14 October 2011

Getting ready to meet and eat ~

Tucson's annual celebration, "Tucson Meet Yourself," starts today! This fun festival is FREE and will continue through Sunday. If you haven't been downtown for awhile, this should definitely lure you ~ every kind of food imaginable will be offered by the dozens and dozens of vendors - BBQ of course and Tacos but also French crepes, Thai specialities and so much more. Plan to eat and walk and eat some more.

LowRider car show, drumming, ethnic dances ~ it's all about Tucson's diversity. Here's their website link so check it out: www.tucsonmeetyourself.org


  1. Yes, I remember this as a very fun festival...and the cooking smells are out of this world! By the way, that is a great shot of the Red sculpture in front of the library, but what in the world are you standing on to get a photo from that high up??!! Have a fun weekend!

  2. Hi Elizabeth! I shot it through a window in a building across the street. (: Eat, drink, & be merry, everyone!