31 August 2012

Dig in - it's a holiday weekend!!

Here she is again, Tucson's favorite desert tortoise - Lucretia! I just love it when her human companions take photos of her and hope you do, too! Lovely Lucretia is enjoying a prickly pear cactus fruit. On a plate, no less! Hey - enjoy the long weekend everyone!
Photo courtesy of Jerry Weinert

30 August 2012

Everyone has a bad day once in a while ~

A great license plate to see while stuck in irritating traffic! I actually did not see evidence of a mad canine aboard but the rear window is tinted so I might have missed him/her.

29 August 2012

Ceramic beauty ~

Even in the rain this beautiful ceramic tile mural offers cheery, year-round blooms. Lovely! I spotted this at an office complex on Glenn. Public art does so much to enhance a neighborhood, don't you agree? 

28 August 2012

Yes, believe your eyes ~

One of the most fun things about the monsoon season is the quick arrival of some of the storms. Here's a perfect example of a beautiful blue Tucson sky that will release buckets of rain any minute.

27 August 2012

It's that HOT HOT time of year ~

It's a hot time of year and I'm not talking about Tucson's temperature! It's HATCH CHILE time ~ when all chile lovers enjoy the abundance of New Mexico's most famous vegetable. The chile has put Hatch, NM on the map of everyone who loves spicy food. Mmmmm!  

26 August 2012

End of the road ~

Beyond this road closure is another storm coming in. We are definitely nearing the end of the monsoon season but even if the storms are short they can still be really disruptive. There's the slippery roadways of course, but there's also the occasional Tucson driver who has amnesia about how to drive in the rain....

24 August 2012

Contest time again ~ where is this?

OK, all you Tucsonphiles ~ what we have here is a distinctive rustic window. It's not a private residence. The first person who guesses its location wins one of the "Famous" TDP t-shirts! Start your engines.....

23 August 2012

Chalk Walk ~

This unusual wall/fence reminds me of jumbo sized pieces of chalk. I wonder if any teachers still write with chalk these days...  or does every classroom have a SmartBoard?

22 August 2012

Rain, Rain and a Remarkable Re-run ~

You know we are in the midst of monsoon season and it's a beautiful and fierce display of thunder, lightning, torrents of rain and -at least last night - HAIL. I love this photo that contrasts calm and storm with such distinction and am re-running it for you. I am also again posting a link to one of the most amazing videos I have ever HEARD. This will amaze you - click here and turn your speakers up!

21 August 2012

Treasure trove ~

I'm still showing you around the Lost Barrio district ~ hope you're enjoying the tour! The rather plain looking exterior masks an incredible workshop and showroom within. If you love Southwestern style, put this gallery/store/workshop on your list! Click here to visit Southwest Furniture and Design's website. Great slide show of their work!   

20 August 2012

Quirky, charming, and totally Tucson!

Here's another one of the fun storefronts in the Lost Barrio - the Eclectic Flea. They have wonderful gifts, vintage clothing, and many other unusual items. Here's their website: http://www.eclecticflea.com/

19 August 2012

Butterfly ballet ~

This huge, beautiful metal sculpture is one of the many pieces of art displayed in the Lost Barrio, an area of galleries, shops, and artist working spaces on S Park just off of Broadway.

18 August 2012

Dog town hurricane ~

Looks like a big wind storm swept through this dog house neighborhood on S Park Avenue!

17 August 2012

Vintage Italian ~

Ciao Bella is a vintage clothing store in the Lost Barrio district, an area of big working spaces for artists, galleries, and an unusual high school. See my last few days of postings for more images from this interesting and colorful neighborhood.

16 August 2012

Color block block ~

This bold wall color caught my eye as I was walking around Tucson's Lost Barrio neighborhood. It's an area filled with working artist studios, galleries, and very interesting shops.

15 August 2012

Hippie yard art?

Looks like the last time this VW bus was on the road might have been in the 1970's! It's certainly part of the front yard decor now!

14 August 2012

Yard art or bird condo?

This life size metal tree in Tucson's Lost Barrio district is striking. What's up with that rectangular box welded onto the branch - maybe it was a business sign in days past?

13 August 2012

Tucson's JTED rocks!

I am always very glad to share the good news that flows out of the JTED program (Pima County Joint Technical Education District). This photo features some of JTED's students who are enrolled in Project SEARCH, a program that arranges for high school students with developmental disabilities to gain employment while they finish school. This photo is the program's first class. At UA they will rotate shifts at the student rec center, the bookstore, and the student union (under direction of teacher Dan Habinek).
Photo courtesy of Greg D'Anna.

12 August 2012

Tucson Icon - Chicago Store

Downtown Tucson has had its ups and downs but the Chicago Store has been serving music lovers for 90 years from their location on Congress Street. The building itself is famous, too, with its kooky murals and I think I read that it is getting some kind of facade facelift as part of the ongoing downtown revitalization. A branch location recently opened on Speedway ~ very sleek and modern. To read more about them and see photos of the new store, click here.
Photo courtesy of Roseann Milano.

11 August 2012

Tucson's Project MORE ~

Here is an innovative, forward-thinking high school in Tucson ~ Project MORE. This school offers some innovative choices including the ability to take an evening class for extra credit. For more info about MORE, click here.

10 August 2012

Lovely lady buddha ~

When I asked about this statue at the entrance to the 17th Street Market I was told it was Guanyin (or Lady Buddha). I knew nothing about this female deity so I searched on wikipedia for more info. If you can add anything to this serene lady's story, please post it!

09 August 2012

Mama hummer, step 3 ~

What moms do everywhere - tidy up! After bringing breakfast to her brood and feeding them (photos posted in the last two days), here is the final step - tidying the nest. Fabulous photo courtesy of Cita Scott. Thanks, Cita!!
Photo courtesy of Cita Scott.

08 August 2012

Mama hummer, step 2

Yesterday I posted a beautiful mother hummingbird arriving at the nest with breakfast. Today, she feeds her babies. Just look at her brilliant emerald green feathers!! These photos are thanks to skilled and patient wildlife photographer and artist, Cita Scott.
Photo courtesy of Cita Scott.

07 August 2012

Astonishing mama hummer ~

Thanks once again to the eagle eye (pun intended) of artist, photographer, and "Nature Observer Extraordinaire," Cita Scott, I can share a series of astonishing close ups of the morning routine of a beautiful mother hummingbird. Here in today's photo she has brought her babies some breakfast. Tune in tomorrow for the next step...
Photo courtesy of Cita Scott.

05 August 2012

Athletic otter ~

The Ott "Y" on Prudence calls their children's program the "Otter Preschool." Here's a sculpture of an otter playing tennis (or badminton?) in front of the building.

04 August 2012

Very soft landing ~

If you were a rainbow and had to pick a place for a soft landing, this cotton puff of a cloud looks ideal. We are having much rain now but there is a big reward - stunning rainbows!

03 August 2012

Heading out for the weekend ~

Looks like this wagon train is heading out of town for the weekend. What are your weekend plans? Barbecue? Hike? Trying to stay dry? Happy monsoon-ing! This gazebo and wagon train are part of the Old West charm of Trail Dust Town, a popular spot for tourists and their happy Tucson travel guides as well!

02 August 2012

Finding Nemo - in Tucson

I had the happy occasion to stop into the Aviva Children's Services offices and was wowed by the beautiful 3-D tile work on their entrance columns. It's an undersea fantasy - fish, crustaceans, starfish, turtles.... just beautiful! What refreshing imagery here in the desert! For information on their wonderful work, click here.

01 August 2012

Ah ~ canine bliss

Mmmm, the sun feels so nice and warm... this pup has his eyes closed and is so relaxed. Makes me want to take a nap, too!