11 October 2011

For bug lovers (the VW kind) ~

It was impossible to miss a lot full of vintage VW buses and bugs so I had to stop and check it out. I learned that Chirco Automotive is hosting a "Bugtober Fest" on October 16 - that's THIS weekend. They specialize in VW parts & repair. If you ever owned and loved a VW, this auto show is for you!


  1. One of our early cars was a red "fu-fu" and how I loved that little bug!! Even after it got so decrepit my friends refused to ride in it with me.

  2. Hi Kate, My first car was an orange bug that I inherited from my mom. I lived in a small town so pretty much all there was to do was drive around the McDonald's parking lot. And we did plenty of that in "Elmo." Great memories!