18 April 2015

Time for another ..... "Where is this?"

To me this is a wonderful homage to the ice cream cone! For you regular site visitors you already know that the first person to identify this building wins a "fabulous" TDP t-shirt or mousepad. And for you eagle-eyed smarty pants followers who have already won one (or more!) times -- and you know who you are -- just sit on your hands for a day and let someone else have a chance at grabbing the glory. (:  Good luck!


  1. Not sure where but it sure looks like Gaudi designed it....

  2. Ha! And YOU were one of the smartypants people I asked to sit on your hands today! Believe me, you have seen this many times..... you'll say OF COURSE when I reveal what and where it is. (:

  3. Me??, SmartyPants???? I never would have thought I was in that category. I'm always amazed that I NEVER know where your pics are taken. I think I'm pretty observant.... except I guess I don't look up enough...