09 November 2011

Light & energy ~ Part 2 of 2 with 2 photos

Here are two more stunning images captured at the 2011 Day of the Dead Procession in downtown Tucson. I heard that many people liked the new route much better this year. I hope you enjoy these amazing faces - filled with mystery & emotion. Photos courtesy of Chance Agrella.


  1. It used to be mostly Mexicans who did this day in 1952. I remember most had a casual interest in it but the schools didn't close down or anything.

  2. Hi Abe, Yes, I think all of this has sprung from the activities that were going on in Mexico and then it just migrated a bit north.

  3. The schools don't close for this (it's on a Sunday) but when I first moved to Tucson I was amazed that the schools closed for RODEO!