poor, destitute, and disadvantaged. Amerika is the greatest country in the world and will unfortunately surpass the Nazis as the worst example of human achievement ever. Oh well, when the aliens arrive they will eat the fat people first and give the rest of us a running chance! Viva Jeb Bush! Maybe he and Hillary can hook up in 2016 and save the world.