30 November 2011

Tucson's downtown watering hole ~

A favorite spot for folks working or doing business downtown is Ike's, a friendly, Tucson-grown coffee cafe that serves lunch fare (I wish they would add SOUP!). I like that Ike's is a local company (not like that coffee behemonth from Seattle - you know who). If you are downtown, do check them out! They have another location on Speedway.

29 November 2011

Tucson banking ~ then & now

Happily, some things never change and I'm glad to report that the downtown headquarters of CHASE Bank has retained the beauty and elegance of its original design. Top photo is a slice of the columns supporting the mezzanine; bottom photo shows the banking floor from the last century with same marble columns and even the same lighting fixtures. This is a beautiful building ~ corner of Stone & Congress.

28 November 2011

So green I almost missed it ~

I have a "pony tail palm" on my patio that has some vines sharing the pot with it. Lo and behold, a GREEN CHILE appeared in the pot! So all the time I thought I was just watering another vine I was actually sprouting a chile plant seed that had flown in from who-knows-where. Maybe all the way from famous Hatch, New Mexico, chile capital of the west??

27 November 2011

Dueling rockers ~

Charming & colorful rockers - big and little - are side by side on a patio porch in Tucson's historic barrio. Don't miss the pink flying pig!

26 November 2011

Tired of turkey yet?

If you are tired of turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie, and turkey soup, get yourself over to the TRULY AMAZING taco stand on 4th Avenue across from O'Malley's! If you have been a follower of this site for awhile you may remember when I spotted this rolling head in a parking lot and didn't know anything about it (Sept 6, 2010). Now it has a home on 4th. Bon appetit!

24 November 2011

Not YOUR turkey today, I hope!

I hope your Thanksgiving meal today will feature more than an uncooked squash turkey with indian corn feathers! But this is certainly a very clever construction from the garden, wouldn't you agree? I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving today and hope you dine well and laugh a lot.

23 November 2011

Thankful ~

This wonderful license plate says it all, doesn't it? I am thankful for so many things in my life and confess that Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. It combines fantastic food and the whole idea of "bounty" with friends and loved ones. Add in some thoughtful reflection about your own personal blessings and it's a pretty great day! Please drive safe tomorrow - eating that canned cranberry sauce can make some drivers pretty crazy! (:

22 November 2011

Tucson's favorite buffalo or TMNT?

Here's Fred, Tucson's favorite buffalo, dressed up as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Maybe he's the 5th member of the gang - Fredolpho.

Honestly, it's hard to keep up with Fred and all of his costume changes! I expect for Thanksgiving he'll don a feathered head dress or something. You can monitor all of Fred's frequent costume changes as you drive past him on Speedway. He's always out in front of the Copper Country Antiques store.

21 November 2011

Here little chick, chick, chick ....

If you have ever thought about raising chickens so that you could enjoy fresh eggs every day, here's where you start! Go to Tucson Feed & Pet (7878 E Tanque Verde) and they will sell you one (or two or three...) of these adorable chicks. They carry a few different varieties and the helpful staff can tell you all about them and they'll be happy to get you all set up. So if one of your New Year's resolutions is to eat healthier, raising your own eggs would sure qualify!

20 November 2011

In Tucson pigs DO fly ~

As the sign says, this pig can certainly fly; it's landing that is the problem. This wacky, whimsical piece of airplane sculpture is on Speedway at the Copper Country Antiques compound. They are always up to something kooky there!

19 November 2011

Fall's bounty & celebration continues ~

If you want a touch of the Southwest in your home, just hang a ristra! These strings of drying (or dried) chili pepper pods are beautiful and welcoming. I've seen them in strings (like these) and also strung into circles and even into heart shapes. They are displayed for sale everywhere that sells gourds & evergreens.

18 November 2011

The creative class ~

When I see a home with purple accents I figure that a creative/artistic person lives there. This beautiful residence is one of the many charming homes in downtown Tucson. Love that rustic wooden door!

17 November 2011

Skull Storage ~

I spotted this fantastic papier mache skull vehicle in a parking lot on Stone. Looks like it will be touched up and then stored for use in next year's Annual Day of the Dead Parade. DO check out the gold tooth!

16 November 2011

New type of service from the Post Office ~

I have seen a lot of mailboxes - ones that look like animals and buildings and cactus, colorfully painted ones, and rusted ones, too. But I've never seen a vertical mailbox. Gives new meaning to the phrase "mail drop."

15 November 2011

Whoa there, pardner!

Nope ~ I don't think you & your boat are quite going to squeeze under the 10' 11" overpass. Better back it up, Mr. Yachtsman!

14 November 2011

Old Tucson ~

Here are some additional images from the celebration of Union Pacific's mighty #844 steam locomotive making its downtown Tucson stop on Saturday. Top photo is a fine example of period clothing and a meticulously restored Elwell Parker Electric Company's railroad baggage tug (1909). It's top speed was 20MPH. Another photo of nice period costumes & the bottom photo is a band of cheerful Union soldiers serenading the crowd! Fun ~

13 November 2011

Steam engine rolls into Tucson ~

As part of Arizona's Centennial celebrations, the Union Pacific's legendary #844 made a stop in Tucson on Saturday, Nov 12. Although the sky was overcast and the temperature was cool, a pretty big crowd turned out to see the mighty steam engine pull into the train depot downtown. People dressed in period clothes (from 1800's to 1920's!) and a great historial display was created for the occasion. More fun photos of this special event tomorrow! For more info about this train go to: http://www.upsteam.com/

12 November 2011

Times gone by ~

I've often wondered about this abandoned storefront at the corner of Meyer & Franklin downtown. You can still see the fading paint identifying it as "Corner Market." I can just imagine that it once sold Coke in bottles and maybe had a little deli, too, a long time ago.

11 November 2011

Great signmaker's great sign ~

If you are a signmaker, you should have a great sign, right? Well I'd say that Cook & Co. definitely has a great sign. They did that wonderful "Miracle Mile" cactus ~ I love neon!

10 November 2011

Downtown Parking with Style ~

For all of you who offer the excuse of "I don't know where to park" as the reason you don't come downtown, I say... here you go - no more excuses. It's funny to describe a parking lot as stylish but this one fits the bill. It is called "Centro" and its entrance is on Broadway just after you come up through the curve lined with the b/w photo tile mural. So park at Centro and check out all that's happening downtown!

09 November 2011

Light & energy ~ Part 2 of 2 with 2 photos

Here are two more stunning images captured at the 2011 Day of the Dead Procession in downtown Tucson. I heard that many people liked the new route much better this year. I hope you enjoy these amazing faces - filled with mystery & emotion. Photos courtesy of Chance Agrella.

08 November 2011

Like you were there ~ 4 photos (part 1 of 2)

If you weren't able to join the 10,000 participants of Tucson's Annual Day of the Dead Parade 2011 on Sunday evening, I hope these photos will help you feel like you were there! So much imagination and energy goes into this event to honor one's departed loved ones. Very interesting imagery everywhere you look! Photos courtesy of Mark Wight.

07 November 2011

Right time, right place ~

Continuing to get the building completely spruced up for its grand opening, you can spot a team of window washers on the north face of the Unisource Energy/TEP building. They look like they are part of the cloud reflection on the glass. Cool!
Photo courtesy of Roseann Milano.

06 November 2011

BIG bones ~

We still have one more celebration related to All Souls Day coming up and that takes place tonight - Sunday: the famous Annual Tucson All Souls Procession. Started in 1990, this fantastic event draws people from all over who want to honor a departed loved one. For full information on the pedestrian parade route, click here. It is truly a memorable evening!

05 November 2011

There's a new cuppa Joe in town ~

I was so happy to spot Joe's Java Express on 22nd Street near Harrison! Joe moved his cheerful red caboose from Vail and now he is brewing coffee for all of us driving west to work. Look for him in the Chirco's parking lot.

04 November 2011

Altering Tucson's Skyline ~

Unisource Energy is just about finished with the construction of their new cutting edge headquarters in downtown Tucson where 500 employees will work. And, for a wonderful contrast of Tucson's old & new, just across the street is the Providence Service Corp headquarters which is an historic building that has been meticulously restored.

03 November 2011

A little night music ~

Tucson's 4th Avenue is a very interesting area - full of restaurants & clubs & vintage clothing stores. And home to many impromptu concerts like the one this quartet provided. Yes, the bass player is wearing horns....

Photo courtesy of Mark Wight.

02 November 2011

Need tires with that taco?

Now here is a real entrepreneur! This corner lot has 3 different businesses going at the same time. First, there's a Mexican food stand + outdoor seating where you can get a snack while your new tires are installed. And the taco stand's awning/shade is yet another business.

01 November 2011

Wagging tails & barking dogs ~

I can only guess that this driver has a big ol' pack of dogs if he/she has "Barking Wagon" as a license plate! And with the film of dust on the car I'd also guess the gang lives on a ranch with a dirt road. How's that for deductive powers? (: