30 September 2010

A horse of a different color ~

This week I've been posting photos of the beautiful horses at Fable Arabians.

Here's a different sort of horse altogether - one made from car parts (see that VW hub cap?). This sculpture is "Heart and Steel" by George Manus. The horse is displayed outside of the Medicine Man Gallery.

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29 September 2010

Beautiful portrait ~

This beauty is a resident at one of Tucson's most famous horse farms, Fable Arabians. Please see my previous posts this week for other equine photos. Boy - these horses are gorgeous!
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28 September 2010

A trough for serious thirst quenching ~

Here's yesterday's pair after breakfast. I think it's a mare & her colt ~ they stayed very close together during the time I was there.

27 September 2010

Putting on the feedbag ~

Tucson is home to many world-class horse facilities. Fable Arabians is just one of the horse farms that make this area famous. Here's a pair enjoying breakfast. The beautiful Catalina mountains are the backdrop.


26 September 2010

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25 September 2010

Meet Fred ~ the fourth

As the fourth in my "Hoof on Roof" series meet wonderful Fred, the colorful, interesting, dapper bison mascot of Copper Country Antiques. These folks always do up the holidays in a big way so stand by for what Fred wears for Halloween....

24 September 2010

What would your book be?

Seeing this license plate in traffic got me to thinking about what "The Book" means to this driver. The Bible? The Book of Life? The Book of Law (throw the book at him)? If you could just take ONE book with you on a long voyage, what would it be?

23 September 2010

Natives and Tourists love this shop ~

"Fine Colonial Furniture & Stuff" is how Zocalo describes itself. This interesting store is part of the Joesler-designed Broadway Village compound and offers Mexican furniture, pottery, interesting home decorating items and... yes... stuff! Fun place to shop.

22 September 2010

Tucson tourism ~ another iconic motel

I just love the old neon signs around town and this one for the Arizona Motel captures the mood of the last century when automobile travel was a true American past time. It wasn't until I looked at their website, though, that I really appreciated how long this motel has been welcoming tourists. Their website has fantastic vintage photos! Check it out: http://www.arizonamoteltucson.com/

21 September 2010

Rolling Beer in a Box ~

This big "Box O' Beer" is a mobile unit of Nimbus Brewery, a Tucson-grown microbrewery founded in 1996. I think they use this rolling beer box for festivals and events. It would sure add some excitement to an office party!

20 September 2010

Got bugs? Pink ones?

Walking back to my car after taking a look at the totem (yesterday's posting), I noticed that the driveway of 5 Star Pest Control is covered with gigantic pink stencils of buggy critters! Fun! You can see the pink bugs from space.

19 September 2010

Ancient method of pest control?

Tucked in a far corner of the 5 Star Pest Control's property I spotted this totem pole. From the foliage growing on it I'd guess it has been in its location for a long while. I chanced on an employee in the driveway who told me the totem had been on the property for 10-12 years but he couldn't remember the story of how it got there. Hmmm. Maybe the carvings are an ancient method of warding off bugs?

18 September 2010

You want mayonnaise with that tow?

When I passed this sign on South Nogales Highway I just had to wonder if the towing service came with a nice sandwich, too. (:

17 September 2010

Divco ~ an American icon

Divco trucks are a part of American history ~ they were THE delivery truck of choice. If your family ever had milk delivered to the door, chances are good it was delivered in a Divco (Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company).

The Community Food Bank has this Divco and it looks beautifully restored. When I photographed it it was parked at the main building on Country Club. I would love to see it around town! For those of you who would like to learn more, there is actually a Divco Club... click here: http://www.divco.org/

16 September 2010

Welcome home ~

This rustic and charming doorway is a warm welcome in Tucson's historic Barrio district. What I particularly love about this area is that every house has its own special appeal ~ distinctive details and custom colors. For more photos of this interesting neighborhood, click on the "Barrio" link at the bottom of this post.

15 September 2010

Tucson's Bird Beach ~

Tucson's Reid Park is a paradise for birds AND birders alike! Here is one of the cool and peaceful ponds on the south side of the park. You can see it gets a lot of traffic ~ avian traffic that is. (Very nice picnic area for people, too.)

14 September 2010

The wonderful "Y" makes giving so easy ~

The Tucson YWCA has so many great programs to help empower girls and women. One that is directed at women who are in need of appropriate clothing for an interview is called "Your Sister's Closet." Staff and volunteers have created a boutique atmosphere where clients can find an outfit that will give them some confidence when they are job seeking.

The Y makes it easy for you to help! Just clean out your closet (remember, interview style clothing - no jeans, t-shirts, cocktail dresses) and drive it over on any Monday where you can simply drive up, drop off, and be on your way! Here's the link for more info: http://www.ywcatucson.org/ysc.html
If Mondays don't work for you, they will make an appointment for you to bring your clothing donations in another time.

13 September 2010

Beautiful new recreational area ~

The City & County are enhancing biking & walking along the Pantano Wash with the construction of a major extension to Pantano River Park. This project is due to be complete by December. Here's the most recent news article about the scope: http://azstarnet.com/news/local/article_ae35ef1f-aa7d-541f-afdc-c0e4fc9a1135.html

I particularly love that they have included a Tree Memorial Park where you can purchase a tree in someone's honor. Really nice.

12 September 2010

What is this driver thinking?

So you have to wonder what this license plate message is all about ~ a life statement? Or maybe a comment about his truck payment? What do you think?

11 September 2010

Sorrowful sky ~

This stormy sky seems to display the world's sorrow. If ever there is a time to pray for peace, today is the day.

10 September 2010

Powerful sculpture ~

This sculpture, "Life Struggle," stands in front of the Community Food Bank complex. Designed by Ted Springer, this piece measures 7' x 8' x 14' and from what I found on the web it looks like the piece may have originally been a teal blue color - or perhaps it has now weathered to what the artist intended from the beginning.

09 September 2010

Improve your house; improve the world

If you ever do any household projects, you just have to check out this store! Habistore is a Habitat for Humanity store that is open to the public and it is filled with furniture, appliances, lighting fixtures, tile, doors - you name it - and it has all been donated. Some of the items are floor samples (brand new) and some are gently used. The prices are fantastic!

08 September 2010

Tucson's Courthouse with charm ~

One of Tucson's most beautiful buildings is the downtown courthouse with its gorgeous tiled dome. Here is a view of the street level arches and beautiful lighting fixtures. Upstairs you can see a portion of Tucson's original Presidio wall. For more photos and some history about this Spanish style compound, please click this link:

07 September 2010

Wild horses in South Tucson ~

This striking metal galloping horse sculpture decorates the front of Los Portales, a Mexican restaurant in South Tucson. The restaurant's website says the sculpture is from Guadalajara and its interior murals are done by local artist, Luis Mena. When I dine there I'll take some interior photos for you.

06 September 2010

Rolling burrito head ~

When I passed a warehouse parking lot and spotted Mr. Sombrero, naturally I had to stop! I guess he is a mobile taco stand. And it looks like his eyeballs open to be the service windows - does that seem right?? IF anyone knows where he is usually parked, let me know!

05 September 2010

Tucson's Alamo ~

Directly across the street from the Cesar Chavez Memorial Park is the Alamo Apartments building. The Alamo was built in 1937 and is low rent housing. I love their sign!

04 September 2010

Aztec Activists, Part II

Here is the left side portion of yesterday's mural ~ Leo Tolstoy on the left and Mahatma Gandhi on the right. The mural decorates an entire wall that delineates Cesar Chavez Memorial Park at 18th St and 6th Ave. Mexican artist Melchor Ramirez painted this striking mural. See yesterday's post for the rest of the mural.

03 September 2010

Aztec Activists ~

This mural was painted by Mexican artist, Melchor Ramirez and is dedicated to human rights and union activists Cesar Chavez, Mahatma Ghandi, and Leo Tolstoy. This post is the mural portion featuring Cesar Chavez. Curious that all of the figures have the same fierce Aztec features, long nails, and glittery red skin...

The mural is the focal point of the Cesar Chavez Memorial Park, a mini park at 18th St and 6th Ave.

02 September 2010

Golden arches ~ nature's version

I thought you would enjoy the irony of the celestial golden arches high above the famous man-made version. Even though it looks like a shameless ad for McDonald's, I think it is definitely worth sharing the image when we get the pleasure of seeing a full rainbow, unbroken by clouds or buildings. Just another beautiful aspect of our monsoon storms.
Photo courtesy of Nathan Bunker

01 September 2010

Bison doormen ~

Maybe nowhere else in the world is there a store that greets you with a pair of pink and blue bison... Here are the friendly sentries at Copper Country Antiques, a really fun emporium where you can easily browse the day away.