30 April 2015

Tucson Throwback Thursday - 2010

Sometimes on these random Throwback Thursday posts I am showing things/places that have disappeared since they first appeared on this site. Happily, this one reminds us that you can always count on Tucson's weather to be a source of pleasure!

Here's the post caption from 2010: Here is a cool duo for you to enjoy! On my morning walk I saw the full moon to the west and the sunrise to the east.

29 April 2015

Ordinary? Anything but!

If you are a Tucson cyclist you know the Ordinary Bike Shop. It has been voted "Tucson's Best Bike Shop" for 13 years running. They organize rides, sell gear, and make your bike riding more fun in every way! 

28 April 2015

Indoor grazing patch ~

This sheep has taken up residence at Tucson's Museum of Contemporary Art. This fine fellow is actually a seat/bench! But the wee picket fence has been erected to keep children (and adults, too, I am sure) from actually sitting on him. Ah... if only my little Australian Shepherd had been with me - I would have loved to watch him try to herd THIS sheep! 

27 April 2015

And now.... a tour of the inside ~

On display at Tucson's MOCA through May 31 is an overview of artist Robert Barber's work. Barber is a former TUSD teacher and at 92 is still active creating art every day.

The curators have amassed a range of pieces to represent 50 years of Barber's paintings and sculpture. It is a large show and the former-firehouse building enables the viewer to have a lot of room to walk around the pieces and see them from different angles. 

26 April 2015

Tucson's MOCA - inspired re-use of space!

If you haven't visited Tucson's Museum of Contemporary Art, you should definitely check it out. First of all, it is a wonderful example of re-purposing a building space. What was once a fire station is now a museum of contemporary art and you couldn't ask for a more effective gallery space! Lots of light, high ceilings.... it's great fun!

25 April 2015

Round, circular, doughnut-shaped....?

Here is definitely a distinctive Tucson home - it is round! Kind of futuristic in a way but also it evokes images of Iron Age Celtic homes. Would love to know if these residents built it looking forward to the future or honoring the ancients. Unlike ancient Celtic round houses, though, this one has windows to let in plenty of sunlight. 

24 April 2015

Theatrical sky ~

Here is a beautiful and dramatic Tucson sky swirling in the background of the Temple of Music and Art, one of Tucson's true treasures. The time difference between the bottom photo and the top photo was just about 5 minutes! Night was falling fast... 

23 April 2015

Have too much money? Here's a cure for that ....

I am one of the least informed people on the planet regarding what is NEW and HIP and FABULOUS but even I know that the "release date" for the new Apple Watch is this Friday. The Apple store has a really fun window display that changes colors and draws you into the store where you can spend $17,000 on their newest product. Oh yes, the low end watch is "just" $350 but with such fanfare surrounding this next "big thing," do you really want the El Cheapo model? I guess the economy must be pretty strong these days (at least at the Apple store).

22 April 2015

Happy Earth Day Earthlings!

I thought that this interesting fellow was appropriate for today - a day about recycling and reusing things. This corrugated metal fence has been painted to look like a brick wall and "Flying Robot" with an arrow points to this cross between Tin Man and Mr Potato Head! Sometimes I am amazed at the things that I find to photograph! Enjoy and have a happy day!

21 April 2015

All is revealed - artfully!

Wow - not a single guess on this "Where is this?" location! OK, now you're thinking, "Of course!" yes, it's the Madaras Gallery on the corner of Campbell and Skyline.

20 April 2015

Wondering "Where is it?" Here are some Clues.....

I am really surprised that no one has ventured a guess on this location! OK - here are some clues to help you figure it out and claim your "fabulous" TDP t-shirt! This is not a stand alone building. It is north of River and East of Campbell.

18 April 2015

Time for another ..... "Where is this?"

To me this is a wonderful homage to the ice cream cone! For you regular site visitors you already know that the first person to identify this building wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt or mousepad. And for you eagle-eyed smarty pants followers who have already won one (or more!) times -- and you know who you are -- just sit on your hands for a day and let someone else have a chance at grabbing the glory. (:  Good luck!

17 April 2015

Modern and Retro - and fun!

This law firm on Scott Avenue has real style! In addition to setting up shop in one of Tucson's historic and charming homes, they tricked it out with festive lights.

16 April 2015

Tucson is Gold Dust Town ~

Ah..... here is my beautiful enemy! For those of us who suffer from allergies, the blooming palo verde tree is not a friend right now. Those lovely yellow blooms are everywhere in Tucson. Hello, benedryl!
Photo courtesy Kathi Gardner

15 April 2015

Cool reflection ~

We have already hit 90 degrees (sadly, spring is over....) so this cool pool in Ft Lowell Park looks pretty inviting!
Photo courtesy of Kathi Gardner.

14 April 2015

Indian Ruins ~

Behind Ft Lowell Park you can discover all sorts of interesting things -- including the remains of Indian dwellings, a man-made pond, and of course the occasional glimpse of coyotes.
Photo courtesy of Kathi Gardner

13 April 2015

Message for a Monday ~

How about this image for a Monday? If you loved this movie as much as I did, this mural will remind you about the power of friendship, trust, loyalty, and bravery. E.T. and his buddies are on display on the east-facing wall of wonderful Bentley's.

12 April 2015

Something big in Tucson - the Big Heap

A collection of 50 vendors set up at Old Tucson Studio this weekend to bring a combination flea market and yard sale to the Old Pueblo. Vintage, handmade, and antique items offered something for everyone at "The Big Heap."  Fun!

11 April 2015

Fun Downtown Tucson Living with Style ~

Built in 1910 the San Carlos Apartments are an integral part of Tucson's downtown. I love the fact that they have kept their old neon sign shining! Here's the link to learn more about this historic apartment complex.

10 April 2015

A Super Happy Friday to You!

The owner of this car must have quite a sense of fun! Decorating a convertible with lipstick, eyelashes, and flowers - I hope this made you smile today!

09 April 2015

Nature bats last!

Resistance is futile - Mother Nature will always find a way. Yes, what you are looking at is a satellite dish on my neighbor's roof. I wonder if the beautiful blooms interfere with the reception on those 100+ channels? (:

08 April 2015

Spend a weekend with Picasso in Tucson ~

For an amazing night of theatre, you must see this show! "Weekend with Picasso" is the current offering of the AZ Theatre Company and it plays in Tucson until April 26 and then it travels to Phoenix. It is a one-man show written by and starring the marvelous actor and artist Herbert Siguenza. Picasso comes alive and is presented in all his complexity in this astonishing work.

06 April 2015

Mama Cactus and her Babies ~

I just love this cactus sculpture at Grant and Oracle. It's so festive and fun! And kind of like a big green mother ship - this metal mama has some babies nearby. (:

Multi-colored Mohawk ~

This wild car all tricked out made me laugh! Check out the rainbow-hued Mohawk haircut on the roof and the long eyelashes on the headlights. Fun vehicle!

05 April 2015

Happy SPRING in General!

This was an unusual weekend in that the first night of Passover was actually on Good Friday. Spring celebrations all around. I was a guest at a beautiful Seder which, for those of you who have never attended one, is a spring celebration of renewal and thankfulness. It also includes a lot of wine and singing - how can you beat that? And the pup with the rabbit ears... well Happy Easter, doggone it!

04 April 2015

Exuberant Mailbox ~

What a happy creation to welcome all snail mail! A beautiful flower and butterfly combination support this standard mailbox and raises it to a new level of fun!

03 April 2015

Swirling bee swarm - amazing!

For the last few days we have had a bee swarm at my office and we have all been watching in amazement as the bee "egg" has grown in size. I work with many scientists so there was no shortage of suggestions and opinions as to what would happen and what we should do. One of my coworkers has a friend who raises bees and she was thrilled to be able to adopt these bees. She was coming to collect the swam (don't know how, exactly, she was going to do that!) this evening. I'll see what's happening tomorrow - maybe we will be bee-less!

02 April 2015

Dramatic ram at night ~

This magnificent big horned ram sculpture stands guard at the Hilton El Conquistador. The sculptor is Mark Rossi, a very well known artist who specializes in capturing the essence of animals living in the southwest. There are many Mark Rossi sculptures on display at the Desert Museum also (think of the javelina at the ticket windows).

01 April 2015

View from the Top of Tucson ~

I hope you enjoy this sunset as much as I did! This picture postcard view is facing south and west from high in Pusch Ridge. Tucson is famous for its spectacular sunsets and we are lucky to have so many places that offer breathtaking views like this one.