29 September 2019

Going somewhere?

This snake - stretched out on TWO chairs - just wouldn't go away! When I first spotted him I removed him to the desert scrub near my driveway. About an hour later I was back outside and there he was AGAIN. The second time I moved him across the street and a block away. Live long and prosper in someone else's backyard! 

27 September 2019

Greyhound Express!

Check out the nice ride these greyhounds have ~ a "Furrari" no less! FUN!

Photo courtesy of Dave Aber. 

23 September 2019

More than the sum of its parts ~

What looks like a motley collection of machine parts and sheet metal has been transformed into an interesting sculpture of a human head by this artist. This piece is part of the large collection of sculpture on display throughout the grounds of Tucson's Hacienda del Sol Resort. Interesting! 

16 September 2019

Botanical Couple ~

These gorgeous bronze sculptures by Robert J Wick incorporate living plants into them which connects them in a profound way to their surroundings. At the moment the Tucson Botanical Gardens has a number of these pieces throughout the grounds. The exhibit was scheduled to end on June 30 but the installation is still in place - for how much longer, I don't know. Magical!

Photo courtesy of Ken Wilcox.

14 September 2019

Can you see it?

So delicate and fine.... I almost missed this spider web in front of my house. The light had to catch it in just the right way. Lovely! 

12 September 2019

Seriously? What the....?

OK - I have seen a LOT of personalized license plates in Tucson. Some are fun, some are funny, some are obscure.... but THIS ONE???  "Tapeguy" -????   I tried researching what the word is for someone who loves tape and came up empty handed. Any ideas what this means? Post your thoughts on this one! Curious! 

10 September 2019

Winding Road Theatre - Tucson Treasure

There are so many small theatre companies in Tucson that it's hard to keep up! The Winding Road Theatre uses the stage at the Historic Y (on 5th Ave) for this show. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND their current production of Lillian Hellman's "Little Foxes." (You may have seen the film starring Bette Davis as Regina.)  This is an excellent production with exceptional performances (particularly Regina and Birdie)! Just a few more performances so hurry!

06 September 2019

Stairway to Paradise...

You may remember the iconic "Stairway to Paradise" as sung and danced in American in Paris. Ah,  yes, the lighted pink staircase! Go here to refresh your memory! Here is a modern sculptor's vision of that same voyage as seen on the grounds of Hacienda del Sol Resort in Tucson, AZ. 

04 September 2019

What is this?

Recently I attended a conference held at the beautiful Hacienda del Sol Resort. As regular visitors to this site know, I love outdoor/public art and this spectacular mirrored creation certainly caught my eye!

Unfortunately, the resort does not supply an attribution to their collection of art (and that is REALLY TOO BAD!!!) so I don't know the artist or the title. Anyone want to make something up to suggest a name for this piece? I will share what one of the resort staffers calls it: "Upside Down Bowling Pin" - which is just as good a name as any!