30 April 2011

Equine picnic ~

These equine beauties are enjoying a spring snack of tender grass. Yummy! Tucson is home to many well known horse farms and breeders.

29 April 2011

An artful, arty fence ~

Walking in Tucson's beautiful & historical Barrio District I spotted this interesting fence. Notice the finials on the fence posts and the metal lizard climbing up... fun! For more photos of this area, click on the "Barrio" link below.

28 April 2011

Trumpeting something BIG at Reid Park ~

Check him out ~ a 22' high steel and chrome pachyderm on 22nd St near Randolph Way. Created by Tucson artists Ben Olmstead and Simon Donovan, this heroic sculpture directs attention to the new Expedition Tanzania exhibit being created at the zoo. The rusting of the steel is supposed to mimic the red clay dust elephants coat themselves with to cool off and to fend off bugs.

27 April 2011

These saguaros send signals ~

On April 19 I posted a photo of an incredible palm tree that disguises a cell tower. Here is another style to hide those ugly towers - fake saguaros! These stately cacti stand high on a hill on Houghton Road - on the property of Tucson McGraw's Steakhouse.

26 April 2011

Reflected beauty ~

The reflected image in a shop window of blue sky and fluffy white clouds caught my eye as I was walking around at Joesler Village. Click here for more info.

25 April 2011

Beauty for just a day ~

We have so many spectacular desert plants in Tucson and this particular one requires expert timing to enjoy because its bloom lasts just one day. To properly identify this beauty I looked at a few good sources and the Desert Museum's site seems to have a good match to this flower. They identify it as a "Fiery Torch" cactus. Click here for info and another photo. Notice the spent blooms at the top of the photo - they had been lush and fluffy just the day before.
Photo courtesy of Cathy Casper.

24 April 2011

Happy Easter ~

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope the Easter bunny delivered a giant basket filled with all types of chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps, and jelly beans to your house. At least in my neighborhood there is virtually no outdoor decorations related to Easter. So when I spotted this "Lady Easter Bunny" with her egg tree, I had to stop and take a photo. Looks like she's wearing lavender colored Uggs! I have seen elaborate "Egg Trees" (real trees decorated with colored eggs) during Easter time but didn't see one this year. Hope you have a sweet, peaceful day.

23 April 2011

22 April 2011

Silky & fluffy - Tucson mountain goat

This engaging fellow is another unusual resident of the Green Things nursery. There is a herd of goats in residence there. The goat hut is near the front entrance so be sure and check it out before you shop for your landscaping needs.

21 April 2011

Breathtakingly beautiful ~ peacocks!

So imagine my surprise as I was approaching the entry to the Green Things nursery and I heard very loud cooing. I stepped to investigate and to the left of the entry is a huge coop and a group (flock?) of gorgeous peacocks were doing what peacocks do - strutting. One was fanning his magnificent tail but I wasn't quick enough to capture it. Simply wonderful~

20 April 2011

Colorful trellises ~ just add vines

These fun, colorful trellises are just part of the amazing assortment of garden items you'll find at the Green Things nursery. It's a huge place with many surprises - including exotic wildlife which you'll see tomorrow! Stay tuned....
3235 E Allen Road

19 April 2011

Permanent palm - green, full & fake ~

I think it's great when companies strive to blend their cell towers into the landscape. Check out this wonderful palm tree cell tower! It's pretty well disguised, don't you think?

18 April 2011

Tucson - home to the rare Zebralo

Yesterday you saw the giraffe bus and the tiger-striped buffalo that were luring shoppers to the big sale at Copper Country Antiques. I want to post another one of their whimsical animals - the zebralo (zebra + buffalo). And this closeup confirms that THIS species of buffalo has blue eyes. I'm just sayin'... www.coppercountryantiques.com

17 April 2011

Wild animals stop traffic on Speedway ~

Is it a buffalo? Is it a tiger? Would that make it a tigalo? Fred, Tucson's favorite bison, loves changing his look and today he is sporting tiger stripes to promote the gigantic sale going on at Copper Country Antiques. And if somehow you missed Fred on the drive by, you probably didn't miss the double decker bus painted like a giraffe!


16 April 2011

Doorway into your imagination ~

"Portal with Doors and Waves" by Arizona artist & art professor Jim O'Hara forms a fantastic metal doorway on the south side of Reid Park near 22nd Street. The shimmering metal seems to vibrate in the sunshine.

15 April 2011

Artful way to fight crime ~

Here's a homeowner who turned preventing a burglary attempt into a fantastic art form. I've never seen such interesting "bars" on any window! Tucson's Barrio has so many interesting homes!

14 April 2011

Colors, flowers, & birds every which way ~

One sure way to keep flowers blooming in your yard all year long is to decorate with these gorgeous pots! Brilliant flowers, beautiful birds, bright colors - add some WOW to your garden (no green thumb needed)!

13 April 2011

The desert in bloom ~

I noticed this beautiful flowering cactus while walking my dogs this morning. Happily, they did not feel the need to investigate closely or they would have gotten a SHARP surprise in their noses! I think the name of this lovely is a porcupine cactus. If any of you botanists out there know for sure, please add a comment ~ thanks!

12 April 2011

Tucson's fantastic Burger-mobile ~

Pointing the way to the wonderful Little Anthony's Diner is this fun Burger-mobile parked at the corner of Kolb & Broadway. That's quite a whopping big burger on the hood and make sure to check out the fun French fry bumper!

11 April 2011

Enter drawing for $50 gift certificate!

Just a few days left to register as a site follower and be eligible for the $50 gift certificate to the Tucson Museum of Art (use it for admissions or for something nice in the gift shop!). More details were posted on April 8. Thanks for your loyalty and good luck!

10 April 2011

Spring has definitely "sprung" in Tucson ~

Even though this weekend the temperatures dropped, we also had an abundance of rain and that will help everything to burst forth. Spring has arrived and it's colorful!

09 April 2011

A brunch "must" ~ Blue Willow

The Blue Willow restaurant + gift shop has been around for decades and you would never guess by its location on bustling Campbell Avenue that you'll be stepping into a charming, quirky space that includes a huge "indoor" patio (open to the sky but screened). The food is good and the bakery is even better! (: www.bluewillowtucson.com

08 April 2011

It's gift certificate drawing time again!

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I offered a gift certificate to the site followers so what better time than TAX DAY to win something great?? If you are signed up as a follower on this site, you are automatically eligible. Thank you for your loyalty and interest in the site! Drawing is for a $50 gift certificate good in the Tucson Museum of Art gift store. If you don't live in Tucson, no problem - you can shop the store online.

Deadline to sign up as a site follower is midnight, April 15! I don't sell, give, or use your email info for any reason whatsoever so don't worry about spam. Good luck!

07 April 2011

Javelina antidote?

I wonder if this life-sized metal deer would discourage the herd of javelina that munch the flowers in my front yard? This metal sculpture is another example of artwork done by CAID Designs (see yesterday's post for full info on this great store/gallery!).

06 April 2011

Fantastic southwest art ~ made in Tucson

Tourists are unlikely to find this unique store. In fact, native Tucsonans are unlikely to find this store! It's well known to landscape designers, though, as THE source for locally-manufactured metal yard art. Outdoor sculpture (desert animals, cactus), garden stakes, wall sconces, prickly pear table bases -- if you want a touch of the Southwest in your home or on your patio, this is the place. And the prices are terrific! The retail store is a division of an international manufacturing firm. CAID Designs is located at 2001 E Ganley Rd (near the airport). Their phone is 889-7775.

05 April 2011

Mall lizard ~

Let me share one more photo from the children's play area at Park Place Mall. This colorful lizard is part of an animated fountain area that was designed by Christine Rojek. The art installation is called "Raindancers" and it celebrates water - an element very precious in our desert. For more fun sculptural/toy elements in this area, just scroll down through the last 2 postings.

04 April 2011

Fun trash can!

Check out this chubby (and short!) saguaro cactus ~ it's a fun trash can in the children's play area of Park Place Mall. The area is sponsored by Tucson Medical Center's Children's Health Network.

03 April 2011

Dueling woodpeckers ~

These dueling woodpeckers are tireless! Scroll down to the second photo and you'll see how they are animated - just pull the lever and they start pecking the fiberglass saguaro cactus. This fun "toy" is in Park Place Mall's children's center.

02 April 2011

Tucson's Lady Liberty ~

It was this inflatable Lady Liberty who caught my eye and guided me into the parking lot where I found my beautiful Ben's Bell. Liberty, justice, and tax returns for all. I'm not sure why she is puffing her cheeks out - the original New York harbor Liberty is definitely not as ROUND as this balloon lady...

01 April 2011

My remarkable morning -

This morning I spotted something quirky that I thought would be fun to post on the site. I quickly pulled into a parking lot and took a few photos of this "Random Weird Thing" (you'll see it tomorrow). Then, as I returned to my car I glanced up and found a Ben's Bell! I was astonished!

For years I have been reading about Ben's Bells and how these handmade bells are distributed all over Tucson to spread the message about kindness. I never thought that I would actually find one! It filled me with such joy. Here's what the tag says (in English and Spanish): "You have found a Ben's Bell. Take it home, hang it in your yard, and remember to spread kindness throughout our world. Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end."

I am thrilled to have been guided to this beautiful gift. I don't know anyone who has actually found a Ben's Bell - do you?