31 October 2011

Ghost hug ~

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that you only encounter FRIENDLY ghosts tonight like this one who I spotted hugging a mailbox! Halloween - a night to celebrate candy in all forms. Yum.

30 October 2011

Tucson's Ladies Tea Club sips again ~

The idea for the tea gathering was created after a visit to the lovely Chantilly Tea House last year when someone had the bright idea that we could create something similar on our own. And so every few months we gather to taste different teas, catch up, discuss current affairs, and enjoy each other's company and cooking. Pumpkin scones with creme fraiche, tea, curried chicken salad, tea sandwiches, potstickers, tea, salmon pate, cake, fruit salad, tea.... oh what a lovely day!

29 October 2011

Tucson's version of the Sistine Chapel ~

Yes, the cowgirl is a stand-in for Adam and the train conductor has the part of the Lord in local muralist Joe Pagac's homage to Michelangelo's famous "Creation of Adam." This new downtown mural brightens up the Toole Avenue area - an evolving arts district.

28 October 2011

New concept of airline food ~

This twin propeller craft looks like it's coming in for a landing in the patio dining area of Wings Over Broadway restaurant. This family-run restaurant is famous for - guess what? - its wings. Friendly place!

27 October 2011

Cat on a hot tin (pickup) roof?

I believe this black cat will win the award for Tucson's BIGGEST black cat! It takes a whole pickup truck to transport him! After yesterday's feature on the Tucson Zombies, today I'm back at "the Farm" (aka Brian & Kelly's Pumpkin Farm). See posts from earlier this week for more images.

26 October 2011

Who knew? Zombies in Tucson ~

I learned that there was a ZombieWalk on Saturday night! Even though I missed it a helpful TucsonDailyPhoto follower shared these pics of the zombies & other creatures that paraded around 4th Avenue and downtown.

The top photo is a two-headed monster: gas mask on one side, skull on the other. And don't miss the woman behind him. She looks like she could be Uncle Fester's sister! And the bottom pic's wild pink hair and bloody face - words just fail me!!

Photos courtesy of Mark Wight.

25 October 2011

Scary Skeleton Doorman ~

This big and scary skeleton guards the doorway to the pumpkins at Brian and Kelly's Pumpkin Farm on Broadway near Swan. These guys make buying a pumpkin a really fun and big event! They have decorations everywhere - some are WILD! - and you will have trouble making a choice from so many sizes, varieties, and colors. Visit them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brian-Kellys-Pumpkins-Christmas-Trees-Farmers-Market/131005048885

24 October 2011

The Perfect Pumpkin ~

Wouldn't you agree that Toby has found his perfect pumpkin? Toby and his parents were pumpkin shopping at Brian & Kelly's Pumpkin Farm (actually it's a gigantic tent on Broadway near Swan). If you haven't selected YOUR perfect jack-o-lantern, this is the place. Pumpkins from white to deep orange, all kinds of squash, gourds, chili ristas, firewood and even a herd of goats and a little burro to make your trip super fun!
Here's their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brian-Kellys-Pumpkins-Christmas-Trees-Farmers-Market/131005048885

23 October 2011

Sugary Heaven ~ mmmm

There is one word that can capture the essence of buttery-sugary-confection in Tucson: Nadine's. Nadine's is a wonderful, wonderful bakery on Broadway near Swan. When you want a real dessert treat (made with the best ingredients), delicious breads, or fudge, this is the place. I promise if you walk into this shop and take a deep breath, you will feel better instantly!

22 October 2011

Three really big black cats ~

The Inez Ford Elementary School's sports team is the panthers. Since we're getting close to Halloween I'm posting this fun mural of the school's big black cats! Meow!

20 October 2011

Tucson's most amazing cactus gown ~

There is nothing quite like a prickly pear gown to say, "Tucson, AZ" is there? This amazing creation was dreamed up by an imaginative design team at Goodmans Interior Structures. The team entered this one-of-a-kind gown in a "Couture Fashion Show" sponsored by the IIDA (Int'l Interior Design Association). The prickly pear pads are stitched fabric - amazing!

Special thanks goes to Stephanie Cue who gave me the professional modeling photos (top) which were taken by photographer Ben Quillinan. And DO check out the sky high HAIRDO courtesy of Toni & Guy's Tucson Salon. Here is the whole creative team:

Design Firm: Goodmans/Aviar; Design Team: Michelle Wootten, Monica Rios, Amy Jacobson; Model: Monica Rios; Manufacturer: Mayer Fabric; Manufacturer Team: Sales West Group

19 October 2011

Deep in Brazil? Nope ~ Williams Center

Here is the beautiful mural that decorates the back wall of Savaya Coffee Bar. Local artist Jos Villabrille created an amazing coffee plantation view that seemingly stretches for miles. Learn more about him here. Coffee lovers - you're on notice now to definitely check out this delicious shop!

18 October 2011

Master Roaster & his Green Machine ~

Say hello to John, a master coffee roaster at Savaya Coffee. If you love coffee, you must check this place out ~ it is a wonderful coffee bar with real personality. If you have visited this website for awhile, you know that I am all about promoting Tucson's assets and I've got to tell you the latte I had at Savaya was smoother, richer, and creamier than anything I ever had from that famous Seattle chain (you know who I'm talking about....). At Savaya they roast beans fresh every day ~ mmmm!

17 October 2011

Tucson's Bulldog-in-a-Box ~

All's well ~ Spike here is a CAKE not a canine. The talented and imaginative team at the Cake Boutique created Spike (and yesterday's Teddy Bear Witch) as delicious cakes to enjoy. Check out their shop in Williams Center and here's their website:

16 October 2011

Meet Amanda & the Bear Witch CAKE ~

I happened into the fabulous Cake Boutique today and I have one word for it ~ WOW! Of course the first cake that caught my eye was the Teddy Bear Witch cake - SO cute. Wouldn't it look great as a centerpiece for your Halloween party? Amanda is one of the cake artists who specializes in decorating the confections.

You'll meet "Spike" tomorrow ~

15 October 2011

Screening for life, for health ~

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the good folks at Radiology, Ltd have stepped up with creating a resource website that is fantastic: www.screeningsforlife.com

If you need to schedule your annual exam, please please do it soon. This is one appointment that absolutely, positively shouldn't be postponed.

14 October 2011

Getting ready to meet and eat ~

Tucson's annual celebration, "Tucson Meet Yourself," starts today! This fun festival is FREE and will continue through Sunday. If you haven't been downtown for awhile, this should definitely lure you ~ every kind of food imaginable will be offered by the dozens and dozens of vendors - BBQ of course and Tacos but also French crepes, Thai specialities and so much more. Plan to eat and walk and eat some more.

LowRider car show, drumming, ethnic dances ~ it's all about Tucson's diversity. Here's their website link so check it out: www.tucsonmeetyourself.org

13 October 2011

Frozen in motion ~

This metal hummingbird and flower sculpture captures a moment in time in front of this charming residence in the historic Sam Hughes neighborhood. For more photos of this neighborhood click the link at the bottom of the post.

12 October 2011

Trio of wind turbine images ~

My camera can't capture the mammoth scale of these wind turbine blades. It is simply astonishing ~ each one rests on a huge flat rail car. In the bottom photo you get a peek of a building in the background that can help you comprehend the enormous scale of these blades!

11 October 2011

For bug lovers (the VW kind) ~

It was impossible to miss a lot full of vintage VW buses and bugs so I had to stop and check it out. I learned that Chirco Automotive is hosting a "Bugtober Fest" on October 16 - that's THIS weekend. They specialize in VW parts & repair. If you ever owned and loved a VW, this auto show is for you!

10 October 2011

Interested in Cutting Class?

Saturday & Sunday's posts were about Pima Community College. Today I'm shining a spotlight on another wonderful resource available to Tucson's high school students: JTED ~ Joint Technological Education District ~ provides career training classes for high school students who are not on a college track.

09 October 2011

Fun walk through sculpture ~

Here is the fun entrance to Pima Community College's east campus. They have used their logo to create a striking and memorable cube-like entrance sculpture.

08 October 2011

Tower of knowledge ~

Definitely one of Tucson's treasures is Pima Community College. This is the sign tower for the eastside campus on Irvington Road.

PCC has 6 campuses to serve students who are pursuing a degree as well as students who just want to take an enrichment course or two. Night classes & weekend sessions are offered and the fees are very reasonable.

07 October 2011

Rustic haven ~

This very interesting wood & metal doorway caught my eye as I was walking in the historic and beautiful Sam Hughes neighborhood. This is one of the oldest residential areas in Tucson and a true community spirit exists. They even coordinate a House Tour to generate money for charity. To learn more about this neighborhood, click here: www.samhughes.org

06 October 2011

Surprise train ~

I wanted to show you the beautiful landscape and view of the Catalinas from the Julian Wash Greenway path and while I was fiddling with my camera the mighty UnionPacific engine moved into view! It was too interesting of a contrast to crop out of the photo, I thought. Other images of this park were posted earlier this week so take a look ~

05 October 2011

Facing friend ~

And here is the companion sculpture to yesterday's posting. This Hohokam figure is on the opposite site of the biking/walking path. Chris Tanz is the artist for these laser cut steel figures that decorate the Julian Wash Greenway.

04 October 2011

Hohokam figure in laser cut steel ~

This impressive steel sculpture is one of the public art pieces that are dotted throughout the Julian Wash Greenway. Bottom photo is the piece in situ. For this figure, Chris Tanz was inspired by images on a 1,000 year old Hohokam ceremonial bowl. This 94-acre park will eventually be part of the "Greenway" that will encircle Tucson. See yesterday's post for a link with the full story.

03 October 2011

Tucson's newest GREEN amenity ~

If you are a biker, walker, hiker, or birder, you need to know about this place! In fact, even if you do none of those activities, you will still enjoy this beautiful spot. As a collaboration between the City, County, & the University of Arizona, the newest portion of the master plan "Greenway" has been completed east of Kolb just south of Valencia. The Julian Wash Greenway is a 2.6 mile green trail that stretches over 94 acres. Today's photo is the large cube-shaped sign visible from Kolb Rd. Here is full info when the groundbreaking was held in February: click here.

02 October 2011

October ~ the spookiest month

It's now October - the official month of "All Things Creepy, Spooky, & Scary" so I think that this license plate is a pretty good one to start it off!

01 October 2011

Whimsical & wire-y friend ~

This metal "see through" sculpture is part of the interesting artwork that is displayed throughout Plaza Palomino, a lovely 2-story shopping area at Ft Lowell & Swan.