24 October 2011

The Perfect Pumpkin ~

Wouldn't you agree that Toby has found his perfect pumpkin? Toby and his parents were pumpkin shopping at Brian & Kelly's Pumpkin Farm (actually it's a gigantic tent on Broadway near Swan). If you haven't selected YOUR perfect jack-o-lantern, this is the place. Pumpkins from white to deep orange, all kinds of squash, gourds, chili ristas, firewood and even a herd of goats and a little burro to make your trip super fun!
Here's their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Brian-Kellys-Pumpkins-Christmas-Trees-Farmers-Market/131005048885


  1. I hope you are going to have a Happy Halloween!!!
    Best always,

  2. Virgnia, Thanks ~ and you, too! We'll be having one of our "Tucson Ladies Tea" gatherings on Saturday and I suspect that a guest or two might arrive in costume.....

  3. Gosh that little boy looks SO HAPPY to have his red wagon and his pumpkin!